API 610 Double Suction Heavy-duty Centrifugal Pump

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API 610 Standard 
Multistage Heavy Duty Axially Split Casing Centrifugal Pump 

KSY/KDY Multistage Heavy Duty Axially Split Casing Centrifugal Pump



  1. Crude oil both in and off shore

  2. In pipelines

  3. Process plants

  4. Refineries

  5. Terminals

  6. Sewage water with oil and solid

  7. Boiler feed (Hot water pump)

  8. General water supply

  9. Sea water and hydrocarbons


Horizontal axially split casing, double volute multistage design. Impellers arranged in opposed groups; KSY is a double suction two stage pump for bigger capacity. KDY is a multistage single suction impeller pump for higher head, first stage double suction impeller design for low NPSH required. Removable wear rings protect the casing and impeller. The impellers are statically and dynamically balanced. The pump complies with the API 610 specification latest edition in all technical details. Special antifriction bearings on both sides and sleeve bearings with ring or forced-feed lubrication (axial bearing as segmental thrust bearing).

According to ANSI/API 610 Tenth Edition, October, 2004.



  1. Capacity: up to 6000 m³/h ( up to 26400 gpm)

  2. Head:up to 1200 m ( UP TO 2930 feet)

  3. Temperature:up to 200oC (up to 380oF)

  4. Speed: 2900/1450/980rpm or 3500/1750/1180rpm

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Q:How to judge the Audi a6l2.0t oil pump broken?
If not removed, the amount of oil on the car, low oil pressure on the problem, if removed, go round to see how the pumping effect
Q:Does the oil pump plug cause less oil?
The oil pump plug will not cause any reduction in engine oil, which will only result in the following two results:1. oil pressure drop, oil flow decreases, the appearance of insufficient lubrication2., serious blockage will cause oil in the oil pipe can not flow, causing the normal operation of the components to form "dry grind", accelerating the wear rate of parts
Q:Does the new gasoline pump affect the car?
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Q:I wonder if the pressure of the pump is not enough. What will happen to the car?
Gasoline pump pressure is bad, first speed can not afford. Another condition is that the half tank will stall.
Q:TOYOTA Camry oil pump how to change?
To fall apart, engine, gearbox, valve cover, timing cover, timing chain, gear, oil pan, then you can disassemble the pump replacement.
Q:Automobile oil pump fault
Such a problem can arise. The oil pressure is too high, and the oil filter is opened by "drum". The reason is that the oil pump pressure limiting valve [pressure relief valve], resulting in a failure, can not normally open at high pressure caused by pressure relief
Q:Problems of frequent plugging of oil pump screen of Santana engine
After changing the oil, do not look for the same brand. You this phenomenon belongs to different brands of oil additives, oxidation of impuritiesIf not in the pump before filtration, is easy to filter. The filter is provided with upstream bypass valve. In the filter clogging, without oil filter into the main oil directly from the bypass valve. The blockage caused by oil. It compared the trouble. It is easy to damage the impurity pump.To the repair factory, there is no dismantling and cleaning of the engine. The effect is difficult to say. If the cleaning is not good, the block is more severe
Q:498, just play the crankshaft, not oil, engine oil pump is new, and another one or not
Check to see if the tile is leaking or leaking. Is there a leak or drain in the oil circuit? Is there an injector on the crankshaft? Is there any improper installation?! I hope my answer will be helpful to you!!
Q:Will it clog up the oil pump by cleaning the engine oil which is strong enough to clog up the oil circuit?
It is best not to use, if used with serious consequences, for you hold tile, cylinder, I have seen this kind of situation, buy a second-hand car home, clean diesel engine, the results of delaware,. The cleaning out of coke, will plug the filter, oil radiator, oil cylinder and rocker hole nozzle, gear chamber tube, not a small smart, or product produced by formal manufacturers, no problem.

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