Asphalt Batching Plant With Capacity of 200t/h

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specification of Asphalt Mixing Plant LB2500





1.1 Batching hopper: 5 bins with each hopper capacity 11 m3

1.2 Belt feeder: 5 units with each unit feeding capacity: 120t/h
weighing precision: ±2%

1.3 Vibrator : 2units with each vibrating power: 0.16 KW

1.4 Belt conveyor: 1 set with capacity 200 t/h, motor power: 5.5 kw



   Feeding belt conveyor with capacity 200 t/h



3.1  Size: 2.3m (diameter) ×8.2m (length)

3.2  Drying drum inclination inclined angle: 5º

3.3  Drying drum revolving speed: 7.7rpm

3.4  Drying drum drive motor: 15kW*4 units America REXNORD reducer

3.5  drum heat insulation: 50mm mineral wool covered with stainless steel



4.1  Burner : Automatic control burner

4.2  Fuel: oil or Gas



   Primary filter: cyclone primary filter


Secondary filter: 780m2 cleaning area bag filter with America NOMEX bag

Working temperature: 100°C~175°C / Maximum temperature: 230°C

Dust rejection: <100mg/Nm3

(or water dust collector)


   hot aggregate elevator: capacity 220 t/h



   import filler silo: volume 30 m3 (Recycle filler silo for optional)



   UK technology vibrating screen: 5 layers with capacity 220 t/h



   hot aggregate storage bin: 5 units, the total volume is 37



   weighing devices: weighing unit for powder, aggregate and bitumen



   UK technology mixer:Capacity: 2500 kgs/batch, motor power: 45KW*2 units



   Asphalt supply system and heating system:

   30 tons bitumen tanks (quantity according buyer requirement),

   600,000 kcal/h oil heating stove



   Pneumatic control system with America LIEBAO compressor



   Electric control system : Siemens PLC control, Main electric parts: Simens

   Automatic and Manual control mode



   Control room: 12 m2



   90 tons Mixed material storage hopper as optional.


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Q:What does HZS mean in the HZS120 concrete mixing station
Because building aggregate measurement compared with standing aggregate metering, reduced the four of the intermediate links, and the vertical blanking metering, saved measuring time, thus greatly improving the production efficiency, under the condition of the same model, mixing building production efficiency than mixing plant production efficiency by a third. Such as: HLS90 floor of production efficiency and production efficiency of HZS120 stand HLS120 floor of production efficiency, production efficiency is equivalent to HZS180 stand HLS180 floor of the production efficiency is equivalent to the productivity of HZS240 station.
Q:What kind of sand is needed for a concrete mixer
It's usually in the middle of the two, between 2.3 and 3.0 and of course the fineness modulus between 2.3 and 3.0 is the best of the two and that's the best way to get the kind of sand that you want to do to help you
Q:Cement warehouse introduction, storage reserves?
Cement silo in concrete mixing plant is mainly used for the storage of bulk cement, there are usually used 80 t, 100 t, 120 t, 150 t, etc., this is according to the size of the concrete mixing station or the user's production decision.
Q:The mixing time of the concrete mixer is in which standard
Sales missed you do this to see how. If you have any project is continuous uninterrupted production, 24 hours a day, 365 days. As long as there is live, not to stop, of course, is to rest. Want to shift work
Q:The average commodity concrete is mixed with a day to use how much fly ash
What is the amount of cement in the concrete mixing station? This is based on the different levels of the concrete mix. Here is a different grade of concrete ingredients: Note: 1. The mix of concrete and concrete shall be carried out in uniform ratio of gravel and slump. In one project, the C40 is mixed with ordinary cement, and according to the proportion design, the maximum amount of coal ash can replace 40% of the cement consumption.
Q:What is the special work of the concrete mixing station
Mixer operator, welder, tester, loader driver's license, assessor
Q:How much concrete is produced per hour by HZS180 concrete mixer?
HZS180 concrete production line equipment production line equipment per hour theory produces 180 cubic concrete. It depends on the equipment situation. Henan zheng a heavy industrial concrete mixing plant equipment factory
Q:What is the daily routine of the concrete mixing station?
Your question is fun, you ask is daily work refers to a person or the institution will have job or responsibility, and concrete mixing plant is short for a single search or mixing unit, I put the question to you "what's the concrete mixing station management personnel daily work including".
Q:What constitutes the js750 concrete mixing station
pecific configuration can be cut can be numerous js750 hosts are commonly used to climb a pipe loading, the concrete quality requirement is not high do not need automatic batching only buy a belt bucket host to climb to go, with a tractor modified small forklift about yao to climb add material in the bucket.
Q:What is the concept of on-site concrete mixer station
The concrete mixing station is at the construction site to set up a soil mixing concrete equipment, including automatic conveying equipment, measuring equipment, concrete mixing equipment, cement storage warehouse etc.

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