AR Glassfiber Chopped Strand for Reinforced Concrete:

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Product Description:

Specifications of AR Glassfiber Chopped Strand for Reinforced Concrete:

Product code

Strand tex(tex)

Filament dia(μm)

Moisture content(%) 

Size content(%) 

Breaking Strength(N/tex) 

Zirconia Content(%) 





≥ 1.4

 ≥ 0.28

 ≥ 14.5%





≥ 1.6

≥ 0.30 

≥ 16.5% 


Instruction of AR Glassfiber Chopped Strand for Reinforced Concrete:

Our Alkali Resistant Glassfiber Chopped Strand is designed for using in dry mix systems or other premixing processes GRC(Glassiber reinforced cement). Such as drainage channels, cable troughs, meter boxes, wall cladding panels or in architectural applications such as decorative screen walling, etc.

Properties of AR Glassfiber Chopped Strand for Reinforced Concrete:

--Good liquidity and high integrity

--Excellent alkali resistant


Package of AR Glassfiber Chopped Strand for Reinforced Concrete:

20kgs/kraft bag, 50 bags/pallet, 20 pallets/20'FCL(on 2 levels), total net weight is approximately 18 tons.

Other packing methods are available, according to customers' requirements.

Storage of AR Glassfiber Chopped Strand for Reinforced Concrete:

AR fiberglass chopped strand should be stored dry in their original package, the best conditions being at a temperature of between 15 and 35, and at a relative humidity of between 35 and 65%. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15), it is advisable to condition in the workshop for 24 hours before use to prevent condensation.


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Q:what kind of gloves do i use to handle cement?
Just about any rubber gloves will do, but get a decent weight. I appreciate that you don't want to react with the cement, but that's not the problem. Cement/concrete will just suck the moisture right out of your flesh. People who get drenched in concrete get 2nd and 3rd degree burns sometimes. Cement is not meant to be manipulated by bare hands - it can be really bad.
Q:How do you ollie on cement?
Okay, ollieing on cement is not much different at all... its just your fear of falling and getting hurt. Heres what you have to do, When you ollie lean forward alot more than what you normally would in grass, second when you jump try to keep your legs level dont leave one higher than the other... this usually results in doing a split. Third when you land bend your knees dont keep them straight or your gonna bust your ***.....1.Lean Forward.2.Feet are Level.3.Bend Knees When Landing.
Q:Is cement board necessary when tiling over concrete?
no you should tile right over the concrete you have with out any problems
Q:i want to put a receptacle onto my kitchen what step will i have to go by i want to run my wire under cement.?
Brad is correct about PT reinforced cement. But, since you do not already have a receptacle serving the island (required in newer homes), I am going to guess that the home is older and less likely to have this issue. Although you should try to find out for sure, if possible. PT reinforcing is fairly common in apartment/condo buildings, but is rare for a single family residence in my area (WA State). May be different where you are though. When you install this, use conduit for this. Do not use direct buried wire. First, it cannot be in poured cement without protection at the entry and exit points (must be poured under the cement and be protected). Second, if there were any failures (or if you needed to add circuits) later, you will not be happy tearing up the floor again. Insist on at least a 3/4 conduit (1 inch might be better yet). This would allow for an additional circuit or two later. If you are going to rip into the cement floor, do it right the first time.
Q:Does rubber cement work, gluing rubber to steel?
use some good super glue.. it makes a stronger bond. and the excess can be sanded off after it dries, its better to over apply than to under apply.
Q:My satellite was installed today & the pole is in cement. I want to know how long before the cement sets?
also depends on the air temp.the hotter it is the quicker it will dry
Q:Do you know how strong bone cement is?
I only know how strong bone cement is because of my mother. Her broken hip was put back together with a new socket and she seems to be doing fine with the bone cement.To your 2 question. Well it all depends what you are doing with your leg that you had the replacement on. If I were you I would not go over board with it and do things you shouldn't do.Like playing heavy sport with it etc.But normal activties like walking,swimming is ok.
Q:how much would it cost for a square metre of cement?
It depends on the thickness.... 4 Slab around $55.00: 4 Slab = around 550 pounds Cement Mix 10 cm Slab = around 250 kilos Cement Mix 6 Slab around $80.00: 6 Slab = around 800 pounds Cement Mix 15 cm Slab = around 360 kilos Cement Mix
Q:What is the difference between concrete, asphalt, pavement, and cement?
Asphalt is made from bitumen, a tar like substance. It is mixed with sand and gravel and steam rolled into a flat surface. Also called blacktop. Concrete is a mixture of sand gravel and cement and water that is poured into a mold and set up to dry and harden. Sometimes used with rebar or steel called reinforced concrete. Cement is a dry gray powder sometimes called portland cement that is used to make concrete from. Brick layers use conrete with out rocks just sand added. They call i t mud.
Q:james hardie cement siding ?
James Hardie company makes many cement board products for the building industry, including Hardi-Plank for siding, Hardi-backer to put behind tile or stone in damp areas, etc. Their products are all excellent quality, and are worth the cost -- I use them extensively. Cement board is heavy and somewhat brittle -- buy it locally from a quality vendor (Lowes, etc) and don't worry about the few cents difference between what you heard and what you see. You're getting excellent value, and freedom from unnecessary maintenance. Rejoice.
Reinforced,It is a real alkali resistent glassfibre enterprise of largest scale, most advanced technology and highest outupt in China. After the newly broadened AR glassfibre tank furnace with production capacity of 10000 Tons/ year being put into production, we will be the China largest, world second largest AR glassfibre professional producer in total output.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hubei,China
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value US$50 Million - US$100 Million
Main Markets Southern Europe 10%
Northern Europe 10%
Central America 10%
Western Europe 10%
Eastern Asia 10%
Mid East 30%
Africa 20%
Company Certifications N/A

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai PORT
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range 示范:High;Average