API Cast Steel Lift Check Valve Size 200 mm

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Product Description:

API Cast Steel Lift Check Valve 150 Class

The features of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve

Bolted Bonnet;Swing and lift disc;Metallic seating surfaces.

Body and Bonnet Connection of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:

The body and bonnet of Class150~Class900 check valves are usually with studs and nuts.And the body and bonnet of Class1500~Class2500 check valves are usually of pressurized seal design.

Body-To-Bonnet Joint of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:                                                                                                         

Stainless steel + flesible graphite wounded gasket is used for Class 150 and Class 300 check valve;Stainless steel + flexible graphite wounded gasket is used for Class 600 check valve,and joint gasket is also optional for Class 600 check valve;Ring joint gasket is used for Class900 check valve;Pressurized seal design is used for Class 1500~Class 2500 check valves.

Seat of Cast Steel Lift Check Valve:

For carbon steel check valve,the seat is usually forged steel.The sealing surface of the seat is spray welded with hard alloy specified by the customer.Renewable threaded seat is used for NPS<10 check="" valves="" and="" welded="" on="" seat="" can="" be="" also="" optional="" if="" being="" requested="" by="" the="" customer.welded="" is="" used="" for="" nps="">12 crbon steel gate valves .Forstainless steel check valve,integral seat is usually adopted ,or to weld hard alloy directly integrally.Threaded or welded on seat is also optional for stainless steel check valve if being requested by the customer.

Parameter of Cast Steel Check Valve:

Standard Criteria

 ASME/ANSI/API customize 

Pressure Rating

 150 Class  300   Class  600 Class  900 Class  1500   Class  2500 Class customize 

Valve Size

 50 mm  65   mm  80 mm  100 mm  125 mm  150   mm  200 mm  250 mm 300 mm  350   mm  400 mm  450 mm  500 mm  600   mm  650 mm  700 mm 750 mm

 2 inch  2.5   inch  3 inch  4 inch  5 inch  6   inch  8 inch  10 inch  12 inch 14   inch  16 inch  18 inch  20 inch  24   inch  26 inch  28 inch  30   inch customize 


 Automatic customize 


 Butt Welding  Flange   RF  Flange RTJ customize 

1-Body Material

 A216   WCB  A351-CF8  A351-CF8M customize 

2-Seat ring

 A351-CF8  A351-CF8M  A105+13Cr  Tool   Steel+A105 customize 


 Tool Steel+A216 WCB  A351-CF8M  A351-CF8  A216   WCB+13Cr customize 


 A351-CF8  A216   WCB  A351-CF8M customize 


 A194   8M  A194-8  A194 2H customize 

6-Arm pin

 A182-F6a  A182-F316  A182-F304 customize   


 A351-CF8  A351-CF8M  A216   WCB customize 

8-Bonnet nut

 A194   8M  A194-8  A194 2H customize 

9-Bonnet bolt

 A193-B8  A193-B8M  A193-B7 customize   


 A193-B7  A193-B8  A193-B8M customize   


 graphite+304  graphite+316 customize   


 A216   WCB  A351-CF8M  A351-CF8 customize 

13-Eye bolt

 A181 customize 

Design Standard

 API 6D  BS   1868 customize 

Connection Standard

 API 605  ASME B   16.25-2007  ASME B 16.47A  ASME B 16.47B  ASME   B 16.5  MSS SP-44 customize 

Test Standard

 API 598  API   6D customize 

Face to Face

 ASME B 16.10 customize   

Pressure-temperature ratings

 ASME B   16.34-2004 customize 

Wall thickness dimension

 API 600  BS 1868


FAQ of Cast Steel Check Valve:

Q1:I can’t find the type of steel check valve which I need. what can I do?

The chart above only lists out some common composition of steel check valve parts.We may provide other different parts material composition according to the customer's request or the actual valve working condition.

Q2:Which certification do your products pass?

  Our products are in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001API 6AAPI 6DTS CEAPI607/6FA/BS6755.

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Q:how do I turn on a rainbird valve manually?
Here's okorder.com/... Simply twist the solenoid (the black cylinder with 2 wires coming from it) on the valve counter-clockwise 1/4 to 1/2 a turn. To shut off the valve, twist the solenoid clockwise until it is snug on the valve. Good luck!
Q:Volvo 850 blue smoke exhaust. Most likley Valve seals? or valve guides..or something with the valves.?
yes we would love to help, except you gave us zero information, in order to even begin to guess whats going on, you need to explain a whole bunch of information if you want any help, like what year make model of car, engine mileage on engine, and any other things that have been done to a coar that you know of. If you have a chevy 350 it was pretty normal to get a puff of smoke out if it when it was cold, this was from worn valve stem seals, and sometimes the design of the seal was a problem, like the umbrella seal for late 80s early 90s, even new some got a few drips of oil and blow a puff of smoke, you say its smoking out the tail pipe, ok when only when cold? or all the time , or under acceleration? when, that is the first clue we need to know ok?
Q:Leaking metal Tyre valve stem?
The leak is caused by corrosion of the alloy wheel in the hole that the metal valve stem goes through. You might try to let the air out and loosen the nut on the valve stem and spray penetrating oil on the o-ring which is on the base of the valve stem and is what holds the air in. Turn the stem back and forth a bit to mave the corrosion and then respray the o-ring. Tighten the stem nut, inflate the tire to 35 lbs. and spray a bit of soapy water on the stem to check for leaks. If it still leaks you will need to remove the tire and valve stem,clean the hole and surrounding area inside the rim and clean the valve stem and replace the o-ring. If the valve stem is a pressure sensor type for the tire air pressure monitoring system you may need to reprogram it. Only use plastic caps on the valve stem. Metal ones corrode on the stem and wreck them and never come off.
Q:Presta valve snapped!?
By the head of the valve, do you mean the lock nut? The part you unscrew to press in to release pressure? If that is what you mean, it has happened to me several times. It is usually from the way the pump is applied or released from the valve. Hand held pumps cause it more than floor pumps. The thin screw that the nut tightens on simply snapped. It can even happen on a presta inner tube. You can just inflate and ride with the nut broken off. Shouldn't be a problem. If it is like any tubular I have used the valve core is replaceable. This is because tubs come with one length valve and for dish wheels you need to install an extension. Ask your bike shop if you don't know or look up the manufacturer's site for the brand tub you have. They usually say if it has a removable valve. If they don't come out and specify if the valve is removable or not, if they sell extensions for their tires it is replaceable. The extensions are supplied with a little tool to remove and tighten the valve. Simple pliers can be used if you are careful not to squeeze the valve too tight.
Q:Has anyone ever had Aortic Stenosis Valve Disorder or known anyone who has suffered from the condition and
There is a bloke just up the road from me had this procedure done about 3 years ago, and seems to be having a normal life. However, he is restricted on the use of strength. he was a carpenter / joiner which he has had to give up (He is in his mid 60's) Have you tried Wikipedia?
Q:Where is this pcv valve?
It should look something like a flattened top and should be black and in line with your fuel fline to the injectors.
Q:89 Dodge Ramcharger Valve Cover?
The 318 valve covers are the same from 1968 to 1991, starting in 1992 valve covers were changed to fit the new Magnum heads. The Magnum heads (and engine) have changes that increase engine efficiency and horsepower. The engine design is still the same, a 90 degree V-8, but is now more efficient, however in 2004 or maybe '03 the 318 or 5.2 was discontinued and replaced by the 4.7 which I know nothing about.
Q:ERG valve needs cleaning?
If your truck runs, you can probably continue running it for a while (likely a long while), though you might pollute. If the EGR valve gets stuck open, it will drop your vacuum pressure radically. That will cause your engine to run roughly and inefficiently. If the EGR valve gets stuck closed, your smog system won't work right (you won't be recirculating the exhaust gas to re-burn pollutants. It is possible that the shop had no reason to tell you to clean the EGR valve. You might ask the mechanic if it is stuck open or closed. He might have suggested cleaning the EGR as preventive maintenance.
Q:Diverter Valve issue on a 2000 passat
Yea... The 1.8T is made so you have to recirc your dv. You can run a BLOW OFF valve off of your throttle hose, but thats a lot of redirecting and work for some silly extra noise. Chip that Passat to get some more turbyturbo noise. Y was there a stock golf with a dv? I'm confused...
Q:EGR valve issues?
Open the hood, find the valve and check its operation. With the engine running, watch the diaphragm and then operate the throttle. When you gun the engine, you should see the diaphragm move. If it doesn't, there may be a dried-out and damaged rubber vacuum hose (quite likely) or else the valve is clogged up with carbon. Pull the valve out and shoot it full of carburetor cleaner to dissolve out the carbon. You should be able to move the operating diaphragm by sucking on the vacuum tube. While you're in there, start the engine without the EGR valve in place and shoot carburetor cleaner into the holes that lead into the intake manifold: one should have vacuum, and the other should have exhaust pressure.

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