Atlas Quality Thread Rock Drill Button Mining Bit Matched with Rod

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Thread Button Bits
Drill Bit
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Drilling Tool
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Ore Mining
Atlas Quality Thread Rock Drill Button Mining Bit Matched with Rod
Red, Black,Blue,Golden,Silver

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Packaging Detail:Wooden Box
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Thread Rock Drill Button Mining Bit Matched with Rod

Product Description

Type of Bit:

Head Diameter:40 mm -200 mm (D)
Bit Type:Button Bit, Cross Bit
Button Type: Semispherical Button, Ballistic Button, Conical Button
Thread:R25, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51(T)
Bit Body:Standard Skirt, Retrac Skirt
Bit Face:Flat Face, Concave Face, Convex Face, Drop-Center Face
Material:High quality tungsten carbide

The selection of Bit Face Type:

Drop center face bit:    

It has high penetration rates in soft to medium hard and fissured rock formation, and has better hole deviation control.

Concave face bit:

It’s suitable for medium hard and similar rock formations, it has good hole deviation control and good flushing capacity.

Convex face bit:                                                                                

It has high penetration rates in soft to medium-hard rock formation. It has the best performance of resistance to steel wash, and reduce the load and wear on the gauge buttons, but it has poor hole deviation control.

Flat face bits:  

It’s suitable for hard to very hard and abrasive rock formations.

The selection of Bit skirt:

Standard skirt:                                      

This design is suitable for most of rock formations.

Retrac skirt:  

This type design can get better hole deviation control while drilling, it can get bit back easily while the bit is jammed during drilling.

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