API Cast Steel Lift Check Valve Size 700 mm

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Product Description:

API Cast Steel Lift Check Valve 150 Class

The features of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve

Bolted Bonnet;Swing and lift disc;Metallic seating surfaces.

Body and Bonnet Connection of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:

The body and bonnet of Class150~Class900 check valves are usually with studs and nuts.And the body and bonnet of Class1500~Class2500 check valves are usually of pressurized seal design.

Body-To-Bonnet Joint of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:                                                                                                         

Stainless steel + flesible graphite wounded gasket is used for Class 150 and Class 300 check valve;Stainless steel + flexible graphite wounded gasket is used for Class 600 check valve,and joint gasket is also optional for Class 600 check valve;Ring joint gasket is used for Class900 check valve;Pressurized seal design is used for Class 1500~Class 2500 check valves.

Seat of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:

For carbon steel check valve,the seat is usually forged steel.The sealing surface of the seat is spray welded with hard alloy specified by the customer.Renewable threaded seat is used for NPS<10 check="" valves="" and="" welded="" on="" seat="" can="" be="" also="" optional="" if="" being="" requested="" by="" the="" customer.welded="" is="" used="" for="" nps="">12 crbon steel gate valves .Forstainless steel check valve,integral seat is usually adopted ,or to weld hard alloy directly integrally.Threaded or welded on seat is also optional for stainless steel check valve if being requested by the customer.

Parameter of Cast Steel Check Valve:

Standard Criteria

 ASME/ANSI/API customize 

Pressure Rating

 150 Class  300   Class  600 Class  900 Class  1500   Class  2500 Class customize 

Valve Size

 50 mm  65   mm  80 mm  100 mm  125 mm  150   mm  200 mm  250 mm 300 mm  350   mm  400 mm  450 mm  500 mm  600   mm  650 mm  700 mm 750 mm

 2 inch  2.5   inch  3 inch  4 inch  5 inch  6   inch  8 inch  10 inch  12 inch 14   inch  16 inch  18 inch  20 inch  24   inch  26 inch  28 inch  30   inch customize 


 Automatic customize 


 Butt Welding  Flange   RF  Flange RTJ customize 

1-Body Material

 A216   WCB  A351-CF8  A351-CF8M customize 

2-Seat ring

 A351-CF8  A351-CF8M  A105+13Cr  Tool   Steel+A105 customize 


 Tool Steel+A216 WCB  A351-CF8M  A351-CF8  A216   WCB+13Cr customize 


 A351-CF8  A216   WCB  A351-CF8M customize 


 A194   8M  A194-8  A194 2H customize 

6-Arm pin

 A182-F6a  A182-F316  A182-F304 customize   


 A351-CF8  A351-CF8M  A216   WCB customize 

8-Bonnet nut

 A194   8M  A194-8  A194 2H customize 

9-Bonnet bolt

 A193-B8  A193-B8M  A193-B7 customize   


 A193-B7  A193-B8  A193-B8M customize   


 graphite+304  graphite+316 customize   


 A216   WCB  A351-CF8M  A351-CF8 customize 

13-Eye bolt

 A181 customize 

Design Standard

 API 6D  BS   1868 customize 

Connection Standard

 API 605  ASME B   16.25-2007  ASME B 16.47A  ASME B 16.47B  ASME   B 16.5  MSS SP-44 customize 

Test Standard

 API 598  API   6D customize 

Face to Face

 ASME B 16.10 customize   

Pressure-temperature ratings

 ASME B   16.34-2004 customize 

Wall thickness dimension

 API 600  BS 1868


FAQ of Cast Steel Check Valve:

Q1:I can’t find the type of steel check valve which I need. what can I do?

The chart above only lists out some common composition of steel check valve parts.We may provide other different parts material composition according to the customer's request or the actual valve working condition.

Q2:Which certification do your products pass?

  Our products are in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001API 6AAPI 6DTS CEAPI607/6FA/BS6755.

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Q:Explain terms associated with valve timing?
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Q:Help, my water heater pressure valve is leaking?
this valve is very common and a universal fit .... with the water already off -- OK -- you can remove the valve and get a new one at most hardware stores [[ get some teflon-white tape to wrap the threads of the new valve == 3 or 4 rounds will be good
Q:Presta valve snapped!?
You will need a tube with a Presta valve installed. You cannot simply change the valve stems on your existing tubes. I have been riding Presta tubes in Schraeder rims on my mountain bike for years. I cut a piece of old inner tube about an inch in diameter and poked a hole for the Presta stem to go through. This has been enough of a gasket to keep the tube from being damaged. There are grommets that you can buy at bike shops to take up the slack, but I have never found them really necessary.
Q:2002 Chevy Malibu EGR Valve?
Cleaning it could make it worse then your experiencing now, but if you want to here's the steps. There are two bolts holding the EGR val;ve down. Remove them, and use a can of carb cleaner to clean the carbon out of the two ports that are in the valve. Reinstall with a new gasket and run the car. If the check engine light comes on replace it. I recently got a EGR valve (not recommended but they work) from a local wrecking yard for my folks '99 Venture 3.4 ltr motor, replaced the one on the van because it was throwing the EGR code and it worked fine. No more check engine light.
Q:Controlling a butterfly valve?
Edit: the fast literal answer is no with the aid of be conscious in basic terms. each sort of valve may well be usually considered to be a pass administration device. maximum styles of valves, gate, globe, ball, B'fy may well be manually set everywhere from finished open to totally closed and can be set to any in part open place. The term administration valve usually refers to valves, which comprise butterfly types that are immediately regulated to modulate a cost of pass in accordance to a administration sign to the valve actuating device. in specific circumstances the sign is from a distant sensing element such with the aid of fact the temperature sensor controlling a refrigeration expansion valve. sometime the sign is from in the actuating device itself as in a water rigidity regulator on your place city water grant. The sign itself may well be modulating , as above or that's on/off which includes an emergency shutdown valve on a steam turbine or the on/off valve on your washer.
Q:why are pig heart valves suitable as replacement for damaged heart valves in humans?
They are called porcine valves... they are used very frequently because you don't have to be put on anticoagulation. But, the down side is... they only last about 15 yrs and then they have to be replaced. A pigs heart is pretty close to a human one.
Q:Mitral valve repair surgery?
Very basically: The procedure is open heart and entails a complex system of sustaining life outside your body. The complications can vary. If you get a mechanical valve placed, your risk of embolus increases. Emboli can cause strokes and/or a fatal episode. However, once one recovers from either surgery (typically a short stint in the ICU but varying by the individual) the quality of life improves to better than pre-op. The need for a replacement may arise down the line. Barring any blood clots or infections, a MVP repair/replacement surgery does not by itself indicate anything about how long a patient survives post-op. A repair surgery tends to yield fewer long-term complications simply because no foreign tissue or synthetic material was introduced into one's system and the whole procedure is significantly lower risk in terms of infection. The risk of failure of a repaired valve is significantly lower than that of a replaced valve. Lots of variables influence the outcome though, and if this is a personal matter, I strongly suggest you speak candidly with your cardiologist. Bottom line: Repair surgery is generally safer and can allow the patient to live life fully.
Q:if i took off the little rubber hose connected to my egr valve,and the egr has no suction?
You didn't tell us year, make, model, and engine so we're shooting in the dark a bit. First off, EGR valves are NEVER on at idle. That would kill the engine. The vacuum only comes on when certain conditions are met. First, the engine has to be at full operating temp. Then, the throttle has to be open a certain amount. If you own a late model vehicle, many of them used duty cycle solenoids that literally pulse the length of time the vacuum solenoid allows vacuum to go to the EGR. That's how the computer regulates how far the valve opens. So, the only way to tell if yours is working without owning a scope is to use a hand vacuum pump and attach it to the vacuum port. Then apply vacuum and release it while watching the valve open and close. If you do this while the engine is running, the opening valve should make the engine run really rough, if not die completely. Next time please give us more make/model info
Q:Laundry room hot water valve leaking?
Not to sound insulting but the hose will have water left in after you turn the valve off , use a bucket and drain the house before you go tearing things apart. You really do not have to change the whole valve if that is the case, there is a rubber washer inside of the valve which may be worn or distorted from over tightening of the valve.Either way you have to drain the system I would tell you to attend one of the plumbing classes at Home depot to learn what to do they hold them all of the time .

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