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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:JD1000


JD1000 60-80tons Asphalt Mixing Plant
1. British Parker and Germany BENNINGHOVEN technology.
2. high cost performance.

JD1000 forcing batch type mixing plant is an international advanced product at present. It was designed and manufactured by XRMC after fully absorbing British Parker and Germany BENNINGHOVEN technology. It is specially designed for the  market with high performance price ratio featuring easy transferring, installation and space saving. It takes only 25 days for installation and commissioning.   It can produce asphalt mixture; modified bitumen mixture, color bitumen mixture and its products meet the various specifications such as express way, high grade road, city road, airport and seaport. With some modification, it can also produce hydraulic asphalt.

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Q:Which is more, domestic or imported rollers?,
Imported rollers are too expensive. Personal advice or choice of domestic, cost-effective, especially the domestic technology is also very advanced, and the gap between foreign countries is not high, cost-effective.
Q:Why should the highway subgrade be compacted by three rounds of iron?
Why not use vibratory roller compacted base, mainly because the composition of the two ash macadam, two ash gravel is composed of lime, fly ash and gravel mixture, the mix and then transported to the general in the construction site. After completion of paving compaction after curing can be survived, but must adopt smooth wheel roller rolling roller, if the vibration, vibration in the process, two ash gravel will occur somewhat like segregation, segregation of concrete, gravel and lime fly ash is separated from the. Crushed between the two ash separated, leading to maintenance survived, so we cannot use vibratory roller.
Q:Which price is low for a pile driver?
Specializing in sales of steel sheet pile, steel sheet pile construction, leasing, model complete, high quality, the construction of steel sheet pile, the price is more favorable, and exquisite design, honest and trustworthy business purposes, in full accordance with the market-oriented, large-scale, standardized operation requirements specification, through the implementation of brand strategy to build the core competitiveness of enterprises
Q:Will the Volvo ABG6820 paver be all right?
Through the COM III/Tier III certification of high-performance diesel engine, powerful, low noise and low fuel consumption, very environmentally friendly.Intelligent power operation mode is selected to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15%.The electronic paver management system (EPM) provides intuitive operation, best visual angle, and full process control of paving operation. It can also store data for future analysis.
Q:What is the specific working principle of the 80 type pile driver?
80 generally refers to the 456080 common hammer and so on is 60 of the hammer that I is the 60 80 hammer is not a lot of major areas this is not to say the price is equipped with 80 hammer down the price is a full set of 45W-50W including the hammer cable wire rope mechanical appearance does not include cable wire rope.
Q:What are the components of a slide model concrete paver and how it works?
Engines, walking, vibrating,Have you seen this job?The stuff is compacted by vibrating it. Next, insert the bar by the way
Q:How to judge the malfunction of 423 paver traveling sensor?
The sensor (English Name: transducer/sensor) is a detection device, can feel the measured information, and can feel the information, according to the law must transform into electrical signals or other information in the form of output required to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements.
Q:Should the starting current be considered when the piling machine is in use?
There are two main types of pile driver used at present: diesel hammer pile driver and long spiral drilling rig.In general, long spiral ring power head motor starting current depends on the specific circumstances, if the full voltage starting with load, the starting current is 5-7 times the rated current of the power supply. The construction of their equipment. In addition to see how much power head in the face of tricyclic sticking case, two start if exceeds the rated current of it easily after all, a burning motor, power head is not cheap, suggest to consider all hydraulic power head, the power head is three was a bit expensive, but in the face of the card when drilling, two times can start easily and smoothly, the impact of the power grid is very small. Moreover, the torque of the hydraulic power head is 2-3 times as much as that of the ordinary three ring power head. It is more suitable for complex formation than the traditional long spiral, and the construction efficiency is more efficient. Long spiral drill in the type piling machine is the use of a more extensive, and for starting current understanding, we can get better in the construction layout, so as to avoid the occurrence of the voltage is not enough at the time of construction.
Q:Dynapac df145cs is asphalt concrete paver and it
XCMG's 952 bituminous mix is pretty good, and it's durable and has a high market awareness.
Q:Will it be all right to wipe the surface of the road, the gasoline polishing machine and the road surface concrete?
because the gasoline engine for a long time will not very easy ignition, affects the working efficiency, so the general contractor will not buy gasoline, are electric,

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