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1)Stable Friction Coefficient


2)heat-resistant: Less fading and heat resistant up to 400°C


3)abrasion resistance


4)Long Service life:FF grade 3.5~4km


5)Low noise and dustproof


6)Environmental protection,green products




Other Specifications:


Brake lining


Semi-metallic or  non asbestos  or others 


19486 19487 19488 19630 19384 19935 19032 19094 19036 19037 19369 19370 4702 4707 4515 4311 4704 4644 4705 4664 4698 P2800F P2800B MB187 MB/186 and more.




Black or up to you



Noise/ useful life

None/ useful life long

Supply Ability



carton package 

FOB Price

USD 1.7-4.5 /pc


100 sets

Delivery Time

40 days after order confirmation



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Q:What is the meaning of the brake of two wheels?
Brake is the brakes, brake the way the drum brake and disc brake two.
Q:What are the systems for motorcycles?
Ignition, intake, exhaust, cooling, shock absorption, power (motor system)
Q:How to adjust the motorcycle's liquid brake tight
Put oil
Q:Which brand of motorcycle is good?
Jialing old brand
Q:There are a lot of problems on the motorcycle, I hope you can help me tell me
Engine: the engine is the core of the motorcycle, the engine life determines the life of the motorcycle, the engine performance determines the performance of the motorcycle, the engine power, vibration is small, then the motorcycle ran fast, riding comfort. The same type of motorcycle price difference is the largest component of the engine, buy a motorcycle, do not just look at the style, depends on whether the engine is the same. 2. Igniter: There are many types of ignition, the price difference is also larger, four-stroke engine with the exchange of analog circuit CDI and DC circuit CDI, and now the advanced ignition is a DC digital all-transistor ignition PEI. A good igniter can provide the exact ignition advance angle required by the engine to prevent the impact of the engine crankshaft crankshaft, increase power, reduce fuel consumption, reduce vibration, ride comfort.
Q:Can the motorcycle's braking system use DOT4?
Can, DOT4 brake oil can be used in motorcycles, but do not mix with other brake oil, if the original brake pump has other brake oil, it is best to put clean and then new.
Q:Motorcycle Brake Disc Heating?
You might, given your additional details, have twisted the forks. But even though the impact was on the other side, first check the disc by raising the front end, and spinning the front wheel and use a pencil to measure the distance from fork leg to disc.
Q:Can hydraulic oil be used as a motorcycle brake oil?
No! The ~ ~ Car brake fluid can
Q:Motorcycle rear wheel brakes are butterfly brakes, brakes will be frightened immediately
Brake speed adjustable. Also look at the road conditions, if the dirt road, then the chance of flick is particularly large. The words of the road in forty should not be flicking phenomenon. If you want to flick like you say the slow brake, one foot in the end is easy to lock
Q:How do I adjust a motorcycle brake and clutch handle?
The best way to adjust your brake and clutch free-play is to buy a factory service manual for your bike and follow the procedures for adjustment of the various cables. To bring the handles in closer to the grips, however, would probably require installation of aftermarket handles designed for that purpose. I don't know how much closer you can get, though, as the levers must be able to have enough travel from forward to rear (close to the grips) for complete actuation of the brake and clutch, so they can't be too close to the grip to start with, or you won't be able to get full travel. I do know that there are several V-Star forums operating, including at least one on Delphi, where you should be able to get a better answer to your question. I don't have any links or web adresses at hand; however, do a search for V-Star forums, and you will probably come up with several.

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