AR fiberglass spray roving ZrO2 14.5% for concrete

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AR Spray up Roving is to produce GRC Component.
ARC15-2400L ZrO2 14.5%+TiO2 5.5%>19.2%.

AR glass chopping roving is mainly designed for use in the manufacture of GRC composites by the manual spray method. It is designed for optimum processability. It is used in the manufacture of GRC architectural panels and other building elements, civil engineering and infrastructure components.


Example : ARC15-2400L

AR : Alkali Resistant

C : Continuous fibre

15 : Filament diameter

2400: Nominal linear weight of roving (tex)

L : ZrO2 content 14.5%


  1. Easy chopped

  2. Good integrity

  3. Excellent dispersibility and alkali resistant;

  4. been approved by Sheffied University,UK.

Technical Characteristics

linear weight of roving(tex)

Sizing content(%)



Breaking strength(N/tex)











Products Available

AR GLASSFIBRE SPRAY ROVING is designed to be unwound internally. They are protected by a shrink-wrap polythene film which should not be removed when used. Each roving is identified by an individual label and packed in a carton.           AR GLASSFIBRE SPRAY ROVING 14.5% is white coloured but an orange colour is used on labels and shrink-wrap to aid identification.



Packing specification(mm)

Characteristics of cheese



Net weight(kg)






Pallet Packaging

  1. Each pallet has 3 or 4 levels ,16rolls /level.

  2. The complete pallet is enclosed in polythene and identified with two labels.


Level per pallet

Total number of cheese





Net weight(kg)





















For sea transport, a maximum of 20 pallets (on two levels) may be loaded in a 20 foot container, giving a total net weight of approximately 17-20 tonnes.


AR GLASSFIBRE SPRAY ROVING should be stored dry in their original packaging, the best conditions being at a temperature of between 15°C-35°C and at a relative humidity of between 35% - 65%. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15°C) it is advisable to condition in the workshop for 24 hours before use to prevent condensation.


AR GLASSFIBRE SPRAY ROVING is manufactured under a Quality Management System approved to ISO 9001:2000.



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