Aquarium Light for Fish Tank 55*3W With Lens 8 Bands Full Spectrum

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Aquarium Light for Fish Tank 55*3W With Lens 8 Bands Full Spectrum Voltage: AC85-264V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Lifespan: >50000h Blue460-470nm:8pcs Royal Blue450nm:15pcs Blue430nm:4pcs Cold White9000-18000K:10pcs Neutral White5500-8000K:6pcs Warm White3000-4500K:6pcs Deep Red660nm:4pcs Green520nm:2pcs

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Q:What brand is good for water plants and LED lights?
A spectral spectrum: refers to the polychromatic light through the dispersion system (such as prism, grating) after splitting, the monochromatic light is dispersed, such as the spectrum of the sun is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and invisible infrared and ultraviolet light from the sun, but it is genuine the white light.
Q:Is water lighting good for LED or good for energy-saving lamps?
I do not know to use energy-saving lamps to raise water plants, and how much watts light depends on what you want to raise grass
Q:How can I change the LED lamp with a small aquarium with a cover?
The small aquarium lamp with a cover is usually integrated with the top cover. It is difficult to change by itself. You may try the following methods:1. Turn off the power and pull off the plug.2. Open the top cover, remove the screws, remove the waterproof cover.3. Use multimeter to measure LED light source (off line test) and transformer (power on test). Find out the damaged original.4, buy the same specifications replace the original welding.5, test power, if repaired, re installed after the original power back.6, if you do not understand the above name, please find professional electrician to help.
Q:Is the water lamp good white or blue white?
White water is good, the spectrum was proposed between 6500-8000k, more grass lamp professional market, small cylinder 60cm following the recommendation of Taiwan raptors, I tried other grass effect of brightness in practice are very good, big bowl like Stegosaurus, southerly reputation market reputation, look at your own preferences. Lan Baiguang suggests using seawater
Q:Is it feasible to raise water plants by LED lamp? Pure white light.
LED lamp has the advantages of energy saving and little heat. But the shortcoming is the lumen is small, the spectrum is incomplete, this is disadvantageous to the aquatic plant growth, although at present also has the few factories to produce the full spectrum, the high-power LED lamp, but that thing price is very expensive, the effect has yet to be verified.
Q:Is the LED aquarium waterproof? Want to buy a, and not afraid of water, easy to bad, consult an expert.
The other is submersible, sealed with a glass tube that can be used underwater or on water.
Q:What is the output voltage of this aquarium lamp?
Their own transformation may be poor seal, there are security risks, caution.
Q:Led how long can aquarium lights last?
More than 10000 hours is OK as long as you use it properly.
Q:Can I use red LED light to keep red plants?
Yes, photosynthesis can be
Q:Grass cylinder veteran, this please: water tank lamp can use LED spotlights it?
Not too bright, enter the power AC 220V50Hz /120V50HzOutput power DC 15VThe power 3.0W is too bright. The water plants will die
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