ATY Polyester Textured twist yarn for knitting

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10000 m²/month

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100% Polyester




twist yarn



Yarn Type:





Embroidery,Hand Knitting,Knitting,Sewing,Weaving





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Steamed or not

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1.Inner package : shrink film package or poly package or knitting sock 2.Outer package: carton + pallet or film package+carton+pallet or pallet+knitting sock
Delivery Detail:15-25days


1.Even twist,Good shape 
2.Twist No:50-2000TPM 
4.Advanced management 
5.11 years experience on twisting



ATY polyester textured twist yarn for knitting      

  • Material:100% polyester

  • Yarn type: polyester, nylon/polyamide FDY,DTY, ATY, polyethylene,viscose

  • Luster: full-dull or sd or bright or trilobal

  • Feature: fixed-length, fixed weight, free knot, steamed

  • Advantage: With 11 years experience for yarn, detail management, strict quality control, OEM , sample for free.


Polyester / Nylon(polyamide) / Viscose / Polyethylene


30D – 4000D



Yarn type

 Polyester, nylon/polyamide FDY,DTY, ATY, polyethylene,viscose


 Raw white, optical white and dope dyed,


Full-dull or sd or bright or trilobal



Twist direction

s or z twist or s+z 


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Q:What are the differences between the yarn and the yarn of the yarn?
3. Use Cotton yarn is widely used, it can be used as woven yarn, can also be used as knitting yarn, especially combed yarn can be used to produce high quality requirements of textiles, such as high-grade T-shirt, fine poplin, Can produce special industrial electric wax cloth, tire cord fabric, high-speed sewing thread and embroidery line.
Q:What is the textile fancy yarn theory?
Almost all natural fibers and common chemical fibers can be used as raw materials for the production of fancy yarns. Fancy yarns can be made of silk, silk, silk, rayon, cotton yarn, hemp yarn, synthetic filament, gold and silver Spinning, cotton and other raw materials.
Q:Cotton cotton yarn consumption of cotton how much?
Tons of yarn consumption of cotton "and the raw material grade and length and with the rate, equipment, technology, operation, and even with the spinning branch (Turks) and the workshop temperature and humidity are related to the amount of cotton consumption quota is as follows:
Q:How does the textile shake the knot?
2, the right hand will be the yarn frame on the twisted yarn head to find, put the right hand thumb food fingers pinch the yarn, the two yarn into a cross shape. 3, the right hand thumb fingers pinch the top of the hammer head, along the left hand around the thumb, and then pressure in the cheese under the yarn head.
Q:Textile spinning yarn should be done first what to do
Merchandiser's work content is very complicated, involving a wide range, the face of more departments. That is, to the progress of the higher feedback, but also on the relevant personnel in a timely manner, a little careless, that is cast a big mistake.
Q:How much does it cost to do a small cotton textile mill?
Also open a small spinning mill very tired, to know how the current workers are not obedient. Small factories, then generally have to sell intermediaries, one to own sales, two words will have the initiative to contact you.
Q:How to choose the twist of the roving?
(5)? Spinning ratio is small, the disappointment coefficient should be small, otherwise should be large. (6) Spinning yarn twist coefficient should be appropriate (4)? Workshop temperature and humidity, twist factor should be large, (7) spinning knitting yarn, the twist factor should be too large to master, to reduce the shadows shadows; woven yarn twist coefficient should be small to master.
Q:How to reduce the cost of textile yarn dyeing?
1, now due to the domestic environmental situation is grim, the dye may be a temporary small increase in prices, there will not be a substantial price increases, but also not save 2, labor: labor wages are now rising, the insurance state to pay, Can not save
Q:What are the types of textile yarns?
Artificial fiber: rayon (RAYON) also known as artificial cotton rayon (VISCOSE), blended fiber: long / short fiber blended yarn, there are T / RT / C two, with brightness: semi-light yarn / Triangular light yarn to processing points:
Q:What is the meaning of the yarn?
To make a hair is to dye the yarn through the machine into a cheese, shaking the yarn or cheese yarn re-coiled into the specified weight of the yarn process.

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