Artificial Stone 026

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1000SQM m²
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3000SQM/Month m²/month

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Quick Details of  Artificial Stone 026


1.Natural granite,nonradiative

2.High polished,not reflection

3.Very good density,high hardness


5.Durable service


Product Name

Artificial Stone 026

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Brand Name


CE Certification



Wooden Pallet & Packing




Polished,flamed,bush-hammered,brushed,honed, etc.

Surface Finishing



Natural Artificial Stone

Stone Form



All the world

Specifications of Artificial Stone 026

1. state-owned biggest factory, world top 500 enterprises.

2. we have various colors sizes images which with high quality low price and safe dealing.

3. we are a professional manufacuter,so we own many qurries for your requirements.

4. fast delivery and big quantity supply and well-deserved reputation.

5. advanced production equipment, mature production process, rich production experience.

6.Usage detail: widely used in home decoration, morden commercial space, entertainment facilities, commercial office areas, ect.

7.Applicant: Flooring Tile, Countertop, Wall cladding, Paving, Landscaping

Packing & Delivery:

Packaging Detail:

Standard fumigated seaworthy wooden bundles with plastic foam cover

Delivery Detail:

Within 10 days after received L/C or T/T 30% deposit for one container

The series of products using innovative production technology, using such as raw materials jade pure, using computer more pipelines from tile colour cloth, texture, light feeling, all aspects designs create perfect create beautiful and elegent noble generous adornment effect. We have many different color and different design in this series, this tile is good sell in the supermarket, shopping mall.

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Q:Is it good to make marble with marble or artificial stone?
There is no brush with a varnish to do the table to do it, I want to use the most original material decoration my home.
Q:Does the countertop choose artificial stone or quartz stone? Artificial stone easy to crack?
Cabin man - made stone countertops material advantages and disadvantages Advantages: Artificial stone is acrylic, there is no color difference Light weight: the user in the purchase of artificial stone do not have to worry about the existence of color and affect the cabinet effect. Artificial stone surface without pores, oil, water stains are not easy to penetrate one, strong anti-fouling, easy to clean. Artificial stone from the stone processing Wenzhou home improvement designer, thinner, its own weight lighter than natural stone, in the application can reduce the load-bearing cabinet to extend the service life. The use of artificial stone countertops, not only can be cut into a variety of shapes, combined into a variety of patterns, in the corner processing can also be done seamlessly. Artificial stone countertops is a natural mineral powder, high performance resin and natural pigments by vacuum casting or molding of mineral filled polymer composite materials, resin technology which contains functional additives, can be directly in contact with food, Is the best choice for environmentalists. Disadvantages: do not have resistance to tolerance, any material of artificial stone, Pakistan's hardness between 58 to 62, can not afford the metal and other sharp " (Refurbished to remedy).
Q:Marble and Artificial Stone Which is better?
I think it is two unparalleled things. One is the nature of the resources given to our human resources, it is representative of life.It and oil, it will be one day by our mining depletion. Marble is not only Some of the common three of the Three Gorges Red, Mongolian black, it is the limestone in the millions of years, with the changes in the Earth's geology, there are many imported marble are extracted from the ocean. We have no ability to mine, we love, we love, but love to be rational, especially just before the "77 Incident" 71 years. We know the gap. We know that catch up!
Q:How can the cabinet countertop panel (artificial marble) is not contaminated by soy sauce
You said the artificial marble, should be the market business said, quartz stone it (it is not artificial stone it is the kind of very common artificial stone material it, if you are using is not genuine DuPont, Samsung Artificial stone, so that you change it, it is no way, and very environmentally friendly) Like you this situation, it should be the material itself, the quality of the problem, I do not know how much you buy a meter, the table itself stone, calcium powder and aluminum hydroxide added too much, resulting in the table itself, the density is not high, But the color of the liquid, especially those that are less than the density of water will easily penetrate the table, that is, colored liquid on the table to stay over time, and not immediately clean up, are easy to penetrate the table. You now if you can still use the situation, usually do more health, At that time, if it really can not stand, the table is spent, it is for the table it
Q:What causes the artificial stone countertops to break
Because do not care or use improper The table must also be carefully maintained, the normal artificial stone countertops can withstand the temperature is 130 ℃, especially the local can not be heated, even if the high temperature performance is better quartz stone, if the instantaneous temperature is high, there will be burst, Or high temperature on the table directly bake, roast, burn; do not put the oven on the table directly on the table, you should use pad and other insulation items; should cut the dishes on the chopping food, do not use metal sharp (kitchen knife ) Directly on the table to describe, cut chop, so as to avoid surface damage and potential cracks.
Q:Artificial stone how to remove the plastic
1, with an eraser along the edge of a little bit to rub, easy to mark. But depending on your degree of sticky, it may be time different. If conditional alcohol + eraser effect is very good. 2, you can take a piece of vinegar covered with dry cloth, to cover the entire double-sided adhesive traces of the place, until the double-sided adhesive sticky stains completely wet, you can use the ruler easily removed. 3, you can also use the heating method to double-sided adhesive glue softening: blowing with a hair dryer to soften the glue, when the double-sided adhesive adhesion becomes weak, you can easily remove.
Q:Cabin Artificial stone countertop is good or fine powder is good
Artificial stone is recommended. Artificial stone manufacturing technology has been progressing, according to the addition of color paste and particles of different, from light to dark, from the plain to contain the color of the particles, the market can see. Due to the physical and chemical characteristics of artificial stone, a few meters long stone in the field construction can be seamless splicing, no scar mark, where the eyes are smooth curve. Construction technology is not complicated, artificial stone raw materials are mainly natural stone powder polyester resin, color pigments and aluminum hydroxide, so do not worry about the radioactive stone.
Q:What is the future of artificial marble?
To stone-based enterprises, involved in stone home, is the stone market extension and expansion, but also to build the overall concept of stone home long-term consideration. The future of China's real estate will be small units, fine decoration direction, which for the stone home provides a good space, Yunfu is a famous man-made stone capital, coupled with China's Yunfu International Stone Industry City built on the Yunfu Artificial stone development of this piece is very helpful.
Q:Artificial marble countertop thickness is conventional
Thickness: 6mm or more, including 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm such a standard thickness, pure acrylic solid surface can be made of 4 mm thick. With such a data, I believe you can help
Q:Analysis on the Causes of Warpage of Artificial Stone Plate
In the process of production and use of man-made marble (both of which are the plates), the general problem encountered is warping, which has become an obstacle to the continued development of artificial marble. In this regard, we are inside and outside the province of some factories, the use of units were investigated. , Ren Wen on the artificial marble warping deformation of the reasons, how to avoid or reduce the deformation and other issues put forward some comments for the discussion. (A) artificial marble deformation in the production process Artificial marble is a very uneven structure of the composite material. Strictly speaking, its warp deformation (absolute deformation) is unavoidable (the deformation referred to in this article refers to the deformation within the required range, not the absolute deformation). Production of some unreasonable process, the ratio and often exacerbated its deformation.
It's specialized in stone manufactural.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hezhou, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$ 30 Million
Main Markets Aisa; Mid East; Eastern Europe; North America; South America
Company Certifications ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Beihai, China
Export Percentage 15% - 20%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10-15 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Medium