Api Bentonite

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api bentonite

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API 13 A Bentonite

Sr. No.





600 dial reading




300 dial reading




Yield Point/ Plastic Viscosity




Filtrate Value

15- CM 3



Moisture Content

10.0 – 12.0 Wt % MAX



Residue greater than 75 microns

4.0 Wt % MAX


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Q:Litter used flower fertilizer can do?
The cat litter is feeding the cat owners to bury the feces and urine of the object, has good water absorption, usually with a litter box (or cat toilet) used together, the amount of litter fall in the litter box, trained when the cat will need to drain into the litter box in the drain in the above.
Q:The waterproof blanket with bentonite is waterproof to the man-made lake, but the seepage is very serious
Before proceeding to the next step, check that the bentonite waterproof layer has been lost. If there is any loss or damage, the sealant or bentonite powder should be used to repair it. 7, in order to increase the moisture content of the cushion area of the bentonite pad, the bentonite powder or bentonite sealant can be used to reinforce it.
Q:Some problems in preparation of bentonite mud and application of mud
In the production of mud soil, in order to improve the slurry rate and viscosity, blind adding polymer - - will cause pulp difficult, water and soil stratification. Several factories in Tongling will produce drilling mud soil and engineering mud soil. First of all, be modest and don't play smart. Then go out, learn from other people's experiences and combine your own facts to produce the right mud.
Q:What kind of waterproof effect is good for bentonite waterproof blanket and geomembrane? What's the difference?
Personally, the geomembrane anti-seepage, waterproof effect is good.
Q:Characteristics of some kinds of grease such as bentonite
Hydrocarbon grease grease made from ozokerite thickening oil base called hydrocarbon grease. With good plasticity, chemical stability and colloidal stability, insoluble in water, water does not produce emulsification. Its disadvantage is its low melting point, and alkyl grease is mainly used as a protective action.
Q:What are the environmental requirements for the use of bentonite blankets?
In addition to waterproof blanket close on the surface and there are no major or requirements of bentonite, but also deal with the rough part of the surface of the base. Because bentonite blanket directly laid on the jet concrete surface, often a lot of tiny suspended part of the contact surface between the blanket body and the base, can not completely close, so the bentonite expands, will first fill these tiny holes, resulting in bentonite waterproof blanket particle loss, and once again the underground water level will change when the bentonite particles away, the influence of permanent waterproof effect of bentonite blanket.
Q:Montmorillonite is a chemical component. How can it be effective in the treatment of diarrhea?
Is a very fine montmorillonite particles consisting of hydrous aluminum silicate minerals, they are generally massive or earthy. Montmorillonite can be seen flake crystals in the electron microscope, color or white, or pale blue or pale red. When the temperature reaches 100 to 200 DEG C, the water molecules in montmorillonite will gradually run away. After dehydration of montmorillonite can also re absorption of water molecules or other polar molecules.
Q:Construction method of waterproof blanket
It is suggested that the outer wall waterproof mat be laid in order from bottom to top. Waterproof pad available 2mm steel nail, nail gun can also be fixed, nail spacing 30cm; waterproof pad should take shape distribution, avoid cross laminated, overlap should be greater than 10 cm.In addition to the waterproof pad lap locations need nail, intermediate the waterproof pad also depends on its smoothness and fixation, pragmatic compact waterproof pad is installed on the wall surface, nail hole treatment with bentonite clay, put on the nail cap and the gasket,
Q:What indexes should be used for bentonite used in starch adhesive?
Amylose, also known as soluble starch, soluble in hot water into a colloidal solution, easily digested by the human body. Percentage of milled rice, that is, polished rice, percentage of net rice samples.
Q:What are the effects of high sand temperature on Bentonite
The bentonite waterproof blanket (GCL) is a new type of geosynthetics. All of which has the characteristics of geotechnical materials, and has excellent waterproof performance, (3) the main characteristics are as follows: with excellent performance of waterproof, anti permeability static pressure can reach 1.0MPa above, the permeability coefficient of 10-9cm/s; bentonite is a natural inorganic material, not aging reaction, good durability and environmental protection. The construction is simple and free from the restriction of the construction environment temperature, and the construction can be carried out under 0 degrees celsius. In the construction, only the GCL waterproof blanket is tiled on the ground, and when the face or the inclined plane is constructed, the nail and the washer are used to fix them, and they can be lapped as required. The utility model has the advantages of self healing and easy repair, and the waterproof layer is greatly damaged by accident, and the damaged parts can be simply repaired. Performance price ratio, very wide range of uses. Product range of up to 6 meters, greatly improving the construction efficiency.
We have our own mines of bentonite, Kutch bentonite is famous in the world for it's extra ordinary quality. We have all grades in bentonite like cat litter, foundry, OCMA, API 13 A, DFCP-4, paint etc, We have our production plant in Kutch-Gujarat with in house r & d house and have well trained technical team, we can also provide bentonite lumps and granules also.We also trade in kaolin powder and lumps.

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