asbestos cloth for induction furnance insulation

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asbestos cloth is good quality and it can reach the high temperature.

1) Interwoven from asbestos warp and weft yarns

2) Suitable for lagging for boilers and pipe lines, used as thermal insulating materials for factories, building, power stations and steamers. It's ideal for making protective gloves, working clothes and gasket materials at temperatures up to 550°C.

3) Loss on ignition 32% max.

4) Asbestos cloth with metallic (copper wire, nickel wire or stainless wire) alsoavailable

5) Refractoriness: 300 ~ 550°C

6) Refractoriness of dust free asbestos cloth: 480 ~ 550°C

7) Thickness: 1.0 - 4.0mm

8) Width: 1,000 1,500mm

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Q:Asbestos in the asbestos now inside it, terrible, very worried about the solution?
With the development of modern science and technology, asbestos is used more and more widely in national defense industry, and many new applications appear. Composite ceramic fiber thermal insulation material made of asbestos and rocket combustion chamber. A composite of asbestos and graphite, used as an insulating material to block missiles, nozzles, throats, and engine bodies. Asbestos and metal composites are used for high temperature protection, thus avoiding rocket engine flame and high speed flight caused by high temperature damage. Asbestos and glass fiber, nylon fiber woven composite material can also be used in the rocket, missile industry.
Q:Why should the carrier use asbestos?
Asbestos fibres can be made into yarn, thread, rope, cloth, such as packing, transmission, thermal insulation, insulation and other parts of the material or material, mainly used in building made of asbestos, asbestos paper fireproof board, pipe insulation and thermal insulation, heat insulation, kiln pad and insulation, sound insulation material.Defense of asbestos and phenol, polypropylene plastic adhesive, can be made into rocket anti ablation materials, aircraft wing, fuel tank, rocket tail nozzle tube and high speed torpedo launchers, ships, cars and aircraft, tanks, ships in sound insulation, heat insulation materials, asbestos and rubber mixing die, also can be made into sealing material connector for liquid rocket engine. Asbestos and phenolic resin laminate can be used as thermal protection material for missile head. Blue asbestos can also be used as chemical, anti radiation lining, separator or filter, acid resistant packing, rubber board and so on.
Q:What about the non asbestos gasket in Chinese market? Is there any prospect? Promising, which company in China to do this more professional?
In view of this particular case, we hereby reaffirm that all the gaskets we operate are asbestos free gaskets without any asbestos content. Unless otherwise specified, it will be explained in detail.
Q:Why shouldn't the burner contain asbestos?
Asbestos has high tensile strength, high flexibility, heat resistance, electrical insulation, spinning and silicate mineral productsElectric Spark Spark Ignition asbestosIt doesn't make sense to ask such questionsSuggest you go down and check the information
Q:What is the difference between asbestos and electromagnetic fiber cotton?
Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic nonmetallic material with excellent properties. English name is: glass fiber. It is prepared by high temperature melting, wire drawing, winding and weaving process with glass balls or waste glass as. All kinds of products formed finally, glass fiber monofilament diameter from a few microns to twenty micron, the equivalent of a hair 1/20-1/5, each bundle of fibers are hundreds or even thousands of root root filaments, usually as a reinforcing material of complex materials, electrical insulating materials and insulation materials, circuit board, etc. and widely used in various fields of the national economy.
Q:How do you remove the asbestos on your clothes?
8, the functional water purifier on the market there are many claims has the health care function of some water machine, such as ion water machine, water machine, and the spectrum of magnetization, mineralization and activation water purifier, but in fact these functional water machine does not have the propaganda function, but because the water purifier has no filtering true, the water pollution problem can not solve the real. The State Ministry of health also announced in July 2005 that no wading product shall be declared to have a health care function, and that functional water machines such as ionized water machines should be banned from all parts of the country. At present, most of the water purifiers in the market are aimed at solving the problem of drinking water. They appeal to the advantages of barreled pure water and compete with bottled water. From the filter structure, water purifier in two ways one is the filter retained completely, the structure for a water inlet, a water outlet, retention of dirt can not be discharged in time, easy to plug, easy to cause two pollution, short service life. Another is a rinse mouth, such as spring, kitchen water purifier, a water inlet, a purified water outlet, and a flush port, can realize the automatic flushing of water purifier, to prevent clogging, attenuation, prevent the two pollution, long service life.
Q:Are there any asbestos in the zinc alloy?
[] is a combination of 6 kinds of asbestos with commercial uses of natural fiber mineral asbestos. The term is not a commercial paper, but the term refers to having high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical and thermal erosion resistance, electrical insulation and spinnability of mineral products, asbestos by fiber bundle composition, composition and fiber bundles by a long and thin can separate fiber. Can be divided into chrysotile asbestos (chrysotile) and amphibole asbestos two categories.
Q:I would like to ask what kind of asbestos damage to humans, and asbestos into the human lungs can not be recycled?
Here's an introduction: asbestos is a natural fibrous mineral whose crystalline composition contains silicate compounds such as iron, magnesium, aluminum, calcium, and nickel. Because asbestos has good acid, heat and insulation properties. Widely used in refractories, building materials, gaskets, filters, car brake pads and so on, and now there are more than 3200 varieties of asbestos products in china. There are 5 main categories: asbestos insulation products, asbestos sealing products, asbestos brake products, asbestos building products (asbestos cement products) and asbestos special products. The main products are asbestos, asbestos rope, electrolytic cloth, diaphragm cloth, asbestos packing, high and low pressure asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos cement tile and asbestos cement pipe, friction materials and so on. At present, our country asbestos cement products enterprises, mainly the production of asbestos cement corrugated sheet, followed by asbestos cement plate and asbestos calcium silicate board, and asbestos cement pressure pipe and cable pipe etc..
Q:The problem of asbestos in cosmetics
Niosh Method 9000, issue 2, Asbestos, Chrysotile, by, XRD-9000 (2) are standards for testing in cosmetics, and beta can do that.Test procedure (X ray diffraction - polarizing microscopy)
Q:Basic classification of asbestos sheets
4. asbestos insulation board product applications:Asbestos insulation board is mainly used in steel mills and aluminum plants, insulation and adding layers, boiler insulation, insulation and heat preservation.5. product mix and Application(1) asbestos board is made of asbestos and bonding material. Suitable for insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and electrical insulation.(2) product execution standard 11-59 standard;(3) technical and physical performance of the product

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