Auto-Closing Magnetic Door curtain DIY Magnetic Window Screen

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500000 m²/month

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 Auto-Closing Magnetic Door curtain DIY Magnetic Window Screen


prevent mosquitoes,flies, insects,ect.and keep fresh air in. used widly in house ,hotel,office ect.


Material for Magnetic window/door screen

polyester , polyester with cotton



Standard Size:90cm*210cm;100cm*220cm.

Special sizes can be made according to different needs.


Color for choosing:


(2)white ,




Self-close instantly and seamless

The magic comes from the Anode and cathode of magnet in the middle.



1. magnetic window/door screen matches well with standard single doors and sliding door frames.

2. Enter and exit hands-freely, close instantly and automatically without noise

3. Convenient for your pets:dogs or cats can come and go freely.

4. No frame-- sewing brim,soft door. Durable,washable and environmental-friendly.

5. Folded and washable--take the screen down and fold it to store, could be wash by hands when it's dirty



Auto-Closing Magnetic Door curtain DIY Magnetic Window Screen

Auto-Closing Magnetic Door curtain DIY Magnetic Window Screen

Auto-Closing Magnetic Door curtain DIY Magnetic Window Screen

Auto-Closing Magnetic Door curtain DIY Magnetic Window Screen

Auto-Closing Magnetic Door curtain DIY Magnetic Window Screen



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