Apartments Rug with 100% Wool Hot Selling Great Design

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50 kg
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100000 kg/month

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Product Description:

Advantages of rug

l  Super soft surface and fashion pattern but cheap price meets you needs.

l  Anti-slip rubber backing in case of pepole slip on the floor.

l  Good water absorption keeps water out of your building.

l  Using super environmental protection material.

l  Easy to clean and store,machine washable. 

l    Ideal for promotion gift and home decoration. 

l  Stock for supply,ready to use.


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Detail:

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic is in Standard export carton, 20pcs per cartons.

Delivery Detail:

25-30 days, please confirm it again when ordering.



Technical Specifications   

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic Specifications:



1.Yarn :

100% PP


4  colors as picture showed  . 

3.Pile weight:


4.Pile height:



PP woven




300SQM if it has stock, if not ,2000SQM

7.Samples Time:

(1)7-10days-If you want to customize pattern and material

(2)1day-For our existing samples for reference.

8.Use palce

low price PP carpet in rolls,wall to wall low price loop pile carpet for hotel flooring

9.Certification available:


10.Packing Details:

4m wide ,25-27 long /roll ,roll size : around  diameter (50-1500px )*4.1m ,a cylinder

11. Loading

2500SQM/20FT ,4000-5000SQM/40FT ,6000SQM/40HQ





We do custom make over dyed and patchwork rugs in any colour and any size you request . If you wish to have a patchwork or over dyed rug in different colour and different size, you can directly contact us to let us know the colour and the design just after you purchase the size you need.


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Q:How does one get black acrylic paint out of beige carpet?
You is best.
Q:How many types of persian rugs exist?
History of Persian Rug Persian rug|Oriental rugs The Persian rug is an essential part of Persian art and culture.Art of weaving has long history starting from the ancient times.Leads of today’s tradition of oriental carpets, are found in ancient nomadic tribes of Central and West Asia, where winter was a big reason to adopt woollen carpets as a shield against severe weather conditions. Rug weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture and art, and dates back to ancient Persia one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known around 2500 BC. Persian Rug Export Overview In 2008, Iran’s export of hand-woven carpets was £263.2 million or 30% of the world’s market.There is an estimated population of 1.2 million weavers in Iran producing Persian rug carpets for domestic markets and international export. Persian Rug Variation Most of the Persian rugs are made of sheep’s wool and also in a very rare occasion made of Camel’s wool. Both types of materials are warm and long lasting. The rugs made of artificial materials are not as warm as the wool ones; you can feel it by rubbing your palm on the pile of the rugs.The most expensive Persian rug is made by real silk which is weaving in a very fine knots.Creating silk rugs takes a lot longer and depends on the sizes may last over a year. Persian Rug Age Categories Antique: 50 years and older Semi-Antique: 30 to 99 years old Old: 20 to 99 years old Semi-Old: 10 to 50 years old Used: 1 to 10 years old New: 0 to 5 years old
Q:what is the grade of the carpet after fire retardant treatment?
it mainly depends on what the fire inspector say. the more wool the carpet contains, the better the flame retardant effect is, of course. Other materials will also be flame retardant
Q:Why Carpet Dyeing?
It my no longer be that straightforward. what's the carpet created from? maximum synthetics do no longer take dyes nicely so examine the content textile of the carpet. additionally bleach could desire to harm the backing and/or the padding below so examine that for harm. the ultimate answer could be getting a sprint that carpet, slicing out the spot and putting a clean piece in. you would be stunned how solid it could look. If this is performed ideal you may no longer even tell it replaced into repaired.
Q:big folds on a big area carpet rug?
Use carpet tape, even if you have a rug pad beneath it. The tape is double sided and will secure the rug to the pad so it won't shift. You can also secure it with the tape on the border of your rug to prevent shifting.
Q:Can a pressure washer be used to clean a rug?
yes. it works well. i would not do it on a very expensive rug. i would have it cleaned. if you do not get all the soap out, it can attract dirt. also, it is somewhat of a pain if the rug is large....rinsing and what not.
Q:Geometry: Area Problem dealing with carpet?
The area of the 1st carpet is 9*12=108. So if 108 sq ft=$27, then you divide both sides of the equation by 108 to find how much 1 sq ft equals. You get 1 sq ft=$.25. The area of the 2nd carpet is 8*14=112. So if 112 sq ft=$28, then you divide both sides of the equation by 112 to find how much 1 sq ft equals. You get 1 sq ft=$..25. This means they both cost the same amount per sq ft, therefore neither was the better bargain.
Q:Does CVS sell any powder carpet cleaners ?
I, to locate one near you.
Q:When performing Salat, is a rug (or an equivalent) optional?
The reason why a rug is used for salat is: 1. To provide a context for prayer. 2. A matter of tradition (many Muslims use other things that rugs). 3. To provide a limited space for prayer. The Qur'an does not compel Muslims to use a rug, but it does compel cleanliness during prayer, so I would strongly recommend you using a rug or its equivalent if it is available to you.
Q:Carpet stains?
What colour is the carpet? When we moved into our house there was a very dark brown stain in the middle of the pink carpet. We'd had the carpets cleaned but it remained. I got some bleach and a pink Chux (I don't know whether you have this product where you are but it is a think cleaning cloth). The bleach removed the stain out of the carpet and the pink from the Chux was transferred to the carpet. You can now not tell at all where the stain was.

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