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Asbestos powder is powdery non metallic materials containing asbestos fiber,

in a waterproof material, asphalt material, heat insulation materials and other fields have more extensive application

Asbestos (English: Asbestos and Asbestos), is a natural fibrous siliceous minerals to collectively, is a kind of silicate minerals

are widely used in building materials fire prevention board fiber, also is the only natural mineral fiber, it has good tensile strength

and good thermal insulation and anticorrosive, not easy combustion, it is widely used.

Asbestos is a lot of more phyletic, according to its mineral composition and chemical composition is different,

can be divided into two categories, serpentine asbestos and amphibole asbestos.Serpentine asbestos chrysotile and said,

it is a kind of the asbestos production most, has good spinning performance.Can be divided into the blue amphibole asbestos asbestos,

tremolite and actinolite asbestos etc., less than serpentine asbestos.

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Q:Why shouldn't the burner contain asbestos?
Asbestos has high tensile strength, high flexibility, heat resistance, electrical insulation, spinning and silicate mineral productsElectric Spark Spark Ignition asbestosIt doesn't make sense to ask such questionsSuggest you go down and check the information
Q:What are the non asbestos gaskets available for?!
Non asbestos gasket is high temperature, high pressure, corrosion products, is a non asbestos sealing material (non asbestos non asbestos plate, compression plate, non asbestos non asbestos materials), with a variety of tools or mould stamping, sealing products of various shapes and the shear.
Q:The asbestos net on the gas cooker cracked and could continue to work later?
The surface of modern decoration is not the most important, the key is the overall stability at the grassroots level, water resistance, high strength in order to ensure the durability of decorative surface layer stability!
Q:Classification specification for asbestos mats
Applicable to water, water vapor, oil, solvents, medium acid and alkali seal, asbestos gasket is mainly used in the middle and low pressure flange connection seal.Low pressure asbestos gasket (G2183): low pressure asbestos gasket is made of a white asbestos fiber, suitable for the majority of low demand, asbestos gasket is mainly used for steam, water, gas, oil seal and non erosive medium.Medium pressure asbestos gasket (G2182): mainly used for steam, hydraulic, gas, oil and non corrosive media seal.
Q:Difference between asbestos free cement fiber board and cement fiberboard
The main difference between the non asbestos fiber cement board and fiber cement board is mainly an inside fiber with asbestos, a useless, because Chinese is asbestos producing countries, Europe and the United States did not say so, Europe and the United States not to use harmful asbestos and asbestos containing products to import, but after domestic science study confirmed that usually use chrysotile asbestos is not harmful to the human body, so that China can use, you can find the word in Baidu chrysotile, a detailed explanation
Q:What if I lived in a house with asbestos roofs for a year?
But each person's physique is different, the lung function strong person will not have much harm. Its lung function is bad, never touch asbestos, also very easy to get lung disease
Q:It is OK to put color tile directly on asbestos tile. Is it strong?
The color steel tile is used in color coated steel sheet, roll cold forming pressure plate and various wave types, it is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure house roof, walls and wall decoration, has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, convenient construction, rich color affluence and the earthquake, fire, rain, long service life, maintenance free, have been widely applied. The disadvantage is that the relative price is higher. Its advantages are as follows: 1. Light weight: 10-14 kg / m2, equivalent to the brick wall 1/30. 2., high strength: can be used for smallpox retaining structure, plate bearing, bending and compression; general houses do not beam column.
Q:What is the density of asbestos? Thirty
Fool, you know what asbestos is, don't you? There are many kinds of asbestos, which is a general term. The density of asbestos varies with different kinds and different processing techniques, and it can not be a fixed value
Q:How to solve the problem that asbestos products will leave white powder after high temperature aging
Strengthening the anti-aging property of asbestos products, adding high temperature and powder resistant chemicals in asbestos, so as to improve the service life and life span of asbestos products.
Q:People know Sichuan Hengyuan asbestos and walnut oil?
Walnut oil is the first deep processed product certified by organic food in Shimian County, and it is also the deep processing product of the walnut industry which is focused on the development of asbestos.

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