AR fiberglass spray roving ZrO2 14.5%

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  • Place of Origin:Hubei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:HUIERJIE

  • Model Number:AR--Zro2 14.5%


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:19kg/roll/heat shrink wrapped, 48roll/3-level pallet/111*111*100cm; 64roll/4-level pallet/111*111*125cm, 20 pallets(10 3-lvel pallets and 10 4-level pallets)/20 FCL, N.W. 20 ton.
Delivery Detail:TWO WEEKS


GRC spray up roving used for the manufacture GRC component when sraying by hand or in the robotization

HUIERJIE AR GLASSFIBRE SPRAY ROVING is an AR glass chopping roving mainly designed for use in the manufacture of GRC composites by the manual spray method. HUIERJIE SPRAY ROVING is suited to portland cement for reinforcement. It is used in the manufacture of GRC architectural panels and other building elements, civil engineering and infrastructure components.

Example : ARC15-2400L

AR : Alkali Resistant

C : Continuous fibre

15 : Filament diameter

2400: Nominal linear weight of roving (tex)

L : ZrO2 content 14.5%


  1. Easy chopped

  2. Good integrity and dispersibility

  3. Excellent alkali resistant and durability

Technical Characteristics

linear weight of roving(tex)

Sizing content(%)



Breaking strength(N/tex)











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Q:Dental Cement?
There are many types of cement used in dentistry today. Different ones are called for different situations. Some are: Glass Ionomer, Resin Based Glass Reinforced, Polycorboxylate, Silicate and the gold standard Zinc Phosphate. There are also temporary cements as well. Every dentist has their own preference and may use 2 or 3 different types based on their likes and clinical situation. Is it as strong as cement...No! Their bond strengths are however, very strong. Usually once a crown is cemented in place, it cannot easily be removed. Often the crowns have to be cut off! They are also very water soluble, meaning that if you have a poorly made crown and saliva can leak under it, the cement may wash away and the crown will eventually fall off on its own!
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Q:Is it safe to use a nail gun in cement walls and ceilings?
I have been using a Hilti Nail Gun for years To fasten 2 bys onto concrete to fasten Garage Doors to. I have never had to pre drill holes! Couple of times doing this the board split and I had to start over. Trying to pull the Nails out from the nail gun was impossible, I ended up breaking them off> That's what they are designed to do. They will even shoot them into steel beams.
Q:why 4 raw eggs don't break when holding up a heavy cement block?
Hi. When I was a kid, I put A whole raw egg (uncracked) into a jar of white vinegar for a week. This made the egg rubbery and I then bounced it on a cement floor. This really works and little kids love it. Have a nice day.
Q:How can Elmers Rubber Cement harm you if your pregnant, there is a warning on the bottle.?
The fumes are toxic and dangerous to anyone, and can cause brain damage. In pregnancy, inhaling toxic substances can be dangerous to the fetus. The chemicals are absorbed through the blood vessels in your nose, and then go through your blood to the placenta, and then into your baby's bloodstream. In general, pregnant women are advised to avoid harsh, strong smelling chemicals. Many can cause birth defects. It would probably take more than just a short exposure, but who knows? Why take the chance?
Q:How to fix an ugly cement floor?
You can resurface the floor. Then you can stain the concrete and get a really nice finish. But be warned, while you can do this yourself, it will not look near as good as a job done by a professional. Plus if you do the job right, it would be much cheaper to replace the carpet or even install wood flooring. I have a brother in law who owns a company that does this. He has a hard time finding people who are good at dong this. When he trains new hires himself, it takes him about 2 years to fully train them. Out of curiosity, I asked him how much to do this in my laundry room. (I asked after I had just installed new tile, which is what I wanted in the first place) he estimated that to clean, resurface and do a good quality stain job would be about $3,500 for one color. The pattern staining I wanted would have run over $5,000. The laundry room is about 9.5' x 12'. The tile floor I did myself cost me about $300 in tools and another $350 in materials. It took me 4 evenings and a Saturday to do it all. And I did a fairly fancy job! Stained cement floor in a house look great and can add value to the right house. Painted floors generally look poor and do not wear well, along with devalue a piece of property. The material they make for garages is great, but doesn’t look right n the house. (I actually have it in my garage.) My advice-decide what you want and take the time to save up and do the job right. You will be glade you did.
Q:What paint do I use to paint over cement render?
First, try using a power washer in the 2000 PSI range to take off the old paint. If it comes off (or most of it, anyway), let the cement dry for a couple days and then use a concrete primer before applying a color coat specifically made for concrete. The primer is especially acidic, so it really soaks into the cement (and it doesn't go very far, because so much soaks into the concrete). The concrete color coat is then designed to hold onto the primer and provide a solid moisture barrier. If the old color won't come off, don't worry. Just clean it up as best you can before applying the primer and paint. And, use top name brand paints (like Dunn-Edwards or Sherman Williams). The more expensive products will cover better and may actually be cheaper in the long run (less coats and time to paint).
Q:How do we cement sediments together? What kind of material cements sediments together to form rocks?
Portland cement, which is kilned lime with other chemicals added, is commonly used to make concrete, or to cement sediments together. Nature forms rocks from sedimentary material under high pressure and heat. Pressure without heat compresses sediment in a purely mechanical process, until grains interlock forming a soft stone like sandstone. With pressure and heat, a metamorphosis occurs with chemical reactions of the sediments and formation of crystals to combine the sediments into a hard rock.
Q:how many bags of 94lb portland cement make a cu yd using a 3:2:1 gravel:sand:cement ratio?
A 94 pound bag of Portland cement is about one cubic foot. If you do volume:volume:volume you would add about 5 more cubic feet of material with your recipe. (6 cubic feet total) A cubic yard is 3' x 3' x 3' or 27 cubic feet. Is the material Pre-mix ready-to-use concrete? If so then about 27 - 30 bags. If it is cement, then your best bet would be to make 6 times the recipe listed above, therefore 6 bags. Should give you a total of 30 cubic feet. is is ALWAYS good to make too much that too little. Make stepping stones with the leftover.

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