Auto Lighting System DC 12V 0.28A 0.06W with White CM-DAY-081

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Auto Lighting System DC 12V 0.28A 0.06W/ LED 6000K~7000K 168-196LM 5mm Chip White CM-DAY-081 1. Unique and beautiful design

2. Imported high power LED lighting source. attractive fashion style

3. Easy installation, anti-collision, OEM Fitment

4. Stable excellent Performance,waterproof, anti-aging, against antioptica, energy saving, anti-interference, heat-endurance

5. Easy installation, comes with install guidance.

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Q:What is the height of the car headlamps?
I have space
Q:What is the use of the position lights in the car lights?
Position lights also called the wide lights, the main role is to indicate the general position of the vehicle at night to prevent accidents.
Q:How to open the car headlamp cover
Remove the lamp from the back of the lamp to start, first remove the back of the lamp plastic or rubber sleeve, plastic sleeve is unscrewed, the rubber sleeve can be opened directly, and then you can see the lampholder part. Most of the light bulbs are fixed with a wire spring, the wire spring about the swing will release, then you can pull out the lamp holder, and then must check the power of the bulb again. Halogen bulb is a cylindrical small glass tube, take a new light bulb when you can not touch the surface of the glass, or stained with grease on the glass will make the lamp when the temperature surge, resulting in bulb broken. There are several positioning pins on the lamp base, insert the new lamp into the original position, make sure the bulb will not loosen, and then press the original headlamp to restore the original shape in the reverse order. After the completion of you can return to the driver's seat, open the headlight switch, enjoy the results of their own work. The lamp for the auxiliary lamp is simpler and is usually removed from the rear of the fixture. Most of the light bulbs are fixed on a base plate, which can be easily removed with a screwdriver. If it is a rear lamp, first remove the trunk of the trunk. Auxiliary lamp bulb is generally spherical incandescent lamp, fixed way is our home commonly used right angle plug lock. And headlamps, remember to replace the same wattage of the bulb.
Q:Front car change] car headlamps can be modified after the annual inspection it?
There is no such provisions, the laws and regulations laws and regulations are not expressly provided, but some time ago heard that Guangzhou introduced a new testing equipment, we also made a special trip to the test station to understand the relevant equipment and some of the vehicle can not pass the light detection reasons, We found some problems, mainly due to the color temperature problem, part of the man-made, man-made part we do not say
Q:How Can I Build My Own Bicycle Light System?
Use a flasher relay connected to a three position toggle switch for your directionals. You will need to install a limit switch for the brakes to push against for the brake light. The headlight can be pretty much the lens and lamp from any sufficient flashlight. I recommend using a rechargable battery pack to store energy from the dc generator. For more info you may want to look at an automotive wiring system. I included some links for auto electric as well as bicycle systems.
Q:06 VW Passat head/tail lights shut off after starting car?
ZZ is right. I would add that the windshield may have been replaced with the wrong windshield, blocking the rain/light sensor on the rear view mirror. Without a properly operating light sensor, Auto Headlight operations are not going to happen. If the headlights won't come on with the Headlight switch in the On position, I would look at the switch, the car battery, or the charging system.
Q:Car headlamps can not buy how to do
Buy scrap pieces, cheap and easy to use
Q:i have kenmore water heater from sears, with auto pilot light, which it keep turning off, any suggestion ?
Here on the east coast it take 1 day to get that fixed. Wait for them.
Q:Car lights open the first switch is what lights
Hello there. The headlight switch is turned on a light called. The width light.
Q:my 2001 ford taurus's emission control system light is on,what can it be?
i ought to have pronounced to verify the Crankshaft place Sensor, yet pondering its in uncomplicated words a #one million cylinder backfire that relatively a lot regulations out the CPS. My 2nd and third suggestion could have been to bathe the MAF sensor and replace the IAC valve. you need to now no longer sparkling the IAC valve effectively, yet for 60 dollars purchase a sparkling one and setting up it pondering its a 2001 its due for one as properly. They improve carbon and get ruined like that. additionally in case you have an ohmeter, you need to attempt that MAF sensor to artwork out interior the journey that your getting a interpreting indoors specs. i ought to wager money on the two components you already wiped sparkling. you particularly ought to swap that IAC and MAF sensor. additionally double analyze the wires from the two sensors and make optimistic that they at the instant are no longer frayed or have uncovered twine to the ambience. which will reason subjects you're describing as properly. enable me be attentive to the way it is going...
Already has more than 20 day line lamp, mainly including the following series, cheap beautiful C series, high performance-to-price ratio D series, high-end beautiful H series, the colorful eagle eye lamp E series.Mainly includes 120 cm the length of the day light, 160 cm, 190 cm, 220 cm, with high-power lamp bead, small power lamp bead, SMD lamp beads, straw hat light bead line sections, such as light, to provide customers the most comprehensive neat day lights series.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location YIWU,China
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value
Main Markets

Mid East;Western Europe
Company Certifications

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port SHANGHAI
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 20 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 2,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Cheap