asbestos cloth for induction furnance insulation

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asbestos cloth is good quality and it can reach the high temperature.

1) Interwoven from asbestos warp and weft yarns

2) Suitable for lagging for boilers and pipe lines, used as thermal insulating materials for factories, building, power stations and steamers. It's ideal for making protective gloves, working clothes and gasket materials at temperatures up to 550°C.

3) Loss on ignition 32% max.

4) Asbestos cloth with metallic (copper wire, nickel wire or stainless wire) alsoavailable

5) Refractoriness: 300 ~ 550°C

6) Refractoriness of dust free asbestos cloth: 480 ~ 550°C

7) Thickness: 1.0 - 4.0mm

8) Width: 1,000 1,500mm

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Q:Are asbestos and mineral wool the two names for the same thing?
Oh, I have learned something new. Who has the specific physical parameters of rock wool, such as density, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties and so on
Q:Properties of asbestos
According to the composition and internal structure, it can be divided into serpentine asbestos (chrysotile) and amphibole asbestos two categories. Amphibole asbestos is divided into anthophylite (amosite), tremolite and actinolite asbestos asbestos (narrow asbestos), Lan Shimian (Na asbestos) 3. Grinding in a mortar, serpentine asbestos felt mess, fiber is not easy to separate; and amphibole asbestos is dispersed into many small fibers. Iron free asbestos is white and iron colored in different shades of blue. A fibrous aggregate of asbestos before splitting, showing silky luster, and dull fibers with a dull luster. Asbestos has acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance and insulation properties of chrysotile, flexibility, tensile strength, electrical insulation and high temperature resistant ability in amphibole asbestos, and in acid and alkali resistance and anti corrosion ability of amphibole asbestos is better than that of chrysotile asbestos. Asbestos is widely used in transmission, insulation and insulation devices. Asbestos with a fiber length of more than 8 mm is blended with 20% to 25% cotton yarn to make fire-resistant textile materials. Shorter fibers are used for making asbestos, bonding cloth, asbestos sheets and insulating materials. Blue cotton has unique anti chemical poisons and radioactive properties of particulate pollution in air purification, was used to produce various kinds of high efficiency filter. Serpentine asbestos is widely distributed, accounting for 95% of total asbestos output. It is mainly formed in the reticular fissure of the serpentine formed by metamorphism and contact of dolomite or dolomite limestone and metamorphic rocks of ultrabasic rocks. Amphibole asbestos is mostly composed of iron and siliceous rocks by sodium and magnesium replacement by hydrothermal solution under dynamic metamorphism.
Q:Stone cotton why fire-resistant?
Because the main material of asbestos is silicon compounds, generally fire-resistant, similar to glass
Q:How to distinguish between composite silicate board or foam asbestos?
Compound silicate board is a solid matrix connection closed hole net structure material, is made of aluminum silicate fiber such as high temperature materials plus refractory sepiolite powder, binder, penetrating agent composite manufacturing, the product is soft, low density, small thermal conductivity, good waterproof performance (hydrophobic), acid and alkali resistant performance well, using high temperature, non-toxic, no corrosion, no pollution, degradation, simple construction, is currently an ideal insulation material.
Q:Asbestos usage thickness3 by 3 meters square need insulation 300 degrees please enlighten master the use of asbestos thick
The field can be widely used in engineering construction in building engineering: thermal insulation, the inverted roof insulation impermeable, radiant floor heating, and can effectively reduce the load of high-rise building; water conservancy project, such as insulation, reservoir and dam channels, to prevent freezing and cracking; alpine zone highway, railway, tunnel heat insulation and antifreezing treatment, prevent thawing damage
Q:When the matches were burnt, what should we do?
Stainless steel million matches more environmentally safer than ordinary, can make electronic match more than ten thousand times, volume equivalent to only 1/2 of ordinary matches, stainless steel shell, advanced key chain configuration, can make strap crafts can also make use of matches. Stainless steel million matches is factory, winery, hotels, hotels, gift companies, units to do the best advertising products. Printed on their own address, telephone, web site, advertising, free of charge to customers, better than television advertising work better publicity. This stainless steel million matches for our latest products, imported flame, ignition success rate is high, only need to gently draw, immediately lit. Is similar products or not. Compared to high-grade, refined. Waterproof million matches is a kind of daily necessities, which belongs to the technical field of daily necessities. The match stick by striking piece, burning carrier, handle, the front end of the striking piece is flat serrated, with two relative to the handle on the plane and the striking piece in a plane, the burning carrier is made of asbestos fiber, the side of the box body is provided with a fire. The match has the advantages of large ignition rate, high ignition rate and convenient use, and can be matched with the touch to correct the match even in the dark. Million matches is from the two special steel friction sparks and burning gasoline or kerosene, need. But the amount is very small, generally 2, 3 ml can be more than 30 times, cost less than a penny. Is an outdoor camping fire tools. The use of matches is such: first unscrew the paddle rod removed, with a paddle rod continuously draw Flint (matches in the black side groove...
Q:How to clean asbestos board? Five
If you use acid, alkali washing will corrode the equipment. This problem will be solved by switching to graphite coated asbestos sheets or pure graphite sheets! The specific product reference "Huilong sealing material".
Q:Why PVC watts relative to asbestos tile, color tile good?
shortcoming1., the stability of light and heat is poor;2., the melting temperature and decomposition temperature is very close, leading to difficult processing, it needs to be solved by additives;3., it is easy to fade when used outdoors.
Q:Hazards of asbestos rubber sheets
Must pay attention to protection, asbestos fiber has carcinogenic effect. Wear a mask.
Q:Is asbestos net stone or cotton?
With the development of modern technology, the application of asbestos in defense industry more and more widely, and there are many new uses. Such as composite insulation materials made of asbestos and ceramic fiber, a combustion chamber for the rocket. The composite of asbestos and graphite, used as a missile nozzle throat and missile engine closed asbestos insulation.

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