AR Glassfibre chopped strand

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Premix ARG Chopped Strand
AR Fiberglass Chopped Strand is designed to use in dry mix systems or other premixing prcesses GRC

Description and Specification:

ARG chopped strand is designed to use in dry mix systems or other premixing processes GRC(Glassiber reinforced concret).Such as drainage channels, cable troughs, meter boxes, wall cladding panels or in architectural applications such as decorative screen walling, etc.

ARC15-98-(3-30)mm    ZrO2  14.5%

ARC13-76-(3-30)mm    ZrO2  16.5%


Good liquidity and high integrity, Excellent alkali resistant and durability; Been approved by Sheffied University, UK.


20kgs/kraft bag, 40 bags/pallet, 20 pallets/20'FCL(on 2 levels), total net weight for 16 tons.


AR fiberglass chopped strand should be stored dry in their original package, the best conditions being at a temperature of between 15 and 35, and at a relative humidity of between 35 and 65%. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15), it is advisable to condition in the workshop for 24 hours before use to prevent condensation.

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Q:Regarding determine cement and aggregate content?
ok you need the weight of cement, fine and coarse aggregates, and water. then you will need the density of each. for cement, the number varies between 2.8 and 3.1. For aggregates, I'm not sure, I guess it's around 1.7. water is 1. you can consult a good book about concrete technology. I have portland association book. But most of my friends use Neville's.
Q:can i use cement to line my fish pond?
Deb In addition to what has been said, also check the ph level of the well water to make sure it is not acid or alkaline. Because it has come out of the ground, it can be a lot different to rain or river water. It also won't have much oxygen in it, so you might need an aerator or something to churn the water surface. Finally check the water temperature and make sure in the summer, the temperature doesn't make the water too hot to harm the fish.
Q:how to paint house exterior which is cement plaster?
I have a cement shed and have found masonry paint to be the only type that will last more than a year or two. Wal-mart has a cheap, good masonry paint that can be tinted any color. I've had cheap Wal-mart masonry paint on my shed for 5 years now and there's no sign of a need to repaint, yet,
Q:Best way to mix 25 pounds of cement?
if you have a hand drill then get a cheep paint whisk if your whisking up a slip ... when mixing by hand I always mix on a sheet of plastic/ tarpaulin makes mixing a lot easier by holding the edges you can mix and folder over your cement real nice.... another way if mixing small amounts is to mix in a heavy duty rubble sack .....saves a lot of back pain with the shovel
Q:Do I need to install cement board before tiling my shower and floor on a cement floor?
In theory it is, but sometimes the thin-set has a really good bond with the substrate. The hard part is installing the floor tile at the proper and even slope towards the drain. Make sure to use a slip resistant floor tile for the shower. If you use those sheets of 1x1 tiles glued together (Dal-tile) you will have too carefully clean the thinset out of the groutlines before it dries. ( potential big headache) Good luck
Q:Removing cement residue?
For removing a light haze try regular vinegar. It is a mild acid and works well in this application. I use a plastic spray bottle and a medium bristle brush. Spray an area and scrub with brush rinse with clear water. May take a couple applications.
Q:Is cement or dirt better for installing a wooden fence post?
use cement, dig hole,, put post in, put cement in, put water in, make sure its level done
Q:Why do you believe concrete and cement is cute?
because its amazing! mix concrete and cement and we get perfect roads, perfect roads means we can travel safely, travelling safely means no accidents, no accidents means less deaths, less deaths means more health, more health means healthy people, more healthy people give birth to healthy kids, and healthy kids are cute. so overall, concrete and cement are cute.
Q:how to remove white cement?
Only way is to use a hammer and chisel. It would have been easier if you said what the white cement was on. Is it a driveway? or cement splattered on something.
Q:How do I build a fish pond with cement?
Whatever you decide, don't use cement. Your fish will all die within a week. The lime in the cement will kill them. Perhaps you didn't use the padding that comes with the liners. Tree roots may be growing through, or the weight of the water is pushing rocks into it.

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