Aseptic cold filling equipment

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March 28, 2000 marks our pioneer in 36000BPH aseptic filling line, with support from Guangdong Robust Group. A first PET aseptic filling line in China, incorporating the latest international technology in this area.

Technical features:

• Multi-Wheeled disinfectant spraying and cleaning technology, to ensure process safety.
• Mechanical or electronic pulsed nozzle, taking into account the reliability and stability and water-saving performance.
• Non-contact filling head, to avoid cross-contamination, ensure microbiological safety.
• Electronic sensor flowmeter volumetric volume, accurate and reliable.
• Aseptic capping machine, self-lubricating ceramic bearings, optional servo motor driven capping machine.
• Disinfectant soak type or on line jetting type cap sterilizer.
• Automatic process detection, control and data report recording system, aseptic monitored to all the key step of production line.

PETaseptic fillingsystem consistsof the followingsubsystems:
• Sterilizing solution blending system
• Empty bottlessterilizationunit
• Caps sterilization unit
• SterilematerialsUHTsterilizationmachine
• Sterilematerial storageandconstant pressure system
• Sterile water UHTsterilizationmachine
• Sterilecompressed air/nitrogen preparation
• CIP/SIP system
• Sterileisolation
• COP/SOP Sterile areaCOP/SOP
• Exhaust gas treatment system
• Liquid sealsystemem
• Puresteam generator
• Liquid nitrogen addingsystem
• Aseptic 5 in 1 filling machine
• Entire lineautomatic control system
• Technical parameters monitoring and recording system

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Q:I would like to know the structure and principle of the filling machine
The material sent from the previous process is placed in the tank through the solenoid valve. When the appropriate liquid level is reached, the signal is sent by the liquid level sensor, and the solenoid valve is closed to stop the feed. When the material surface drops to a certain position
Q:How to use sealing machine
Product Name: ZR-1300 type and aluminum foil sealing machine (aluminum bottle sealing machine) Model: GLF-1300 type and hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine (bottle sealing machine) Product Type:
Q:The main features of electronic water treatment
⒋ water flow through the equipment, can make water into magnetized water, but also for the water bacteria have a certain inhibition and killing effect.
Q:What is the purified water preparation system?
Reverse osmosis method: reverse osmosis preparation of pure water technology is developed in the 60's new technology.
Q:What is the structure of the filling machine?
Like the principle of control what do not write, I would like to know the structure of the filling machine and so on
Q:What is the flexible container seal?
③ Koubei type container sealing device, such as: common milk cup, milk cup, etc. By heating the cup and the film adhesion, so that the container sealed.
Q:Equipment characteristics of water treatment equipment
Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is the use of advanced reverse osmosis desalination technology to prepare deionized water, is a purely physical process preparation technology.
Q:What is the use of capsule filling machine?
Applicable to powder, granular drugs and health care products of the capsule filling.
Q:Sealing machine to buy common sense
There are many materials for the production of packaging containers, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, composite materials, and the packaging container morphology and physical properties are also different, therefore, the use of sealing and sealing devices are not the same.
Q:What is the power plant water treatment equipment?
1, the use of ion exchange, the process is as follows:

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