Auto Recharge Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Wet and Dry Cleaning

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China main port
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500 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Quick Details:

  • LED touch screen

  • Two side brushes

  • Water tank+big mop for wet cleaning

  • With big mopping cloth

  • Strong suction power

  • UV lamp

  • Auto charging

  • Remote control

  • Scheduling function

  • HEPA Filter

  • Super quiet



  • Big LED Touch screen

  • Up to 7 days scheduling function

  • Remote control

  • Two side brushes

  • Voice demonstration

  • UV sterilization

  • Virtual wall optional 

  • Filter: HEPA & Primary filter

  • Auto charging

  • Moppping function

  • Charge 4 hours and work 90 minutes




Product Size(Diameter)34cm x (Height)8.5cm
Charger:24V 600mA
Battery:Ni-Mh 14.4v Rechargeable
Battery Capacity:2000mAH
Anti-collision system:Yes (front 100% anti-collision)
All floor cleaning:Wood/Tile/short carpet/stone/linoleum
Cleaning route:Auto/Spot/Edge/Scheduling
Filtration system:HEPA &Primary filter
LED screen:LED Touch screen
Side brush function:Two side brushes
Charging Duration:4 Hours
Vacuuming Duration:90 minutes
Spray colour:IMD surface
Color:White / Black
Anti-falling system:Yes
Dust tank Capacity:0.5L
Number of sensor:12
Obstacle Avoiding:Yes
AUTO recharge system:Yes
Time set-up system:Yes
Spot clean:Yes
Mop function:Yes
UV function:Yes
Virtue wall:Optional
Voice demonstration:Yes
System AlarmNO
Remote control:Yes
Intelligent dust/object recognition:1). Special speed down: when product detect objects in front, it will speed down and change direction;
(Intelligent speed down/up)2). Special speed up: when product detects less particles/dust on the floor, it will move faster. While, when detect dusty area, it will slow down and adjust cleaning speed or automatically turn to spot cleaning for the area.
Packing information
Package type:Gift Box
Inner package:Polyfoam
Net/Gross weight:3.4kg/5.0kg
Gift box dimension:510*145*405mm
Carton dimension (2pcs/carton)530*310*421mm



Whole Set Includes

  •  Charging home base ...........................................1pc

  •  Remote control ................................................... 1pc

  •  Virtual wall ...........................................................1pc (optional)

  •  Cleaning tool (help to clean the robot) ................1pc

  •  Side brushes .......................................................4pcs

  •  User manual .........................................................1pc

  •  HEPA filter ........................................................... 2pcs

  •  Power adapter ......................................................1pc

Auto Recharge Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Wet and Dry Cleaning


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Charlie: Vacuum, getting picked up, not getting enough attention, remote control helicopter. Barry: Having to sit still, one of the other Dogs chewing on his bone, my remote control truck. Brandy: Many things.
Q:Dyson Vacuums?
I LOVE mine! I had a Kirby for a few years and was never all that thrilled with it. I was always told those were one of the best vacuums you could buy (I would hope so for the amount of money I spent for it). I went and bought a Dyson Animal and am soooooo much happier with it. I am constantly recommending it to people. In fact, my boss actually had me order one for him since I talked about it so much! :o) My favorite part about the Dyson is how you can see how well its working by how often you have to empty the collection chamber. I've heard some people complain about it not holding enough, but I look at it like it's actually doing an awesome job if I have to empty it a couple of times in one vacuuming session. And this is when I vacuum twice a week! Also, I love how easy it is to go from carpet to hard floors. Since I have a lot of tile in my house, it's nice to be able to vacuum the floors then go straight to cleaning the tile without having to pull out the broom. Plus, you can easily pull out the hose from the handle to clean corners, tight spaces, etc. without having to fumble with attachments. Even though $500 is a lot of money for a vacuum (I stupidly spent more for my Kirby), the Dyson is definately worth every penny!
Q:any suggestions for a vacuum???...?
I purchased a mid price range vacuum recently and didn't check to see what belt was required. In less than 6 months the belt failed and then I found that the belt was only available through a Hoover repair facility. Knowing that the repair cost would be expensive and happening often I cut my losses and bought a new vacuum of a different make and made sure that I could get any parts which I need to keep it running. My present one is a Dirt Devil and it has been great.
Q:Are Kirby vacuum cleaners worth the price? What do you think about Kirby vacuums?
A Kirby vacuum is much better then most other vacuums but to good. You don't need that power also it is for commercial use. Get a Dyson is has a Llife time warranty on the belt and hepa filter, a full 5 year warrenty, incredible cyclonic filter action which allows the vacuum to never lose suction, and excellent at cleaning your floors. That whole $100 vacuum every year is a bad idea because A.) you can get the vacuum from sears get a protection agreement for $30 for three years which replaces the vacuum if it breaks. B.) Those $100 vacuum don't perform all that great and after five years you have the cost of a Dyson which is a much better machine.
Q:how many watts does a vacuum normally use?
If you mean a vacuum cleaner, it depends on model and manufacturer. I would doubt that most domestic ones use more than 750 watts, though. But there should be a nameplate with that information on it. Now, industrial vacuum cleaners can be a bit bigger and use more power - like hundreds of horsepower.
Q:best vacuums cleaners on the market today?
buy a dustbuster and a black dirtdevil upright. you shouldn't spend much more than $100.
Q:Vacuum cleaner smells up my house?
Defiantly check the belt and make sure the beater brush in the nozzle is turning freely - even a tiny pebble and stop it and cause the belt to burn and smell. You can do several things - get some carpet fresh powder in a scent you like and make a little pile on a hard floor or tile and suck that up - it should help to 'mask' the stale smell. Clean out the dirt thing - if it has a bag replace it, if its a bagless good old soap, water and elbow grease. I would NOT recommend using carpet freshening powder on carpet! It is a small grit that the vacuum cannot pick up all of and the grit will filter below the carpet destroying the padding and the carpet, plus when you clean the carpet this fine powder will turn to mush when it gets wet and mat the carpet down, ruin the wood sub-floor and generally be icky and nasty.
Q:My Uncle sells vacuum cleaners. Each week he earns $200 plus 8% of his sales.?
Q:Why are diesel locomotives noisy?
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners usually have lights on the front, do they expect you to vacuum at night?
I think they have lights to help the user see under furniture better or even to see the reflections of dirt on a surface. I know I use the lights on my vacuum to determine whether I really got all the dirt out from under tables chairs.

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