Auto Lighting System DC 12V 0.15A 0.06W Red CM-DAY-088

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20000 Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Auto Lighting System DC 12V 0.15A 0.06W/ LED 6000K~7000K 112-128LM 5mm Chip Red CM-DAY-088 1. Unique and beautiful design

2. Imported high power LED lighting source. attractive fashion style

3. Easy installation, anti-collision, OEM Fitment

4. Stable excellent Performance,waterproof, anti-aging, against antioptica, energy saving, anti-interference, heat-endurance

5. Easy installation, comes with install guidance.

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Q:How to distinguish between the car headlamps is a few h
You do not have to ask the question, you just need to tell me what car you are on the line
Q:Car headlights do not shine, headlamp relay power is what reason
Battery no electricity this is one or two insurance is broken, the third is the bulb hold back. Relay are no electricity, and test the battery it! Look at the terminal without oxidation.
Q:What are the lights to change the service? Who knows
Nanjing Denton car lights have been committed to the brightness of automotive lighting upgrades and beautiful design. Main: front lanterns of the lens, angel eyes, demon eyes, xenon lights of the legitimate high-end modification. And recommended traffic lights, atmosphere lights, gold eye beautification upgrade. Have all the top imported lens, ballast, bulb. To meet a wide range of needs! Address: Daming Road, Ningnan Auto Parts City, No. 9, No. 19 (near: Shilin family musicians, IKEA, wide Yutian 4S shop, Roewe 4S shop, Huahai 4S shop, Kelaisaile 4S, Ma six 4S shop, etc. )
Q:Will the car's LED daytime running lights, what role ah?
In the EU, there are long rules: in the day driving the car must open the daytime running lights, no daytime running lights, to open the headlamps. This is to maximize the safety of driving.
Q:I just bought a remote auto starter for my chrysler 300c. The lights now shut off while driving and?
My best guess is it's from poor installation. Sounds like there's a short somewhere that's causing the light relay to shut off. The headlight relay cuts power when there's too much draw on the system, then when the relay cools down, the lights come back on. A continuous short will cause the light to go off and come back on on a steady basis, a temporary short will cause it only when there's a short, so it could do it at times, then stop for a while. This is generally caused by a positive wire to the headlights being grounded against metal somewhere. They likely either hooked up to a wrong wire, or pinched or pierced a wire when installing the system. Take it back to the installer and tell them what's going on, since it happened right after they installed the system, it's almost certainly their fault and their responsibility to fix it. Could be something with the system itself, too, but either way, it's their problem and they need to fix it.
Q:Car headlamps 12V55W
Choose a good point of the brand, as if the Philips car H7 has a long life, and before the first check the next circuit, because the bulb burned a lot of reasons, it is difficult to easily conclusions
Q:Is there any change in car headlamps?
Yes, any car repair shop can be
Q:What does it mean when in addition to auto light not working, there is hi-pitched whine sound from tank?
Gas tanks don't normally make noise HOWEVER if it is there's a good chance the tank is loose. PARK THE CAR. Don't take any chances with weird noises. As for the auto light not working.... that could be several problems depending on what light you speak of. Best to take it to a professional and get the vehicle assessed.
Q:How to adjust the car headlights level and up and down
How to adjust the lighting of the vehicle The lighting system of the vehicle is correctly adjusted, not only about the actual irradiation effect, but also about the safety of the vehicle. Some of the car's light is very high, so that the opposite vehicle has a glare and is very safe. At the same time, if you can not correctly adjust the headlight pointing, will also affect the headlamps of the irradiation range, as well as the road irradiation effect. Even if you replace some of the upgraded halogen bulbs, it is best to check whether the headlights are pointing correctly because of the slight changes in the filament position that can cause great changes in the light type.
Q:my 2001 ford taurus's emission control system light is on,what can it be?
One of my pet gripes is that the emission control system in most cars will not say what is wrong, just that something is wrong. If you live in the US outside of California you can take the car to most auto parts chain stores (like Auto Zone) or to Aamco Transmission and they will read the code for free, and try to reset it if the code is temporary. In California only authorized auto service shops are allowed to do that... no comment on the sensibility of that.
Already has more than 20 day line lamp, mainly including the following series, cheap beautiful C series, high performance-to-price ratio D series, high-end beautiful H series, the colorful eagle eye lamp E series.Mainly includes 120 cm the length of the day light, 160 cm, 190 cm, 220 cm, with high-power lamp bead, small power lamp bead, SMD lamp beads, straw hat light bead line sections, such as light, to provide customers the most comprehensive neat day lights series.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location YIWU,China
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value
Main Markets

Mid East;Western Europe
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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port SHANGHAI
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 20 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 2,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Cheap