Api Bentonite

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28 Metric Tons m.t.
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5000 Metric Tons per Month m.t./month

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api bentonite

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API 13 A Bentonite

Sr. No.





600 dial reading




300 dial reading




Yield Point/ Plastic Viscosity




Filtrate Value

15- CM 3



Moisture Content

10.0 – 12.0 Wt % MAX



Residue greater than 75 microns

4.0 Wt % MAX


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Q:The higher the swelling value of bentonite, the better the waterproof performance. What is the reason?
Bentonite; waterproof property. Bentonite is inflated after the original not dense places are blocked, and can effectively leak, the higher the expansion value, the better waterproof performance
Q:Does bentonite have water separation and oiliness?
Calcium bentonite has strong hygroscopicity and expansion, water adsorption can be 8 to 15 times their size, volume expansion of up to several times to 30 times; can be dispersed into gelatinous and suspended in water medium, the medium solution with viscosity, thixotropy and lubricity of certain;
Q:How bentonite cat litter?
The bentonite cat litter litter is one of the varieties common market at present, the bentonite cat litter is also the most popular breed of cat litter cat slaves. Of course, each cat has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, we Larkin bentonite cat litter is used, now I have to talk about how the bentonite cat litter.
Q:Water depth of 10 meters, according to the specifications of what specifications of waterproof blanket?
Terminology of waterproof blanket called GCL sodium bentonite waterproof blanket, waterproof principle GCL sodium bentonite waterproof blanket is mainly through the GCL bentonite's water swelling properties, swelling in water, harden and form a so as to reduce the effect of water infiltration. GCL sodium bentonite waterproof blanket does not completely prevent the infiltration of moisture, so in many projects, GCL Na bentonite waterproof blanket is to be used with impermeable membrane.
Q:What is better, such as needling method, sodium base swelling method, needle coating method and adhesive waterproof blanket in Na bentonite?
Fordated documents, subsequent amendments (excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however, encourage the latest version of the parties to agreements based on this standard using these files. Any undated reference document whose latest edition is applicable to this standard.
Q:Is the material used for slurry retaining walls expansive soil? What about the price of expansive soil?
I can not say for sure whether or not it can be used for piling and pulping. Generally speaking, expansive soil belongs to clay and has the property of softening with water and certain lubrication
Q:What is the main ingredient of bentonite?
The bentonite is non metallic mineral montmorillonite as the main mineral composition, structure of montmorillonite is 2:1 type crystal structure of [1] consists of two silicon oxygen tetrahedron sandwiching a layer of aluminum eight surface body composition, due to the layered structure of montmorillonite crystal cell formation in the presence of some cations, such as Cu, Mg, Na, K, and the cation with montmorillonite crystal cell function is not strong, easy to by other cation exchange, so it has good ion exchange property. Foreign countries have been applied in more than 100 sectors of industry, agriculture and production in 24 fields, and there are more than 300 products, so people call it "omnipotent soil"".
Q:What's the use of bentonite in brick oil?
Bentonite is a basic raw material for slurry (the most commonly used drilling fluid), and bentonite has the characteristics of water swelling
Q:Litter used flower fertilizer can do?
The cat litter is feeding the cat owners to bury the feces and urine of the object, has good water absorption, usually with a litter box (or cat toilet) used together, the amount of litter fall in the litter box, trained when the cat will need to drain into the litter box in the drain in the above.
Q:The bentonite settled in the mineral water bottle. Is it ready? Slow down, okay?
Methods: 400ml water was added to the construction site and 25 grams of soil was added. After 5 minutes of shaking, the hanging wall, eye viscosity and eye sedimentation amount of the suspension were observed.
We have our own mines of bentonite, Kutch bentonite is famous in the world for it's extra ordinary quality. We have all grades in bentonite like cat litter, foundry, OCMA, API 13 A, DFCP-4, paint etc, We have our production plant in Kutch-Gujarat with in house r & d house and have well trained technical team, we can also provide bentonite lumps and granules also.We also trade in kaolin powder and lumps.

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