AR Glass Fiber 14.5% in Concrete Chopped Strand

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Product Description:

AR-Glass fiber chopped strand

1)   Pre-mixed chopped strand
 It has excellent properties with alkali redsistance,stiffness,bundle-state,ageing-proof .Mixed 20 minutes in cement at 50rpm,can still keep good bundle state,will not dispersed to filaments.

 It is  a  high integrity AR glass fibre chopped strand designed for use in the reinforcement of concrete ,renders and mortars.It may be added to conventional mixes either on site or by preblending  with  other dry mix components .The low-tex strand permits efficient reinforce ment at low dosages . They are particularly suited to the modification of standard concrete mixes for floor screeds and slabs , and for the preparation of prebagged mixes of special mortars and renders.


AR Glassfiber chopped strand


2)   Water-dispersed chopped strand
  Applied with water-dispersed size,the strand will disperse well to filaments in water in10 seconds , and also disperse fast,appliance amount less,enlarge strength.
  It is typically used at a low level of addition to preventcracking & improve the performance of ready mix concrete , floor screeds , renders or other special mortar mixes . It can be used for surface crack - proof of GRC products.

Package: Packed in kraft paper bag,20kg per bag,40 bags a pallet,net weight 800kg,20 pallets in a 20 feet container,net weight about 16 tons.Also packing with customers' requirement.

Recommend using quantity: 1%-3% of the weight of solid matter.



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Q:how far away from the water do you have to be until hitting the water is like hitting cement?
It is never like actually hitting cement, but can be pretty hard. This is to do with the speed you hit the water, which if you are jumping in relates to the height you have jumped from. Also relates to the angle you hit the water, if you hit it flat you will not penetrate as well and feel more of an impact. This happens because water is essentially incompressible - it is not very good at being squeezed so, if it cannot get out of the way fast enough, it is you who gets squeezed instead! Air on the other hand, is easier to move and is easily squeezed, so poses little resistance (unless you aretravelingg really fast).
Q:hurt my knee running on cement...?
Cement is the worst thing to run on. It doesn't absorb. In the future, try running on asphalt (blacktop/street). Next best is grass or soil. Also, you can get gel inserts in your shoes that absorb when you run. Buy new running shoes every 6 mos to a year depending if you run a lot or a little. I follow all this advice I just gave you.
Q:can i paint cement?
You can paint it. Hardware stores have paints for that, but it will come off with time. If you want it permanent, it will be not painting, but colored cement. Again, ask at a hardware store what pigments to add while making cement to get certain colors.
Q:What do I need to do to add a concrete brick wall to a concrete brick building with cement floor?
It all depends on the builder, and the part of the country. Where there is cold weather in the winter, you will find houses built with better insulation Whether or not a house has brick on the outside, is up to the builder, and often the buyer. If he orders it as a trim, the price is raised by the builder. Many homes are built with a stucco exterior. I have found them in California, Florida, and Texas.. and Arizona. It holds up to the element of heat, better than wood siding. All brick homes are well known in Texas. They serve to insulate the houses there, and holds in the coolness. All homes have air conditioning there. Swamp coolers are refrigeration with a water hose that makes a cooling breeze. Just the same, but the cost is much less than an A/C unit. So brick houses are not the commono dwelling, and where you find them, they are usually much more expensive that a wooden shake and shingle home.
Q:Will the building materials cement 425 and 325 labels have any difference in the quality of the impact of life, please tell me please?
The 425 and 325 labels are two different products. 425 mark water blessing duo Phoenix Xin good goose pupil sleep mud quality higher than 325 mark. Cement is the sign of the strength of cement strength, determination of the compressive strength of cement label, refers to the cement mortar induration 28d after the strength.
Q:coal fly ash % used in cement?
If you are specifying a very smooth finish you should limit it to 10% because the finishers will have difficulty because the concrete will tend to stick to the trowel.
Q:How do i remove pvc pipe glue from cement?
The only thing I have ever found that cuts pvc glue is acetone. I use that to get it off my hands, but never have tried to get it off cement. Have you tried scraping it with a razor blade? G.L.
Q:Cement Dusts. Are they safe?
They often used asbestos in cement products to make it more pliable and workable before it was prohibited as a additive. Those sparkly ceilings were about the worse offenders. Even if you have asbestos free dust, it isn't good to breath it. We aren't built to breath dust. When it gets in our lungs it often coats our insides. Usually it takes years to feel the effects. We have aleovea or air sacs that help in the gas exchange in our lungs. The dust can cause them to burst like balloons. The particles then fall down and destroy the next one. Finally you just suffocate. Smoking tobacco helps acerbate the problem. The dust needs to be removed. Watch the sunlight streaming in the windows. You will see little floaters called motes dancing on the beams. When you walk or move you will see an increase in their numbers. These are what is going into your lungs. Yes, take the clothes outside and beat the dust off them. Then wash them to remove the dust stuck to the fibers. Open the windows to help air out the dust that remains. The more dust that remains: the greater the risk to you. The dust is even more devastating to children. The younger they are the more lasting damage it can produce.
Q:What dissolves clumping cat litter on cement?
I don't think you can 'dissolve' it -- you're going to have to scrape it off and remove it -- even if that means wetting it again to make it pliable enough to scrape. What's left behind after that will pretty much have to wear off -- That wasn't a good alternative to salt I'm afraid! The clumping litter acts like cement; the only difference is it gets mushy again every time it gets overly wet! Yuck!
Q:Cement Floors?
No... don't rip up the carpet until you know for sure what (and when) you are getting it's repalcement. You don't know for sure what you'll be uncovering either... it's it's painted, or stained badly by something in places. Live with the green you don't like awhile longer and try to bear it. (There are worse fates.) Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't.
Glasser, a well-known reinforced glass fiber production enterprise. Our main products scope involves glass fiber series, environmental protection filter series,engineering plastic series precious metal products, raw materials and so on. Our company manufactures various glass fiber products, including Alkali-free glass fiber rovings, Alkali-free chopped strand, Alkali jet yarn, Alkali textile yarn,Alkali chopped strand and Alkali glassfiber scrim . ,

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing, China
Year Established 1991
Annual Output Value Above US$ 20 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe;
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin Port
Export Percentage 21% - 30%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered; Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High; Average