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Automatic Door Glass Sliding :

automatic revolving door ,made in China,can be opened & closed automaticlly.Its good shape can be upgrade grades of hotel

automatic revolving door ,

1.made in China

2.can be opened and closed automaticlly

3.its good shape can be upgrade your hotel grades

about 2 wing revolve door , glass:8mm tempered clear glass frame : stainless steel

3.surface treatment: power coating or PVDF coating

4.door system :12-month free warranty


Automatic Door

Glass used

1. glass thickness

single :4mm,5mm,8mm,10mm etc

insulated :5mm+6A+5mm,6mm+9A+6mm etc

2. glass type :tempered, low-E, laminated etc

3. glass color: gray, green, blue etc

Open mode

swing,revolving, sliding, etc


Energy-efficient, heat and sound-resistant ,safe and  aesthetic etc


We make windows and doors as per the standard and regulations of most countries and customers

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Q:what is the best automatic garage door opener?
I agree with rizonout,, I myself have never liked screwdrive operators, over time the bushing wear out, and they can make the screaming from hell sound in your garage, from the screw rubbing against the aluminum rail. They are also messy from dripping on your cars. I also like the Liftmaster Brand operator, with the 1 piece rails. They have the feature also of if your garage door is open at night and you walk into your garage and break the beam for the safety eyes, it will turn on your lights on the operator great for not walking into a dark garage, also they do design the operator with the nylon gears in them so if something goes out of adjustment with the door or operator, ( cause we all know not everybody services their doors like they are supposed to) they are the cheapest thing to replace in the operator. Springs need to be serviced and lubed, doors need to be properly balanced, rollers need to be checked and lubed. As for 1/2 or 3/4, just get the 1/2hp operator, it is more than enough for operating a 20 x 8 door as long as it is balanced right.. Belts are a nice and quiet running , but chains can be also....
Q:Has an automatic door ever not opened for you?
ahaha. lol. :D nah they've always worked. but once i was like why isn't this stupid door opening, then i realised that it was like a window that was tall and looked like automatic doors, but it had one of them push/pull doors on the left. :D ahaha. im so smarrttt. :p
Q:Single - chip infrared automatic door sensor schematic diagram
8051 chip is what stuff? Automatic door should be what brand + what model.
Q:dodge sprinter van automatic locking doors?
Greetings, omg it quite is a discomfort indoors the butt. My fathers Escort had that subject too the provider dept at Ford stated that it became top right into a quick indoors the electrial device and costly to alter. they'd located it on the computerized test make helpful and observe what's inflicting it. sturdy achievement i choose it ought to get fixed ok.
Q:How much is the electric door?
According to the choice of electric door style, different materials, the price of electric doors are not the same,
Q:Meet the requirements of the fire door on both sides of the revolving door
Pass the height of 4 meters above the width of 5 meters can be manually manual, you can go to understand the next Stanley fire door
Q:China bus before the automatic door to play the open, can not close the door and the solenoid valve leak is what reason?
You will be directly connected to the gas source on the gas, if the same problem is the cylinder seal to die, if it can be closed, it is a solenoid valve problems, it is recommended to change the new.
Q:Induction automatic door modification access control?
This easy, automatic glass door is generally in the role of infrared probe, give it a normally closed signal, so that the door open! You can be the sensor signal and credit card signal at the same time the door open! The You will be to achieve this card authorization, I set the card through the access control software Monday to Friday is often open, then access control accessory lock (when the door is often open, with a topical table which is normally closed, This normally closed is not necessarily the above instructions that normally closed) normally closed and the probe signal connected in series after the automatic door sensor terminal!
Q:Introduction of automatic doors
Automatic doors are divided into: translation of automatic doors, circular automatic doors, folding automatic doors, can open the automatic doors, rotating automatic doors
Q:what kind of automatic door closer can i put on a door that is smaller than the wall?
You could use an internal closure such as a perko which you drill a 22mm hole and fit it then screw a sprung link chain onto the door frame and its out of sight when the door is closed just google Perko and you can see it

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