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Asbestos powder is powdery non metallic materials containing asbestos fiber,

in a waterproof material, asphalt material, heat insulation materials and other fields have more extensive application

Asbestos (English: Asbestos and Asbestos), is a natural fibrous siliceous minerals to collectively, is a kind of silicate minerals

are widely used in building materials fire prevention board fiber, also is the only natural mineral fiber, it has good tensile strength

and good thermal insulation and anticorrosive, not easy combustion, it is widely used.

Asbestos is a lot of more phyletic, according to its mineral composition and chemical composition is different,

can be divided into two categories, serpentine asbestos and amphibole asbestos.Serpentine asbestos chrysotile and said,

it is a kind of the asbestos production most, has good spinning performance.Can be divided into the blue amphibole asbestos asbestos,

tremolite and actinolite asbestos etc., less than serpentine asbestos.

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Q:What is the density of asbestos? Thirty
Asbestos is the general term for 6 kinds of natural fiber minerals for commercial use. The term asbestos is not a mineral, but a commercial term. It refers to mineral products with high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical resistance and thermal erosion, electrical insulation, and spinnability.Asbestos consists of a fiber bundle, consisting of very long, very thin fibers that can be separated from each other. Asbestos can be divided into serpentine asbestos (chrysotile) and amphibole asbestos two categories. According to the main amphibole asbestos cation composition, divided into anthophylite (amosite), tremolite and actinolite asbestos asbestos (narrow asbestos), Lan Shimian (Na asbestos) three.
Q:What are the environmental protection materials that can replace asbestos sheets? 10
Asbestos is a carcinogen, general building will release a large number of Shipbreaking, interior decoration, near the site of the air will be filled with high concentrations of asbestos fibers, as long as there is an inhaled into the lungs will lead to not cure disease, the disease will be very painful, because the onset time generally in the more than 10 years after that many people ignore the harm, because there is no national supervision of the project proposal, meet the above condition to leave as soon as possible, with particular attention to children, a lot of material than asbestos security, find some synthetic fiber instead of on the line, to have reliable certificate for non asbestos material, must take appropriate masks and wear protective clothing cannot find work, want to take a bath after work.
Q:The water will heat asbestos, asbestos water will have what reaction
Should not be hot, and there will be no chemical reactionI hope it will help you with your study[please] O (such as a _ adoption) O thank youWelcome to ask O (a _ U) O~Wish study progress ~!
Q:What is the resistance value of asbestos gasket?
purposeThe utility model is suitable for the pot mouth, the manhole, the hand hole seal, the boiler hand hole, the smoke box belt and the steam ball seal for the reaction kettle.The products are applied in many fields, such as chemical industry (medicine, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, dyestuff, macromolecule, intermediate, etc.), petroleum, electronics, machinery, electric power, environmental protection and so onInternationally, however, asbestos is known to be a carcinogen. In 70s of this century, many countries put forward non asbestos plan, after more than 20 years of efforts, the United States, Japan and Australia and other countries has successfully developed a series of non asbestos gasket material, in 1990 the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA issued government regulations prohibiting the use of asbestos materials and products, now the advanced countries in the world have been extended to the non asbestos material application field. Ban asbestos material.
Q:How to arrange keel on asbestos board ceiling?
Waterproof moisture-proof: in the semi open air and high humidity environment, can maintain the stability of performance, not the subsidence and deformation. thermal insulation: low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation properties, high density, good sound insulation products.
Q:What is asbestos and is it related to fiberglass?
Basically nothing to do with producing FRP helmets without I asbestos material
Q:How is processed into asbestos asbestos products such as silk, asbestos rope,
To the Han Dynasty, through production practice, awareness of asbestos, has been improved. According to the "book of the later Han Fangshu biography" records: after Wang Mang usurped by refusing officer Guo Xian, fled the capital (Zi Heng, Ru'nan Song Dynasty, the East China Sea things less division Wang Zhongzi) in the East Sea spent twenty years living in exile seclusion. He traveled to the East China Sea, including today's Shandong coast of Penglai, Rizhao, gum County, Pingdu, Rongcheng, Jimo asbestos origin.
Q:It's too hot. Now the roof is that kind of asbestos tile. Are there any super insulated products?.
Lay a layer of clay on the asbestos tile
Q:What is asbestos? What is the standard?
Asbestos, also known as asbestos, is a commercial term for silicate mineral products with high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical and thermal resistance, electrical insulation, and spinnability. It is a general term for natural fibrous silicate minerals. Under the jurisdiction of the 2 class a total of 6 kinds of minerals (with serpentine asbestos, amphibole asbestos, asbestos, actinolite anthophyllite tremolite asbestos asbestos, iron, etc.). Asbestos consists of a fiber bundle, consisting of very long, very thin fibers that can be separated from each other. Asbestos is of high fire resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation. It is an important fireproof, insulating and heat insulating material. However, because asbestos fibers can cause asbestos, pleural mesothelioma and other diseases, many countries have chosen to ban the use of such dangerous substances.
Q:I would like to ask what kind of asbestos damage to humans, and asbestos into the human lungs can not be recycled?
Data show that asbestos can cause primary lung cancer and mesothelioma, and 90% of patients with pleural mesothelioma are exposed to asbestos history. Asbestos processing workers around the world have a higher incidence of cancer than workers of ordinary trades, and the mortality rate is quite alarming. Therefore, asbestos production workers should pay special attention to the prevention and control of asbestos dust.

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