Asphalt Mixing Plant 280-320tph

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:J4000

  • construction machinery:asphalt mixing plant

  • asphalt mixer:asphalt plant


The advanced automatic control and supervisory systems are equipped, J4000 asphalt mixing plant can work reliably.

J4000 Container type Asphalt Mixing Plant is the international advanced product manufactured with introducing the technologies of BENNINGHOVEN company by XRMC. It is suitable for the Chinese market and is designed as the containerlike structure according to the international standard. This design ensures the fast and safe transportation, make it be compact and reduce the floorspace. Because the advanced automatic control and supervisory systems are equipped, J4000 can work reliably.

Production capacity(t/h): 280t/h-320t/h

Belt conveyor(mm): 800mm

Burner: Low noise and atomized by high-pressure air

Turndown ratio: 8:1

Dust collection efficiency(mg/Nm3): ≤25

Bag dust collector: Blow-back with air

Temperature control accuracy(.C): ≤±5

Hot aggregate elevator: Double bank plate link chain elevating

Vibrating screen: Sieving with 6 kinds of screens

Number of hot aggregate bin: 6

Capacity of hot aggregate bin: 100 t

Mixer capacity(kg): 4000

Power: 2×55

Aggregate: ±0.3%

Fine material: ±0.3%

Bitumen: ±0.1%

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Q:Why did the 2002 Chang Linzhu 165C-3 grader often break the balance box chain?
The Chang Linzhu balance box in 2002 didn't have a differential, and the chain was double, so I loved breaking it, or you could have spent seven thousand or eight thousand on a differential!
Q:Friends to learn to drive roller,
Roller but to maintain a high spirit, too high, should pay attention to whether the road ahead of soft, there may collapse, but also pay attention to pedestrians
Q:Ramming machine has what kind of?
Changsha Sindh Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd. is a ramming machine to buy, you buy depends on what they have, the tamping machines of different types, we have used, simple operation, comfortable use, customer service or service, you can contact me
Q:What is an impact pile driver?
You mean the kind of pile driver that used to use high explosive diesel engines to produce impact?The principle is like using the percussion hammer nails, using a hammer impact in the nail head will generate the nail.It's very seldom used now.
Q:Mechanical piling machine about how much money?
Eight tons of assembly, probably one hundred and seventy thousand to one hundred and eighty thousand
Q:How to select the configuration of the pile driver, which parts are the key concerns?
(5) diesel hammer pile machine, hoist hammer, hanging pile must use the winch ratchet insurance. Start piling hammer should be opened before the mechanical lock, the hammer claw retracts, starting out before starting the hook, prevent the hammer hanging from the pile top pile accident.(6) the diesel hammer hammer machine must adjust the amount of fuel supplied to control the height of the drop hammer, and must stop hammering when the second piston ring of the upper piston is seen.(7) diesel hammer pile machine, the end of the piling operation, the cylinder should be placed on the piston seat. The application of timber pile hammer pad or pin lock.(8) when the pile is driven by vibration, no one is allowed to stay in the lower part of the frame. When pulling out the vibration, it should be vertical upward and pull out at the same time.(9) the construction site of the static pile driver shall be flat and compacted, with a slope of no more than 3%, without any water accumulation, and no underground burial shall be confirmed.(10) power cable static pile pressing machine must overhead, electric box and motor ground zero protection line electric shock protector is firm and reliable, sensitive and effective action, not in high voltage wires under the pressure of pile, pile machine must be mobile and high-pressure line safety distance is not less than 6m.
Q:Roller models
The national standard is YZ, which belongs to vibratory roller, Y is static roller, S stands for hand, and D stands for oscillation. The figures behind are generally quality of work.
Q:How often do rubber tyred rollers maintain?
3 windshield wiper and washing check / wiper position / wear check;4. Visually inspect the outside of the body, the body under the protection of parts, pipes / hoses (exhaust - fuel lines - brake lines), rubber parts (dust cover, bushings, bushings, etc.) status;5, visual inspection of various control belt conditions;
Q:The grader flue injection going on?
Look at the diesel oil or oil, oil might be the turbocharger is broken, and then take the blue smoke, if diesel boring machine,
Q:What are the main parameters to buy imported rollers and pavers?
Roller: BMW, Dana Pike, hummer. Mainly depends on the weight of the steel wheel.Paver: ABG, Vogele, Dynapac (including 02 years of the acquisition of Demag). Mainly to see the width of paving.But buy it, construction of asphalt pavement, road roller is generally double steel wheel 12-13 tons, Paver Construction is 9 meters high configuration mechanical screed (for compactness, smoothness and segregation requirements more stringent), municipal construction according to the construction of the specific circumstances to relax the requirements, 9 meters, 12 meters, stretching, machinery, can.

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