Auto Brake Lining 4515, Asbestos-free, American Standard, 23K FF, OEM Orders are Accepted

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50000 set/month

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Stable friction coefficient
Low pad and rotor wear for a long time working
Extremely low noise
100% no-asbestos


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Netural export packing
Delivery Detail:7-20 days after order confirmed


Brake Linings for BPW, with Asbestos Free, Low Noise and Safe Braking Performance

Model Number: WVA19094

  • Specifications:standard and oversized 

  • Materials: 100% non-asbestos&ceramic fiber

  • Features:

  • Low noise and dust-proof

  • Silent brake action

  • Lifespan: 45,000 to 50,000km

  • Less fading and heat-resistant up to 400°C

  • Sharp and safe braking performance

  • Excellent friction performance and stopping power and allow for sensitive braking

  • Packing:

  • Inner packing: 8 pieces/set in a box

  • Outer packing: sea-worthy paper carton and wooden case or standard export packing

  • Supply ability: 60,000 set/sets per month

  • Service: providing after-sales service for automobile factories at home and abroad

  • Suitable for vehicle




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Q:What is wrong with my motorcycle brakes?
After an hour and a quarter there will be no significant amount of water between the pad and disc and anyway the heat generated by applying the brakes would have dried out both in next to no time. Providing there was not a large amount of detergent put directly onto the discs, I suspect you have a different problem possibly the pistons are fouled and partially jammed. The only other culprit I can imagine is are pads worn to the metal in which case you will have heard it. 2 points to consider Brakes do work in the wet (the grip of the tyres is affected but the brakes will still work). Vents in brake discs are not to dissipate water they are there to dissipate heat. EDIT: >actually i do... i own a 200cc dirt bike with front and back disc brakes.. the back brakes don't do anything to slow me down when wet... the front ones are severely impaired, but will slow me down That is not the brakes that are impaired, that is the reduced grip of the tyres.
Q:Disc brake and drum brake principle
Drums and bike that almost, the drum is inside and outside the two slits, brakes when the two pieces of leather squeeze a large iron plate inside. Disc brakes on the simple, by the calipers inside the piston pressure to squeeze the disk
Q:Motorcycle maximum configuration
(According to the manufacturers need to match), shock absorber, muffler, instrument, lamp, paint pieces (paint), the first time to look at the tire Thickness, gloss), and so o
Q:Motorcycle brakes have a harsh voice is how the matter, how should the solution
Brake harsh is generally the problem of brake pads, brake pads into the water or moisture will cause the ears of the screams. In addition, if the brake pad itself is not good quality or grinding is too smooth there may be a sound, you can change a set of brake pads or remove the brake pads, with the file in the brake pad surface slip does not let it too smooth, generally can eliminate the brake noise The
Q:Motorcycle front brake when the brake will lead to the front wheel slip, left and right swing?
the rim is not correct
Q:Can a battery car be converted into a motorcycle or fuel booster?
If you can. You can buy a good motorcycle can be a good motorcycle.
Q:Can hydraulic oil be used as a motorcycle brake oil?
No! The ~ ~ Car brake fluid can
Q:Market "motorcycle modified parts modified under the brake pump hydraulic brake disc brakes ABS anti-lock device" can work?
Relatively no effect, but after this part of the cache, the brake becomes soft, but lost a better braking force, the real ABS brake system is very complex, usually with the use of EBD, a single Parts can not achieve the true sense of the ABS anti-lock effect, no wheel speed sensor, no EBD electronic stability system, no brake force distribution hydraulic pump, simply impossible to achieve.
Q:Question about braking sequence on a motorcycle..?
in an emergency its pretty much a simultaneous event. you'll want to react as fast as possible. but the instructors cant say clubradwnshft all at the same time. really once you release the throttle to brake your engine will slow you down. use clutch to downshift as you are slowing and pull your clutch in when coming to a complete stop
Q:Motorcycle brake/shifting question?
Pull the clutch in and apply the brakes, worry about shifting after your safely stopped.

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