Auto Lighting System DC 12V 0.35A 1W White CM-DAY-021

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Auto Lighting System DC 12V 0.35A 1W/ LED 6000K~7000K 6*(7~8)LM White CM-DAY-0211. Unique and beautiful design

2. Imported high power LED lighting source. attractive fashion style

3. Easy installation, anti-collision, OEM Fitment

4. Stable excellent Performance,waterproof, anti-aging, against antioptica, energy saving, anti-interference, heat-endurance

5. Easy installation, comes with install guidance.

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Q:Want a bright spot in the car.
Change the wattage of a little blue light bulb can,
ABS light means the computer senses a problem w/ abs and it has - most likely - shut down the abs returning the system to standard brakes configuration. You can drive the vehicle normally - as long as brake feel and performance is ok. Just don't expect to have abs kick in. If you start to skid - pump the brakes yourself! The most likely cause is a dirty wheel sensor, sensor out of adjustment or a damaged wire to the wheel sensor. The sensors are magnetic and over time they collect metallic particles from the pads and discs - they get furry. Clean them off. Those are fairly easy to fix and not too $$. A scan tool will identify precisely the fault. If it is a sensor it will tell you which one. If it is in the actuator - or computer those get into a lot of money - so you may just want to stay with the standard - abs off system.
Q:Front car change] car headlamps can be modified after the annual inspection it?
Halogen lamp and xenon lamp light focus is not the same, if the xenon lamp bulb installed in the halogen lamp reflective bowl will appear on the light is not good, light divergence, not concentrated, short distance range of the problem; so the upgrade xenon lamp must match High-quality lens to solve these problems, but the lens installation of the technology is very difficult to install a bad or there will be a variety of problems, it is recommended that you change the car must be looking for professional lights modified shop for construction modification, we The front is a good choice Oh!
Q:What is the benefit of ordinary car lights and xenon lamps?
The advantage is that the brightness of the xenon lamp is three times the brightness of the halogen lamp, the field of view is clear; life can reach 3000H, halogen lamp is only 250H, more durable; and 35w light is 55w halogen light 3.5 times, energy saving. As for the shortcomings, installed xenon lamp if you do not install the lens, the light emitted more casual, especially high beam, will give the opposite of the car to bring a lot of trouble, many people are so greetings of family, there is also xenon lamp Color temperature is higher than the halogen lamp, so in the fog, the penetration of xenon lamp there is no halogen so good, there is a drawback is that some places installed xenon lamp can not be new years.
Q:What does the car headlamp 4300K mean?
Color temperature of the color temperature is now on the sun is busy when the shade at the color temperature 6800-7500k more warm
Q:My check engine light turned on, and a few hundred miles later, the sound system stoped, and now my air system
Check engine light and the sound system may be unrelated. Also I'm not sure what you mean by air system (air suspension or AC?). For the check engine light you first have to get the engine diagnostic code scanned to know what it mean. You can get that done at many auto parts dealer (autozone). You can also get a scanner as cheap as $50 at sears (on sale). As for the sound system, take it back to the radio installer. If they did an amateurish job the wires could have shaken loose (or worse yet caused a short that cause the check engine light - unlikely). Good Luck...
Q:How much is the car headlamp w best?
If it is a halogen lamp, the number of watts you look at the original car, it is recommended not to exceed the original car wattage, wattage is too high will lead to high fever, lamp bowl aging, if it is xenon lamp, then look at your ballast Power to select the headlights, and general xenon lamp power is 45W or 35W
Q:What are the car lights?
PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low cost, easy molding. Its molding methods are casting, injection molding, machining, thermoforming and so on. Especially the injection molding, can be mass production, the process is simple, low cost. Therefore, it is increasingly widely used, it is currently widely used in instrumentation parts, car lights, optical lenses, transparent pipes and so on.
Q:CHARGING SYSTEM FAILURE light in 2006 Grand Prix GP.... Bad battery or alternator?
They usually ALL go bad at the same time. The alternator, battery and VOLTAGE REGULATOR. ON MANY cars the voltage regulator is built into the alternator. It hqas BRUSHES and electronics, and these brushes contact the rotating COPPER wheels with in the ALTERNAOTR. ANyways, when the brushes wear out the charge withers as teh contacts flutter away from teh contacts. Thsi will OVEROWRk the battery, adn vice versa. Get a fULL charge system tes. Chances are that your BATTERY and ALTERANTOR have worn out TOGETHER. WHn the alternator has charging problems the engine relies on BATTERY as a back up to provide POWER to spark plugs and keep fule pump going. GET A FULL CHRAGE TEST from AUTO ZONE, It's FREE> GOOD LUCK!!
Q:2011 Dodge Caravan Engine light came on so I had it check at local auto supply store?
1st of all to add feedback to the other 2 posts: dealers do not like to do warranty work as they cut the labor tremoundsly --average payout is 3 tenths of an hour for checkout ...were talking getting paid for 18 minutes. And yes its possible for your gas cap to give you a P0455 code but so are other things such as emmision hoses with cracks/splits. Your vehicle goes through system checks all the time when it fails a check, your check engine light comes on, until it is either cleared by a scan tool or the system has 3 suscessful run cycles it will turn the light back out as it thinks the system is ok. Dodge Chrysler Jeep Tech
Already has more than 20 day line lamp, mainly including the following series, cheap beautiful C series, high performance-to-price ratio D series, high-end beautiful H series, the colorful eagle eye lamp E series.Mainly includes 120 cm the length of the day light, 160 cm, 190 cm, 220 cm, with high-power lamp bead, small power lamp bead, SMD lamp beads, straw hat light bead line sections, such as light, to provide customers the most comprehensive neat day lights series.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location YIWU,China
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value
Main Markets

Mid East;Western Europe
Company Certifications

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port SHANGHAI
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 20 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 2,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Cheap