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Product Description:

Product Description

We are a professional manufacture of thermal paper for 15 years. High-quality and reasonable price is our biggest advantage.

1) Width(mm): 57, 70, 75, 80, 114 (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements)

2) Diameter(mm)45, 50, 60, 80, 100, 160 (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements)

3) Core Diameter: 12, 7mm(1/2"), 19mm(3/4"), 25.4mm(1" ), (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements)

4) Super A Grade thermal paper good quality

5) Sensitive to heat and color(thermal paper)

6) Used in ATM machine, supermarkets, banks, and some offices.

7) 2-ply white/yellow, preprinting on the back are available. 3-ply, 4-ply, 5-ply aare avaliable

8) Used in ATM machine, supermarkets, banks, and some offices.

9)Good smoothness and thermal recording fluency to prolong printer's useful-life and image intensity, good sensitivity and definition

10)Certificate: Bureau Veritas supplier certificate, ISO 9001: 2, SGS

11)MOQ: 5000ROLLS

12Payments: 30% T/T as deposit, the balance payments should be finished before delivery

Specification80mm×80mm, 57mm×50mm,  75mm×50mm,   44mm×70mm, 3 1/8'' × 220', 2 1/4'' × 85'etc.
Weight48gsm, 50gsm, 52gsm, 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm etc.
Core sizecareboard core, plastic core:  13×17mm,  18×25mm,  26×34mm (7/16'') (1/2'' core)
MOQ 5000 rolls
SampleSample lead time: 2 days
Payment Terms30% T/T as deposit, the rest should be finished before shippment
Delivery timeabout 15 days after the receipt of deposit.
PackageOEM Packing, nutural packing, shrink-wrapping, Black/blue/white bag packing; Golden/Silver glossy paper packing
CertificateBureau Veritas supplier certificate, ISO9001:2, SGS,


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Q:What kind of equipment do you need for the carton?
The processing equipment needed for making cartons:Necessary equipment: Carton printing press, corrugated production line, laminating machine, touching wire machine, slitting machine, slotting machine, paper mounting machine, die cutting machine, glue box machine, nail box machine.
Q:What kind of paper would you normally use as a picture book?
If you need to print a picture book P in the number of more than 40P, which is optional, album cover with 300 grams of double copper, album inside pages with 128 grams of double copper.
Q:What is the principle of thermal paper?
Commonly used as colorless dyes, mainly: three, benzene, alkyl benzene phthalocyanine system of crystal violet lactone (CVL), fluoranthene system, colorless benzene methylene blue (BLMB) or spiro system and other substances. Commonly used as chromogenic agent mainly: para hydroxy benzoic acid and its esters (PHBB, PHB), salicylic acid, 2,4-, two hydroxy benzoic acid, or aromatic sulfone and other substances.
Q:Can the thickness of the paperboard be adjusted in the case of weight change?
Weight is the technical term for quantification. It is one of the most basic performance indexes of paper and paperboard. The so-called "quantitative" refers to "in accordance with the provisions of the test method of paper and cardboard units per unit area of quality, unit g/m2."".
Q:What is the difference between light coated paper and coated art paper?
Grohal, also called the full paper, English called Light Weight Coated Paper. it refers to a Kerr like heavy lower coated paper, usually in 40-90g/m2.
Q:What kind of material is this paper made of?
There are many kinds of plant fiber materials in our country, and they are divided into six categories:Coniferous wood, such as larch, pine, masson pine, Yunnan pine, Scotch pine and so on;Two are broad-leaved tree wood, such as poplar, birch, eucalyptus and so on;Three is a species of grass: such as reed, bamboo, straw, straw, straw, grass, sorghum stalk, bagasse and other eulaliopsisbinata;Four is the bast fiber, flax, jute, kenaf, Tan bark, mulberry bark, etc.;Five is a kind of wool fibers, such as cotton, cotton linter, cotton rags;Six is the waste paper fiber, according to China's customs designated as a waste paper (without printing from the factory or the relevant units to pick the white edge, broken paper, etc. (two) paper after old book, newspaper printing, etc.) three (in addition to all the waste paper waste paper, the above two kinds of old paper board the broken carton, etc.).
Q:How big is the 8.5 Inch x 11 inch paper?
Don't listen to that nonsense. This is American standard writing paper. The size is 28cm*21.5cm, and the model is F4
Q:How can I recycle the waste paper shell into cardboard?
A slurry pump is used for extracting the pulp into the sand table, and the sand table is precipitated and separated from the sand, ash, etc., and then the pulp is made into pure pulp7. The pulp is pumped into the pressure tank by a slurry pump, and the pressure box acts as a mixture to adjust the consistency of the slurry8, the pulp through the pressure box after the pulp, and then through the sand pump two times to remove impurities, the pulp into the pulp tank, again after the pulp, made pure pulp.
Q:What can paper be used for?
Chinese paper-cut is not very nice, very rich in art works well? Paper can also build a house, I remember a foreign person with a newspaper built a villa, cool in winter and summer (good to live in such a house!) Paper can also be made into clothes. Fashion week has designer clothes made of newspapers...... Paper has a lot of uses, just to see if you want it
Q:What harm does it work in a cardboard factory?
Mainly some cardboard plants use formaldehyde excessive adhesive for production, long-term exposure to formaldehyde, as in the new decoration of the house life, the harm is not small.

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