ASME/GB150 Ethylene Semi-Trailer high efficiency

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ASME Ethylene Semi-Trailer 

China National Building Materials Group Corporation (hereinafter call CNBM Group) is one the state-owned enterprises. It is mainly in the business of building materials and equipments production. Last year, it ranks 270 in “Global Fortune 500”.


CNBM International Corporation is one of the most important export platform belongs to CNBM Group. It has more than 15 overseas offices all over the world and one logistic part in Dubai. We provide full service to make your cross border business easier and safer.


Being with our trading platform, we would like to make you have a one-stop purchase. All the products listed in our website are strictly selected. You could chose some of them and then put them into on container. Thus will save cost for you.


CMAX Ethylene Semi-Trailer is widely used as transportation of gas. It includes semitrailer and truck, very safe and reliable, light of self and high transport efficiency.


Adiabatic Way: High Vacuum Multi-layer / Vacuum insulation


Working pressure:0.6`1.7Mpa


Medium: Liquid ethylene

ASME/GB150 Ethylene Semi-Trailer high efficiency

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Q:How many tons of oil can the tank hold?
General oil loading capacity of 10-22 tons (tank volume is about 12000-25000 liters), such as long distance transport to transport oil gas station, you can choose 153, Dongfeng Dongfeng days Kam, the liberation of hanwag in heavy truck chassis.
Q:The length, width and height of the semi-trailer of 30 tons or so
Good conductivity and energy absorption performance, more safety: Tanker collision, because Aluminum Alloy has good conductivity, little electrostatic accumulation in the tank, so will not produce sparks, resulting in an explosion accident. At the same time Aluminum Alloy can well absorb the tank in a collision or rollover caused by the moment energy, will not cause the cracking, leakage of oil and other goods, directly caused by explosion and environmental pollution. In addition, because the weight is greatly reduced, so the gravity center of the tanker is correspondingly reduced, thereby reducing the possibility of tank car rollover, improve the driving performance.
Q:Can the tanker go downtown?
The tanker can go downtown.The tanker (oil tank truck): also known as mobile fuel trucks, cars, computer refueling tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, installed pull block, oil truck, edible oil transport vehicle, mainly for oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar oil and transportation) storage.
Q:Why is the tank at the gas station buried under the ground?
The gas stations we usually see are only a small part of the ground, and most of the stations are buried underground. The machine that displays data when we fill the car is actually an oil pump with a fine appearance and good performance, which is connected by many pipelines and underground storage tanks.
Q:The tanker (tanker) what is the role of lower oil export
Hydrodynamic design of internal structures that minimize internal pressure at high flow rates. The export adopts flat bottom structure, when the joint is disassembled, there is no oil leakage, so it is safe and reliable.
Q:How to regulate the tank cleaning process
Into the tank, to be equipped with explosion-proof lighting equipment and communications equipment into the tank car, the operator should fasten the waist rope and put on a mask, can work in monitoring safety monitoring of personnel.
Q:How can I get the operation certificate for the tanker? What's the procedure?
1, driving license, tankers and other vehicles on the road is refers to the legal proof of travel, need to transport department;2, the operation certificate, is engaged in road transportation business vehicle legitimate evidence, by the affiliated units for payment;3, dangerous goods qualification certificate (certificate), is a specialized in hazardous (toxic, flammable and explosive medium) transport required documents, local transport authorities need to conduct training, training of qualified by the transport department issued;4, escort card, which are engaged in dangerous goods transport vehicle escort for documents, is the need for vehicle escort documents, the need to conduct training for local transport authorities.
Q:What is the difference between a carbon steel tank car and an aluminum alloy tanker?
But one time the bottom steel cost is not much, likely to be overweight, Aluminum Alloy although the high cost, but go to the depot absolutely than carbon steel pull, each have their own advantages, hope to adopt Thank you
Q:What do you need to notice about the tank truck?
The tanker refueling site should be set by the cross-sectional area of not less than 4mm2 copper core wire is connected to a special clamp, breaking crocodile paint etc. so as to be connected with the connecting chuck, loading and unloading tank car body; and the other end should be connected to the grounding device.The ground scale, crane pipe, fuel gun and pipe line of loading and unloading area shall be connected across and equipped with static grounding device. The grounding resistance is not greater than 100 omega. The resistance between the tank and the body shall not be greater than 106 omega. The resistance value of the conductive passage at any two points in the metal pipe or on the conductive part of the oil tank and the end of the mopping tape is not more than 5 omega.
Q:How will the tanker get punished for reselling petrol?
When filling in the refinery caught, you will get a car, and fined, I know someone who had been caught, it is a penalty box oil boss thirty thousand, of course, the money is that you must take (the premise is the boss let you do)

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