Arc Welding Stud CD Welding Stud with Different Length

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Basic Info

  • Model NO.: M6 8 10 12 13 14 16 19 22 25

  • Export Markets: Global


Additional Info

  • Packing: Cartons

  • Origin: China

  • Production Capacity: 500000PCS


Product Description

We have servial kinds of welding stud, such as 304 stainless, Mild steel (copper plated ). Each of them had many model/size to suit for different welding demands., such as RD, DD type. With dia of M6 M8 M 10 M12 M13 M 16 M19 M22 M25 with different lenth, such as 30mm 60mm 90mm 125 mm 250 mm and so on.

At the same time, we could produce the special welding studs accroding to your drawings & specifications.

We had made deals with many countries in the world, such as Iran, India, Singapore, US and so on. Best avalible price and reliable quality make us enter into so many markets in foreign countries.

Main Models for CD Welding Stud
Welding StudM3*6M4*6M5*6M6*8M8*10
Welding StudM3*8M4*8M5*8M6*10M8*12
Welding StudM3*10M4*10M5*10M6*12M8*15
Welding StudM3*12M4*12M5*12M6*14M8*20
Welding StudM3*14M4*14M5*14M6*16M8*25
Welding StudM3*16M4*16M5*16M6*18M8*30
Welding StudM3*18M4*18M5*18M6*20M8*35
Welding StudM3*20M4*20M5*20M6*22M8*40
Welding StudM3*22M4*22M5*22M6*25M8*45
Welding StudM3*25M4*25M5*25M6*30M8*50
Welding StudM3*30M4*28M5*28M6*35M8*55
Welding StudM4*30M5*30M6*40M8*60
Welding StudM4*35M5*35M6*45M8*65
Welding StudM5*40M6*50M8*80
Welding StudM6*55M8*100
Welding StudM6*60M8*110
Welding StudM8*120



Arc Welding Stud CD Welding Stud with Different Length

Arc Welding Stud CD Welding Stud with Different Length





Acceptable payment term and way?             

 T/T,L/C, T/T + L/C,

Acceptable price term  ?         

 FOB  CNF  CIF  DDU  CPT          
Do you accept OA payment terms?    

Yes, sure, but it normally depending on the order value    
Do you have QC team?      

Yeah, sure, our QC team is very important, they will keep the quality control for our products.
What is the validity of your quotation?    

Normally 7 days.
What is your advantage?
24 hour quick response /Customer oriented/ Credit foremost/ Top quality Excellent 


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Q:How to check the quality of fasteners
The appearance of a color, thread through the rules, type size, such as head high, diagonal, opposite, thread length and so on. Mechanical properties include tensile strength, core hardness, decarburization, carburizing, and the like.
Q:What are the technical requirements for fasteners?
1, the product used by the material (the available material is too much to see what your company to ask) 2, the accuracy of the thread (bolt type of external thread is generally 6g, nut class internal thread is generally 6h) 3, surface treatment Stainless steel materials generally do not do treatment, carbon steel, color, galvanized, Dacromet, nickel, chrome, etc.) 4, product tolerances before the surface treatment or surface treatment of the above is the standard parts of the standard, But also depends on the actual use, we must deal with the landlord.
Q:In the fastener industry, 1018 refers to what material
Low carbon steel, can only be used to produce the general screw class, and 102A almost
Q:What is the fastener and others?
Chinese name: fasteners English name: fastener
Q:A194 GR3 is what style fasteners
A194 American standard I know is the US system, but now do not understand is GR3 in the end is what it means
Q:Fasteners often say that the nature of galvanized oxidation is what it means
True color means that the surface of the fastener is not treated. Galvanized refers to non-zinc easily oxidized metal fastener surface coated with a layer of zinc, the role is to prevent its rust. Oxidation refers to the surface of the metal fastener through a chemical reaction to produce a layer of rust-proof film, the main role is rust, the other can also beautify the appearance.
Q:What are all the fasteners?
Of course, there are many categories of fasteners, in short, there are many, many of the fasteners.
Q:Is it hard to heat the fasteners?
Fasteners are a kind of standard parts, and their requirements are often higher than other standard parts, but heat treatment is better
Q:Fasteners are used in what areas?
facilities, tools and instruments of human production will not be produced, people will no longer have electricity, no more tap water, no longer have a variety of automation equipment, no longer There is a lot of construction projects will not be able to solve the problem of connecting technology and a comprehensive shutdown, the level of human society productivity at least 300 years back, our lives will become incredible.
Q:High-strength screw standard parts of the quality of what data
Mechanical properties: hardness, tensile strength, etc. are in line with the standard requirements Size: size is in line with the standard requirements. Thread: through the rules are in line with the requirements.

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