Aquarium Light for Fish Tank 55*3W 8 Bands Full Spectrum

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Aquarium Light for Fish Tank 55*3W 8 Bands Full Spectrum Voltage: AC85-264V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Lifespan: >50000h Blue460-470nm:8pcs Royal Blue450nm:15pcs Blue430nm:4pcs Cold White9000-18000K:10pcs Neutral White5500-8000K:6pcs Warm White3000-4500K:6pcs Deep Red660nm:4pcs Green520nm:2pcs

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Q:What brand is good for water plants and LED lights?
A spectral spectrum: refers to the polychromatic light through the dispersion system (such as prism, grating) after splitting, the monochromatic light is dispersed, such as the spectrum of the sun is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and invisible infrared and ultraviolet light from the sun, but it is genuine the white light.
Q:Is water lighting good for LED or good for energy-saving lamps?
Is the use of LED, no energy-saving lamp with people, but also to use waterproof class, suggestions for the IP67 that is waterproof, can be soaked in water, some safety. Because LED's spectrum is complete.
Q:This is a 30W LED, I want to know how much power to V with a?
This voltage should be 24 volts, because the 12 volt is the 4 string plus a resistor, this power is directly connected220 after voltage transformer power should meet the requirements, preferably 50 Watt remaining marginThe 24 volt battery can be connected by positive and negative electrodes
Q:5050LED can I make the lamp for the water tank?
LED light can not to photosynthesis of aquatic weed growth, LED cold light source, lighting plants should use the three color light about 6400K or metal halide lamp, and lamp with the best special aquarium, it should also be based on the planting of aquatic plants to choose different lamp.
Q:What's the effect of the blue light in the fish tank?
Different aquarium creatures have different best viewing lighting colors. Fresh water is seldom used in blue water. In particular, coral water tanks usually use 1/3 of the blue light, which is good for coral growth.
Q:Led warm white light to fill not long grass
Although white is not useless, but since the objective is to fill the best green plants, or red and blue LED (red blue less) mixed LED light source array, the light effect is the best.
Q:How long will the LED lights last in the aquarium?
In addition to the dragon fish, parrots, Rohan, goldfish and other fish, you need to use light to give certain stimulation, to induce its hair color (open 4-8 hours). Most of the fish will open as soon as you watch them and close when you rest.
Q:Led how long can aquarium lights last?
The most important thing is to control the current value of each LED, not exceeding the rated value.
Q:Who knows why the LED aquarium lights are all white and blue?
The blue light is generally used in seawater and freshwater lakes in the cylinder in the color of the beautiful fish are used mainly to collocation only beautiful fish color contrast in freshwater in current LED is mostly because of good color temperature.. 3200k-6400K LED spectra of all the lack of some wavelengths of light is not conducive to high water grass but the general growth of plants and plants are mostly positive and negative no big problem as long as the collocation of uniform collocation can be
Q:Why are some LED lamps white and some blue?
A little blue is a cold light;LED lighting is generally warm white, white, cold, white three kinds of light;Warm white: the color of the light yellow, so that people look warmer, solid called warm white. The glow of a warm white LED lamp, like the color of a tungsten filament bulb before, can be used for home lighting.
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