AS/NZS 4961 COPPER SCREEN CABLES 0.6/1KV for power project

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Product Description:

Screen Cable   AS/NZS 4961 COPPER SCREEN  CABLES 0.6/1KV for power project




Service entrance or consumer mains for underground residential distribution and unenclosed situations where the neutral/earth screen

provides protection against the hazards of electric shock.Suitable for direct burial.The screen offers the same resistance as a phase conducor with sufficient coverage to facilitate mechanical protection of the phase conductors.


CONSTRUCTION of Neutral Screen Cable

1.Single core

• Conductor: plain annealed copper, class 2


(2.5 – 16mm2) PVC, V-90, Red

(25 – 70mm2) XLPE, X-90, Red

• Sheath: PVC V-90

• Sheath Colour: Black


2.Twin core


• Conductor: plain annealed copper, class 2


• Insulation:


((2.5 – 16mm²) PVC, V-90, Red, Blue


(10 – 50mm²) XLPE, X-90, Red, Blue


• Sheath: PVC V-90


• Sheath Colour: Black


3. 3 core


• Conductor: plain annealed copper, class 2


• Insulation:


((2.5 – 16mm²) PVC, V-90, Red, Blue, White


(10 – 120mm²) XLPE, X-90, Red, Blue, White


• Sheath: PVC V-90


• Sheath Colour: Black


4. 4 core


• Conductor: plain annealed copper, class 2


• Insulation:


((2.5 – 16mm²) PVC, V-90, Red, Blue, White, Black


(10 – 95mm²) XLPE, X-90, Red, Blue, White, Black


• Sheath: PVC V-90


• Sheath Colour: Black


Structure and primary capability:

Conductor No./Dia. mmNormal thickness of sheath mmOver diameter mmMinimum installed Bending Radius mm
No.×cross - sectional area mm2Normal  Diamter mmApprox mass per 100mkg

        E(2.5)7/0.672.010.6   16.5~18.8

















AS/NZS 4961 COPPER SCREEN CABLES 0.6/1KV for power project

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