Auto Parts & Components (OEM/REM) WVA 19486 brake lining / auto parts

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4000 set/month

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1)Stable Friction Coefficient


2)heat-resistant: Less fading and heat resistant up to 400°C


3)abrasion resistance


4)Long Service life:FF grade 3.5~4km


5)Low noise and dustproof


6)Environmental protection,green products




Other Specifications:


Brake lining


Semi-metallic or  non asbestos  or others 


19486 19487 19488 19630 19384 19935 19032 19094 19036 19037 19369 19370 4702 4707 4515 4311 4704 4644 4705 4664 4698 P2800F P2800B MB187 MB/186 and more.




Black or up to you



Noise/ useful life

None/ useful life long

Supply Ability



carton package 

FOB Price

USD 1.7-4.5 /pc


100 sets

Delivery Time

40 days after order confirmation



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