Asbestos Free Fiber Cement Board for Partition Wall

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

Non-asbestos  siding fiber cement board

Refractory temperature:1770-2000°C

Grade: A1 incombustible

Thermal conductivity: 0.03

Material: cellulose fiber

Shape: rectangle

Product Advantages:

Form: flat sheet

Size: 2440*1220*(4-40)

Product categories: fire prevention board

Flexure strength: 14

Operating temperature: normal temperature

Main Product Features:

Non-asbestos fiber reinforced calcium silicate board is low shrinkage fiber cement preesure board which uses cement, quartz, lime, fly ash, cellulose fiber, inorganic fiber and other materials as main material, manufactured by advanced technology and techniques to form green sheet, and then pressed by thousands tons pressure, cured by high temperature and high pressure steam and other special treatment.

Fire prevention, waterproof, high strength, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, durable, long service life, safe and convenient construction.

Main applications

Non-asbestos fiber reinforced calcium silicate boards are mainly used in all kinds of internal and external wall: insulation wall, sound absorption wall, casting wall, compound wall, overclapping wall, scales wall, subway(underground) water gushing wall, thermal insulation wall, exterior thermal insulation panels.

For ceiling: sound absorbing roof, sound insulation roof, large flat, T-top roof and so on.

For decorative panels: (surface coating, paste decoration) furniture barrier panels, acoustic enclosures, electrical insulation board, industrial board, ventilation pipe plate, free open type templates.

Product Specifications:

Asbestos Free Fiber Cement  Board for Partition Wall


Asbestos Free Fiber Cement  Board for Partition Wall

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Q:can cement board get wet before its installed?
Yes it can, but makes sure its dry before it gets closed off (tiled over)
Q:Gypsum board and cement board decoration room difference
This is a big difference to go, gypsum board is generally used in housing partition decoration, our housing is usually not used to cut off the gypsum board, because the space hole, and not strong, the general office decoration, large room separated into a small room Gypsum board, low cost, fast efficiency; cement board is relatively heavy, moving inconvenient, high cost, home decoration and more use, their place to live more concerned about the quality of good or bad, each has its advantages, focusing on practical use and demand
Q:Backerboard, Cement Board, Blue Board. Call it whatever. Anyone found an easy way to cut it?
Yep, there's a circular saw blade made just for this purpose. Look for it where they sell the Hardie products. I replace all the trim on a two story house with Hardie 1 X 4s and the blade still had some life left in it.
Q:Bathroom with cement board hanging the top, now open the hole to install the lights, so hard to open Oh ,,, which big god to help me out of ideas? Thank you!
To do a strict waterproof construction of the ground after the formation of the protective film will be flexible waterproof waterproof (this waterproof performance is particularly good, the problem is completed after the surface is too smooth and bad tiles), the walls painted ordinary bathroom waterproof treasure, although the waterproof performance of ordinary, After finishing the rough surface favorable tile paving
Q:What is the best fixation screw in the cement board?
With AB glue, vigorously glue These two kinds of glue is a strong adhesive, durable adhesive
Q:Does anyone know how to stop bathroom walls (hardibacker cement board) from sweating?
is it the outside may need to be insulated.
Q:Why different buildings sound a lot worse?
Because of the different buildings of the building extension and the internal structure of the different, resulting in different sound effects.
Q:Do I really need to put felt paper down on top of the plywood counter top before laying my cement board?
It's actually a vapor/moisture barrier. And yes it should be put down when laying this kind of surface over wood.
Q:do i need to put vapor barrier behind cement backerboard in shower?
The International Residential Code, as well as almost any of the other Model Codes, requires a vapor barrier to be installed on the warm in winter side of the insulation on any exterior wall. Any approved vapor retarder material will work. On drywall, two coats of most latex paints meet the requirement, also. The backerboard manufacturer will tell you what method of taping is required for their product; generally, it will be with a mesh-type tape embedded in whatever you are using to install the board. (This doesn't have to be thin-set cement, you can also use regular latex based tile adhesive. Just be sure to apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions.) Most tubs and shower pans have a lip on the front, back, and side. The board can sit right on this lip. Pack some of the thin-set or adhesive into this joint, if you need to build it up level with the surface of the backer. This is most important if you are not starting with a full tile on the bottom; the tiles should have at least 80% contact with most adhesives or cements.
Q:Can you install cement board over wood laminate?
NO! The laminate is a floating wood floor, and you want your cement board firmly screwed to the subfloor. You will need to remove the laminate floor. Sorry.

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