Australia mini cooker for home use

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Australia mini cooker for home use


1. 300W/220-240V/50-60Hz
2. VDE/BS plug,3*0.5mm²*1.2m
3. Housing:PP
4. Inner pot:Non-stick;0,9mm of thickness
5. CE&CB certificate

Accessories: 1pc * measuring cup ; 1pc* Rice scoop


G.B  Size(mm):198x198x245 mm

Carton Size(mm):610x405x505mm

N.W/CTN (KG): 16

G.W/CTN (KG): 18


20'GP  (piece)/40'GP (piece)/40'HQ (piece):2688PCS/5376PCS/6528PCS

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Q:What's wrong with the careless water in the rice cooker at home?
The bottom cover is opened to clean or dry with a hair dryer. Inside the circuit is very simple, as long as you don't move, is not bad circuit.Generally speaking, the bottom of the pot is more or less empty, so it won't keep too much water in itIf you can't open it, leave it for a while and let it dry naturally
Q:A new electric cooker in the air hole is provided with a plastic pad for what
There is a vent hole / valve on the top of the inner cover of the rice cooker. There is a washer on the vent hole / valve, some plastic gaskets, and some translucent silicone gaskets. This washer has two uses:
Q:What should be paid attention to cleaning the inner container of rice cooker? Can the bottom of the tank be rubbed with steel wire?
Can not use steel wire ball, will be the inner layer of the film brush off, and later cooking will be sticky rice, shortening the service life of rice cookers!Finally, with a blister, looking for a soft cloth, gently wash it clean!And then use a dry soft cloth to dry the water in the pot and put it in a safe place!Take good care of it before it prolongs its life!My electric rice cooker is so clean and loving, it has been used for several years!
Q:My rice cooker is the most common, want to know the inside of the liner is wet, do not rub, direct power, cooking, whether or not tight?
Don't do that... Is it because there is no cloth? Whether it is low or the working principle of high-grade electric cooker are the same, once contact electricity into the water, the pot on the existence of security risks, reduce the service life of course, if you think this pot is not how much money do not care that it doesn't matter.
Q:How do you use the rice cooker?
Wash rice, put the right amount of water, plug in the power supply, press the cooking switch, and then automatically skip to the heat after cooking. First, wash the rice, clean the water out of that pan, put it in it, put it on the lid, and plug it in
Q:I'd like to buy an electric cooker without nonstick coating. Please tell me the model and brand! Thank you
I later bought a new HD4775, there are 30 recipes of super large intelligent electric cooker, if not many people at home, a family of three words like our home, electric cooker this capacity of 4L is very suitable for LZ.
Q:Can you steam the rice bowl in the rice cooker?
The rice cooker is OK, but the iron bowl is slow to heat. It takes a little longer.
Q:The rice cooker press down, no response
This is the short circuit condition should be short heating lines, so when heated to this situation, a bright short, you try a few times, line stand, bursts open is very lucky results, so immediately the rice cooker to short-circuit in the conclusion, the detection and analysis of blindly without, if you want to repair their own words, put the pot open, connected with the heating part of the line to see if there was a place was burned, and then look at the front line, charred parts if there is a fault, such as dust is very thick, there are many reasons why foreign body touch contact and so on. But don't do it yourself, because to know too little, free to move too dangerous, or repaired, the problem is not great, not bad parts, the parts are not for the next line. Just fine!
Q:Why does the rice cooker always paste the bottom?
Because the boiler is metal, metal heat quickly, and rice heat transfer performance is poor, when the heat passed quickly, and no water will heat the excess away, the meal will be more and more high temperature, then burn, dry and even pan stick.Therefore, twist the rice before the water is boiled, and let the water in to prevent the paste
Q:What do you mean by "stewing" in a rice cooker? Will the pressure cooker burn out without water?
Anhydrous stewing (also called anhydrous baking) is a function of electric pressure cooker, mainly used for baked chickenBut the general is to discharge the water, there is water level line. Insurance is to put the pressure cooker on the water, put a shelf, put food into a bowl, and then placed on the shelf, so that water vapor. Steamed out of dry, not wet, original flavor

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