Anticorrive Material Monel 400 (Uns N04400)

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Product Description:

Product Description

Characteristic as below:
Monel 400 is an extremely combination property that use for largest amount and most widely corrosion resistance alloy. This alloy in the hydrofluoric acid and fluoride gas medium with excellent corrosion resistance, as well as to the hot concentrated alkali. At the same time, is also corrosion resistant to neutral solution, sea water, air, organic compounds. An important feature of this is generally do not generate a stress corrosion cracking, good cutting performance.

Monel 400 Metallurgical structure
Monel 400 alloy is high-intensity single-phase solid solution.

Monel 400 Corrosion resistance
Monel 400 alloy in the fluoride gas, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and their derivatives have a very good corrosion resistance property, and possess better corrosion resistance more than the copper alloy in the sea water. Acid medium: Monel 400 have corrosion resistance in less than 85% consistency of sulfuric acid. Monel 400 is an important material that resistant to hydrofluoric acid. Water corrosion: Monel 400 alloy in most corrosion cases of water, not only excellent corrosion resistance, but also less pitting, stress corrosion, the corrosion rate less than 0.025mm / a. High temperature corrosion: Monel 400 for the work of the highest temperature at about 600 º C in general in the air, in the high temperature steam, the corrosion rate less than 0.026mm / a. Ammonia: Monel 400 can be resistant to an hydrous ammonia and aminate conditions corrosion below 585 º C due to the high nickel.

Monel 400 Application field:
Monel 400 alloy is a multi-purpose material in many industrial applications:
1. Seamless water pipe in the power factory
2. Sea-water exchanger and evaporator
3. Sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid environment
4. Crude distillation
5. Sea-water in the use of equipment and propeller shaft
6. Nuclear industry and used in the manufacture of uranium enrichment isotope separation equipment
7. Manufacturing hydrochloric acid equipment used in the production of pump and valve
Specification: Plate, sheet, strip, rod, bar, wire, tube.  

Do you provide free samples?
Yes, we can provide a free sample for testing, If we have sample in stock, The quantity based on the material type, The buyer should bear all the shipping costs.

Please feel free to contact us and we are looking forward to cooperating with you



Monel 400 Physical properties

Density8.83 g/cm³
Melting point1300-1390 ºC

Monel 400 Alloy minimum mechanical properties in the room temperature

Alloy stateTensile strength
Rm N/mm²
Yield strength
R P0. 2 N/mm²
A 5 %

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