Amphibious Excavator Zy210SD 30ton

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 Amphibious Excavator Zy210SD 30ton

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZY210SD


Type:Crawler Excavator

Usage:Mining Excavator



Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Electric Drive

Bucket Capacity:1.0~1.5m³



Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000



Product:Rongsheng Amphibious Excavator Zy210SD 30ton


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:30sets/ Month

Product Description

Imported Isuzu engine
Original imported hydraulic components
Luxurious cabin with air conditioner


Operating weight30000kg
Standard bucket capacity0.8m 3
Track shoe width1508mm
Arm length2912mm

TypeTurbo-charged with inter-cooled
Max. torque629N. m at1600rpm
No. of cylinders
Hydraulic system

Main pumpTypeVariable displacement axial piston pumps
Max. displacement2× 107L/min
Pilot pumpTypeGear pump
Max. flow20LL/min
Working pressure32Mpa
Hydraulic motorSlewFixed displacement axial piston motor
TravelVariable displacement axial piston motor

slew speed11rpm
Min. back slew radius2801mm
Max. travel speed high/low3.29/2.17km/h
Tractive effort382.4kN
Max. digging force of bucket122.85kN
Max. digging force of arm97.6kN
Ground pressure0.48kg/cm 2
Tank capacity

Fuel tank capacity376L
Hydraulic tank capacity219L

Amphibious Excavator Zy210SD 30ton

Amphibious Excavator Zy210SD 30ton

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