ASTM TP304,316 sch40 concentric/eccentric reducer pipe fitting

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ASTM sch40 TP304,316 concentric/eccentric reducer
1.material:ss as cs


concentric/eccentric reducer


stainless steel,alloy steel,carbon steel








high quality,rational price,prompt delivery,sincere service

trade terms



factory in-house

or third party inspection available upon request


petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy,,water and nuclear power etc.


wooden case, wooden pallet or as customer's requirement

delivery time

7-30 days according to the quantity

main market



ISO9001:2008 ,ISO 14001 OHSAS18001 , API,etc  

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Q:What do you mean by flange?
Most ring gasket is from non metal plate cutting down, or by professional plant size, the material for asbestos rubber Board, asbestos board, polyethylene plate; also useful thin metal plate (Bai Tiepi, stainless steel) asbestos nonmetal materials such as wrapping made of metal gasket; and a belt winding and asbestos tape with thin steel and the spiral wound gasket. The ordinary rubber gasket for temperature below 120 DEG C applications; asbestos rubber gasket is suitable for steam temperature lower than 450 DEG C, the oil temperature is below 350 DEG C, the pressure is lower than the 5MPa of the occasion, for general corrosive medium, is the most commonly used acid asbestos board. In high pressure equipment and piping, metal gasket with lens type copper, aluminum, stainless steel, No. 10 made of or other shapes. High pressure gasket and sealing surface of the contact width is very narrow (line contact), finish machining and gasket sealing surface of high degree.
Q:Taiwan version Ma flange effect, okay?
For Asians is certainly some version of the Taiwan version of bede. The Chinese version of Taiwan is called wake. However, it is difficult to buy this medicine at home.
Q:Who knows, the difference between plate flange and hubbed flange in the application.
In the words of the most popular bar, welding plate flange is inserted into the pipe flange to weld. There is a small tail behind and hubbed flange means, the outer diameter is relatively small tail pipe diameter is the same. That's what it means to put this little tail against the tube and weld it together.
Q:What is the welded flange valve?
A welded flange valve is a valve installed on a pipe to weld flanges.Welding: welding, also known as the melt, is a kind of heating, high temperature or high pressure way of metal or other thermoplastic materials such as plastic manufacturing process and technology. To achieve the purpose of joining by welding in the following three ways:1. Heating the workpiece to be melted locally to form a molten bath. The bath is cooled and then joined. If necessary, the melt can be added to the melt;
Q:Are couplers and flanges the same thing for optical fiber? Five
Fiber coupler is removable between the optical fiber and optical fiber (active) connection device, it is the two fiber surface precision docking, so that the optical output of the light energy to maximize the coupling to the receiving optical fiber, and the effect of intervention on the system caused by the optical link to minimize the.
Q:WN, SO, American Standard flange BL, TH, LJ, SW all said what 10
[note] the nominal pressure of 2, not less than or equal to 2.0MPa design pressure can use the pressure level of the flange, flange at different temperatures and different materials and different types of sealing surface and welding structure have different maximum design pressure.Generally, the design pressure of 2.0MPa is usually hovering between 1.6 and 2.0MPa, and detailed data are shown in HG/T 20615-2009, Ministry of chemical engineering, flange standard
Q:Do I need flanges for rubber joints?
There are two carbon steel flanges at both ends of the product,Some customers also need counter flanges.
Q:What are single plate flanges, short tubes, flanges, short tubes, flanges, three connections, and flanged bends? What is the material? What is it?
Flange GB9119 GB9116 HG20592 elbow GB12459 three pass GB12459
Q:What does the 6 11/4 mark on the flange face mean?
6 inches, 1 right, 4 inches, 3 inches, 2 inches, 1, 2 inches of right.
Q:What does the Rc-RF in the flange stand for? What do they stand for?
Rc is the threaded flange,The internal teeth are 55 degrees of degree of PT teeth, the standard of the teeth, the Japanese standard is JIS B0203, the European standard is ISO, the 7-1 German standard is DIN 2999,RF, as mentioned upstairs, means that the sealing surface is bulging

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