AR-glass 12mm Chopped strands for Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete GRC

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Product Description:

AR-glass 12mm Chopped strands for Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete GRC   


CCS13-12-571  ZrO2 16.5%  
 ConductedISO Standard No.ISO Standard ValueAverage ValuePassed ? / Yes or No
Chop  Length ISO 1888 — 199612±1.512.23 Yes
 Moisture Content  ISO 3344 — 1997≤0.150.10 Yes
 Combustible Content    ISO 1887 — 19951.50±0.201.42Yes
 Test Conditions Testing Temperature15°C  Relative Humidity               62%
CCS13-24-571  ZrO2 16.5%  
 ConductedStandard No.Standard ValueAverage ValuePassed ? / Yes or No
ChoppabilityISO 1889  — 1997≥98100.0 Yes
Chop  Length ISO 1888 — 199624±1.524.32 Yes
 Moisture Content ISO 3344 — 1997≤0.150.07 Yes
 Combustible MatterISO 1887 — 19951.50±0.201.55 Yes
 Content              (%)
 Test Conditions Testing Temperature26°CRelative Humidity60%


product description

the product is made by cutting the E glass fiberglass strand and treated with special reinforcing silane size on is designed to reinforce PA,PP,PE ect.thermoplastic

product feature

1 ZrO2 16.5%

2 low static

3 excellent dispersion

4 excellent flowability
5 excellent compatible with resin
6 high product intensity

7 good strand integrity


our advantage

Has the world's largest profession manufacturer of glass fiber
Has been in terms of size, technology, markets and profitability in a leading position

we are try to keep our prices competitive as per market trend
we are confident that you will be satisfied with our various services
and wide range of products with good quality.
We believe in customer satisfaction, so we offer discounts and incentives to our valued
customers frequently throughout year.





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Q:Describe and Differentiate Portland Cement and Pozzolonic Cement?
The common variety of cement is known as normal setting or ordinary cement.It was called Portland cement because it had resemblance in its colour after setting, to a variety of sandstone which was found in abundance in Portland of England.Pozzuolana is a volcanic powder which can also be processed from shales and certain clays.The % of this in cement is 10 to 30.This cement is used in marine structures ,sewage works and foundation under water.
Q:How do you do the seams on cement backer board?
Chicago has it pretty well stated. Use the special cement board tape if thats not what you have. And a regular thin set works fine but I always use a MODIFIED thin set, not one thats scared of you as in mortified .. lol sorry I couldn t resist, You can use a 6 putty knife or just the flat side of the sized trowel that you are doing the tile with. I do it as I go but I can tile a basic shower in 1 day. I d suggest taping it all and let the thin set dry and always check for lumps and bumps in the seams before tiling. As far as water proofing it , its not a bad idea in a well used shower. Use the Red Guard as suggested. Do this after the seams are taped and dry. That way the seams, corners and all is sealed. This is a paint on product. Use a cheap cheap brush because you ll be tossing it. Do a light coat and then let it dry (matter of minutes for the 1 st coat). Then do a 2nd light coat and let that dry 24 hrs. Any questions you can email me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:Looking for ideas on pouring a cement bartop?
Buy one of those How-To books at the front of Lowe's or Home Despot.
Q:How to start a cement factory?
Are you talking about a plant that supplies bags of cement mix like you'd buy at Home Depot, or a plant where you fill the cement mixer trucks and they go out and pour the stuff into whatever? Either way, the easiest way might be to find a defunct one and reopen it.
Q:what properties do plastics have that makes it possible as a modifier in making cement?
It wouldn't be bulk (solid) plastics that would used in cement modification, it is more likely to be polymer latex dispersions - colloidal dispersions of small spheres of polymer, the material resembling a white milky liquid. The dispersion is water based, as is cement mix, so the two can easily be combined, and then when the cement dries and sets off, the interior of the porous structure of the cement block will contain a monolayer of the polymer. They are often used for imparting moisture resistance to the concrete, and also a degree of flexibility which reduces environmental degredation.
Q:I got a permanent crown without cement, Starting to smell on bite?
Actually I have seen such a good fit that they did not require cement before. I have placed and fitted thousands of permanent crowns to prepare the crown to be ready before the dentist comes in and permanently cements it. When the crown is on it should snap into place without being too loose or too tight. The floss on both sides of the tooth should also go between the tooth without too much space or too tight to place the floss and without shredding the floss. Since your having issues I would have them take the chance of removing it with it breaking, it may or may not. If it breaks they need to re send the impression to lab and have them make a new temporary crown. @michelle I understand going by the book, I was saying I have seen a person who had a crown on without cement from another office and when it was removed (with a handpiece) there was no decay under it. Sometimes the crown prepped tooth is so fragile and small that the trauma from removing it can also break the tooth.
Q:Why is my lawn dying next to my cement walkway?
Variety of grass you have in your lawn can be of much help to determine the cause of your problem. Cement composition(depending on your cement) will change the pH in your lawn soil, knowing what type of grass you have would be helpful. On the other hand it can be a chinch bug problems(in my case I've Saint Augustine grass and have the same problem) the cement walkway exsert heat and chinch bugs love this. Chinch bugs also effect grasses like aszoysia, Bermuda, and centipede grass. When you said dying, what color was the grass, brown, yellow?. Is it only next to the cement or further into the lawn(center) as well. If the grass is brown next to the cement I treat it with an insecticide for chinch bugs, this will treat the problem. I've used talstar liquid concentrate with the best results(I recommend this product), it also comes in granules for larger areas too. This product is easily found at Wal-Mart, OKorder, etc.
Q:advisable storage method of cement?
Not sure I understand the question - Is it a ready mix powder, already mixed and you want to keep it so it can be applied later, or hardened cement that you want to dispose of? if A) Ready mix powder can be stored in any water tight container (bag, box or barrel). B) Mixed powder must be applied before the curing sets in. From the moment you add the water, the curing starts. Curing in cement is aided by water, not by oxygen. So unless you can freeze the mixture, it will be very difficult to slow, much less stop the curing process. So, for all practical purposes, you cannot store cement. Think of curing like a bucket of chain links - at first all the links are separate and you can easily stir the bucket (well, OK - lets assume these are small chain links...). But as the curing proceeds, the chain links connect with each other. So no imagine that you try to stir the bucket of linked chain. Even if the links are only 50% linked (meaning there are still 50% of the links with not even their first link completed) the bucket becomes progressivelyy hard to stir, until eventually you just have a bucket of metal links all attached to each other - You would be able to stir or re-shape it anymore. C) Lastly if you want to dispose of cured cement (say after your done working) it can be disposed of in the regular trash, but many cities like you to bring it to the dump vs having your plastic trash bin suffer the effects of a heavy, sharp-edged object being tossed around in it as well as the safety issue it poses to the trash collection worker.
Q:Company building decoration, with the cement and other building materials how to account? Into which subjects?
Workshop repair can be included in the maintenance costs category can be, if the invoice into the cost category. The purchase of equipment into the fixed assets can be. Loan by: Cash Loans: Other Payables XXX In Fixed Assets By: Fixed Assets XXX Thumbnail Thumbnail More Slave Loan Loan: Cash
Q:How does cement dry underwater?
it doesn't dry; it sets - it's a chemical reaction; not simply evaporating its water content. Setting time depends on the exact chemical mix of the cement - unsurprisingly, fast-drying cement sets very quickly but is usually comparatively brittle, while slower formulations take longer but tend to be stronger. Considerable heat is given off during the setting process and the cement tends to expand, particularly if too much is added at once so that the heat in the middle can't dissipate quickly enough - this is another reason why slow-setting is preferred in many situations. Setting is also speeded up by spraying with water which not only aids the chemical reaction but also helps in cooling. Under the sea the water would actually assist in the setting process. The main problem is that it will be subjected to the pressure of the escaping oil while setting which will reduce its strength - this is probably why they're also pumping mud into the hole - this will partially clog up the hole and reduce the pressure and so give the cement a better chance of working.
Glasser, a well-known reinforced glass fiber production enterprise. Our main products scope involves glass fiber series, environmental protection filter series,engineering plastic series precious metal products, raw materials and so on. Our company manufactures various glass fiber products, including Alkali-free glass fiber rovings, Alkali-free chopped strand, Alkali jet yarn, Alkali textile yarn,Alkali chopped strand and Alkali glassfiber scrim . ,

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing, China
Year Established 1991
Annual Output Value Above US$ 20 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe;
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin Port
Export Percentage 21% - 30%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered; Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High; Average