anto acid and alkali prepainted steel coils

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Thin steel SGCC DX51D Carbon steel


construction, container building



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Zinc coating:




Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Waterproofing PE film Iron strip
Delivery Detail:20 days


Anti corrossion prepainted steel coil
ASTM, GB, CE, GOST certified
SPCC DX51D steel base
Ship to Russia, Malaysia, Brazil

Prepainted Steel Sheet


anto acid and alkali prepainted steel coils






Product Introduction:


Color coated steel sheet is a novel precoated band steel product which rapidly develops internationally in the recent thirty years. It is made by performing processes such as chemical pretreatment, primary coating and fine coating on a high-speed continuous operating unit. The color coated steel sheet has the advantages of excellent decorativeness, formability, corrosion resistance and environment friendliness, strong adhesive force of the coating, and long-time color freshness. Achieving good economic benefits such as substituting steel for wood, efficient construction, energy saving, pollution prevention, etc., it has become an ideal material for manufacturing building sheets, external decorative materials, home appliances and electric appliances at present.
Under the philosophy of “Vigoriously Developing Enterprise by Technology”, the company adopts American direct-fired heating technology, greatly reducing energy consumption and reducing cost; the roller coater adopts the most advanced French technology on the world, and the plant construction adopts high-cleanliness sealing method, meeting the requirements of dust-free production and ensuring product quality; to meet the demand of the market on high-end color-coated sheets, the company has increased three-color printing process, which meets the demand of high-end users. At present, most domestic sheets are ordinary color-coated sheets, so that high-grade color-coated sheets with high technical content have wide market prospect in China.



Product Specification:




Norminal Size/mm

Norminal Thick


Norminal Width

Steel Sheet and Strip


Slit Wide Strip


Norminal Length

Steel Sheet


Steel Strip and Silt wide strip


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Q:Is the cold rolled steel plate good or the stainless steel plate?
Although it is impossible to provide specific parameters to prove, in fact, most stainless steel plates are used in oven making. Corrosion resistant, easy to clean, safe and sanitary.
Q:What's the good way to connect two Q235 steel bolts? Why?
A good plan, two plates have a drilled hole, connected by bolts, locking nut.
Q:What's the difference between single rolling steel sheet and continuous rolling steel plate?
Continuous plate refers to the hot rolling and cold rolling steel plate, rolling steel in rolling end is rolling roll, after Kaiping became a continuous plate after segmentation, due to the presence of curling and Kaiping rolling steel process, usually there are some residual stress, usually thin (less than 25mm) is narrow (usually below 2100mm).
Q:1.5mm galvanized steel prices?
Well, the purchase depends on how many you have. Dozens of tons of quantity can be customized, the price is relatively cheap 4800 or so, if the quantity is not much, you can only take large steel spot, the price is about 5400
Q:What is steel concrete?
Steel reinforced concrete (Steel Reinforeed Concrete, referred to as SRC) refers to the concrete structure of main steel, and is equipped with a longitudinal and transverse stirrup reinforcement structure, is a main form of steel and concrete composite structure.
Q:What is Larson steel sheet pile?"
Use Larson steel sheet pile is very extensive, in the permanent structure, can be used for wharf, unloading field, Levee Revetment, retaining wall, retaining wall, breakwater, embankment, dock gate, etc.; in temporary structures, can be used for temporary expansion of bank, flow, large pipeline laying temporary cofferdam, bridge trench excavation retaining, retaining water, sand and so on; in the flood, and can be used for flood control, anti collapse, anti sand etc..
Q:Are there any restrictions on the thickness of the steel plate, such as the minimum thickness of the steel plate?
The information of the building is incomplete and can not be determined. The welding technical parameters will affect the welding method, welding current, welding voltage, welding environment and specifications
Q:How to introduce carbon steel plate?
Any of various steels that contain less than 2.11% of the mass of carbon but contain no alloying elements. Sometimes referred to as plain carbon steel or carbon steel. Carbon steel, also called carbon steel, refers to an iron carbon alloy with a carbon content of less than 2.11% Wc. Carbon steel, in addition to carbon, usually contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus.
Q:Steel plate coated cement mortar, how can bonding firm?
The simplest method is mortar plus adhesive; the additive used for bonding steel is not cheap.
Q:Is 5mm thick steel plate tapping M8 thread reliable?
General use is no problem, because the general M8 nut is only about 5MM. Practical experience is not a big problem. As long as it's not the main bearing, there's no problem. Really feel unreliable, you can use more than a few screws on it.

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