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1)150LB,300LB,600LB AND SO ON,

2)the material can be S235JR,A105,P250GH,P245GH.

3)the dimension will be from DN15-DN2000

the surface can be protected rust oil,black paint or yellow paint,cold galvanised or hot dipped galvanised.

Our company is specialized in producing the flanges. The company was founded in 1992 and now has more than 150 employees, including more than 20 engineers and technicians. We have more than 100 sets of production equipments.And the annual production capacity is more than 30,000 tons.
 Our company mainly produces flanges including the standards of American, Germany, British and Japanese. We can also process according to the samples or drawings offered by the customers. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries, such as the USA ,  Espana , British, Morocco
,France ,Germany ,Japan and the countries from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The quality of the production is deeply trusted by the customers.

Our company has more than twenty years producing history with rich experiences and complete technical data. We have a set of high quality forging, casting, machine tooling, assembling, testing and packing line. The quality of the production is totally in accordance with the national and international standards. We have got the ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate. European pressure equipment  and materials PED97/23/EC certification and German pressure equipment  and  materials AD2000-WO certification

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Q:What is the standard version of flanges?
The question is a bit difficult to answer. I use some commonly used criteria to explain it.The ASME B 16.5 -2009 defines the construction criteria for pipe flanges and flanged fittings, including the definition of the flange pressure grade, the temperature and pressure curve of the flange material, etc., and is a very detailed construction code. According to the two part of the flange, a flange sealing surface in the form, such as the process of the convex surface surface groove face ring joint face; two flange form, such as welding welding socket welding etc.!The definitions in EN ASME are similar to those in 1092-01-2007!. The difference is that the ASME defines a pressure rating of CLASS series EN, defined as the PN series, and differs in the size of the flange sealing surface and the flange form.HG/T 20592-2009, the latest 2009 edition of the Ministry of chemical flange standards on the basis of the largest reference to the definition of ASME and EN, but there are still differences. In EN 1092-01-2007, at the same level under different pressure, the thickness of the flange form may not be the same, but in HG/T we can clearly see that all the size of the flange flange form is used in EN integral flange thickness. Personal feeling of the Ministry of chemical engineering flange standard strict and logical, and EN and ASME still have a gap.
Q:Flange gasket RF600-6. What does this 6 mean?
Flange gasket RF600-6 in this representation method, several letters and data are defined as:RF corresponds to the form of the normal half surface, and belongs to the RF face flange600: nominal diameter is 6006 representative: this flange pressure rating is 6Bar
Q:What's the flange surface?
Flange sealing surface has a full plane FF, protruding surface RF, convex M, concave F, tenon surface T, groove surface G, ring connection surface RJ, general concave convex MF, mortise and tenon surface TG, ring connection surface RJ are paired usePL welding plate flange with flange, SO diameter, WN butt welding neck flange; IF integral flange, SW socket welding flange, TH threaded flange; loose flange ring PJ/SE welding, PJ/RJ welding ring flanges; flanges BL, BL (S) lining flange
Q:What are the application technologies of welding flanges?
Two. The welding flanges are usually made of forging or forging. When made of steel or shaped steel, the following requirements must be met:1, welding flange should be ultrasonic testing, no delamination defects; 2, should be rolled along the direction of steel cutting into strips, bent by welding into a ring, and make steel surface forming ring cylinder. The steel plate directly machined into the butt welding neck flange butt weld shall not;
Q:Can you check the anti - tumor drugs from Hongkong to the mainland?
You shipped back, no one dared to use it for you? Drugs used by medical institutions should be approved by the state, and if approved by the SFDA, then there is no need to take them from Hongkong. If there is no domestic, it is not yet approved to enter the Chinese market, so that the hospital did not dare to use you, earn money, do not make money is a small matter, checked to the hospital and the doctor on the end. Then, can I use it secretly? General drugs, especially antineoplastic drugs have side effects, and sometimes have serious adverse reactions, once there, the hospital can not be processed in accordance with the formal process, when the patient or the patient himself. So, you have to use it, it's more reliable to send the patient to Hongkong.
Q:What's the price of a stack of 600 carbon steel flanges?
Beijing Science and technology for you to answer, flange or flange plate. The flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe and is connected to the end of the pipe. It is also used for the flange on the inlet and outlet of the equipment, for the connection between the two devices, such as the reducer flange.
Q:How to go from the city to the flange Akailufacun?
You can get there from 500G by boat from IL IL
Q:The connection between the air outlet and the air duct can straddle the flange
Can not.The air outlet must be connected directly to the air duct. If the size of the air outlet is larger than the length of the air duct, a suitable length of air duct must be made to facilitate the connection of the air inlet.The reason is: according to JGJ141-2004 "ventilation pipe construction technical regulations" requirements, different specifications of the wind pipe have the corresponding stiffness requirements, otherwise, must be reinforced. The tuyere destroys the integrity of the flange, which affects the stiffness of the duct.
Q:Flange WN50 (B) -25 RF S=6 specific points
WN indicates that butt welding 50 means nominal diameter DN (B means B series diameter is 57) - 25 is pressure, new standard is 25 kg pressure, old standard is 250 kg pressure RF, sealing surface protrusion S=6 flange diameter thickness is pipe thickness
Q:The soul of darkness, how about the souls on the slopes beside the cursed frogs outside 3 flanges?
Small partners in the dark souls of the 1 and 2 generations, I believe, have gone through famine, but the third generation? Today to share with the small partners "dark souls 3" reclamation techniques, interested players can come to see. 1. select a knight or warrior better. Knight armor is very good, can get through a week of graduation dress. Soldiers of the small axe very awesome, good offensive power, most enemies can play hard straight, is a little short distance attack. 2. spells of professional reclamation, very egg pain. The two generation of wasteland, law Ye rely on remote biubiu can simply push down some BOSS, powerful enemy. The 3 generation has no such good thing. For example, the mage hurts very little to a gem crystal, which makes you stomp your feet with anger. BOSS and BOSS would like some basic blood curse that game player side slide dodge game player remote attack. The three - generation spells want to hit a little higher, the damage needs to be stored, but when you save it, you give the enemy a chance to hit his face...... 3. giant shield God is expected to dominate the political arena. Big shield against attack ability first-class, two generation face strong enemy and later BOSS, even if huge shield also cannot eat, must learn to roll, 3 generation giant shield almost all the way to the end. The late nameless king BOSS rolled over the party and suffered a lot. The giant shield holding dragon hunting party Dadun can ease more output.

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