Asphalt Batching Plant With Capacity of 200t/h

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specification of Asphalt Mixing Plant LB2500





1.1 Batching hopper: 5 bins with each hopper capacity 11 m3

1.2 Belt feeder: 5 units with each unit feeding capacity: 120t/h
weighing precision: ±2%

1.3 Vibrator : 2units with each vibrating power: 0.16 KW

1.4 Belt conveyor: 1 set with capacity 200 t/h, motor power: 5.5 kw



   Feeding belt conveyor with capacity 200 t/h



3.1  Size: 2.3m (diameter) ×8.2m (length)

3.2  Drying drum inclination inclined angle: 5º

3.3  Drying drum revolving speed: 7.7rpm

3.4  Drying drum drive motor: 15kW*4 units America REXNORD reducer

3.5  drum heat insulation: 50mm mineral wool covered with stainless steel



4.1  Burner : Automatic control burner

4.2  Fuel: oil or Gas



   Primary filter: cyclone primary filter


Secondary filter: 780m2 cleaning area bag filter with America NOMEX bag

Working temperature: 100°C~175°C / Maximum temperature: 230°C

Dust rejection: <100mg/Nm3

(or water dust collector)


   hot aggregate elevator: capacity 220 t/h



   import filler silo: volume 30 m3 (Recycle filler silo for optional)



   UK technology vibrating screen: 5 layers with capacity 220 t/h



   hot aggregate storage bin: 5 units, the total volume is 37



   weighing devices: weighing unit for powder, aggregate and bitumen



   UK technology mixer:Capacity: 2500 kgs/batch, motor power: 45KW*2 units



   Asphalt supply system and heating system:

   30 tons bitumen tanks (quantity according buyer requirement),

   600,000 kcal/h oil heating stove



   Pneumatic control system with America LIEBAO compressor



   Electric control system : Siemens PLC control, Main electric parts: Simens

   Automatic and Manual control mode



   Control room: 12 m2



   90 tons Mixed material storage hopper as optional.


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Q:Does the concrete mixing station name have the name of the businessman concrete
Yes, the general commodity concrete mixing station will write like this, the benefit of writing is simple and convenient, because the concrete three words are really too complicated! Zhengzhou zhengchen industrial production commodity concrete mixing station equipment.
Q:Classification of concrete mixing stations
There is the distinction between level 1, level 2, level 3. Because some projects, especially the project of the state, are required to provide the units of concrete, and the quality is low because of the low quality. There is a clear list of bids in general.
Q:What are the facilities of the concrete mixing station
The concrete mixing station consists mainly of five major systems, such as mixing main, material conveying system, material weighing system, material storage system and control system
Q:Which staff does the concrete mixing station need?
Move the cement iron pipe, driver! technology, webmaster, laboratory (deputy) director of the general, production manager, sales managers, salespeople, scheduling, lab team leader, the operator (inspection), quality inspection, proportioning design, the material inspector technicians,
Q:What type of concrete mixer is needed for each hour of concrete 90 cubic meters?
If it's a theoretical one, it's going to build 90 lines per hour, which is 90 square hours per hour, and if it's actually 90 square, it's going to be at least 120 stations.
Q:What is the concept of on-site concrete mixer station
It's not a simple blender. It's not a simple blender. But an intensive production scale small and use the site concrete, according to the need to establish a set of automatic production line, divided into according to production output per hour 35 square (45), 50 square (60), 75 (90), 90 (120), the standard station with laboratory; To establish the corresponding scale of the stations according to the construction needs; This kind of mixing station can not only guarantee the quality of concrete, but not the time factor, which guarantees that 24 hours can produce the concrete needed for the site. He needs to have about 30, 000 or so in demand, and the site is suitable. This has low cost, convenient site management and mutual benefit!
Q:How long does it take to build a concrete mixer station?
Normally, between one and three weeks. Plan the main points of the stirring station Venue: single 2m3, 3m3, the equipment occupies an area of about 21mx51m. Add in the yard, parking lot, road, office building, repair shop, recycling pool and so on, usually need the site 40mx80m (the land of 5 acres). 2m3 and 3m3 stations usually require 60mx80m (7.5 acres). If the location is more complex, the layout of the equipment should be based on the utilization of the site. To reduce the cost of future operations, it is suggested that there be a river at the edge of the site so that it can be used to carry sand stones. Distance should consider the best range of concrete delivery vehicles, not too far away from the main site, but also for future development. Optional: choose according to the expected amount of concrete. In a year of 300 working days, eight hours a day, the actual efficiency is lower than the nominal value given the various factors that are affected. Considering the requirement of the equipment for regular maintenance and maintenance, and the requirement of the high demand in some period, it is suggested that the equipment should be purchased. In some areas, the construction of new concrete and concrete stations must be at least two.
Q:How much water does a concrete mixer use every day?
It is also a waste of water to flush the transports. Suppose you flush a vehicle with 1-2t water, rinse it 2-3 times a day, and use 20 cars a day for a medium size of a blender, 40 to 120 t a day. From this perspective, the reuse of washing water is very conducive to environmental protection and water conservation. The rational recycling of water in the mixing stations is also gradually being promoted. Our new hydraulic patent product concrete wastewater and sewage circulation recycling used by many domestic manufacturers, most of new mixing plant began to use the recycling equipment. The wastewater recovery system has made some efforts for the environmental cause of China.
Q:What chemical materials are used in the concrete mixing station?
Start with the glue: cement, coal ash, mineral powder, and various expansions! Sand: natural sand, mineral sand, fine sand; Stone: 5-10, 5-20 water reducer! And tap water
Q:What kind of sand is needed for a concrete mixer
This is the premise of the 2.3-2.6 (which is better in this range) It can also be used by means of mechanism sand or mixed sand (coarse sand is used in a certain proportion), depending on the price of raw materials, to save the cost

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