American Type 3D soft Closing Hinge(Clip On) 3D32H

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Q:What are the types of drawer slides?
Gear type drawer slide railThe rail has hidden slide, slide, slide and other types of horse pulling slide belongs to high-grade, use gear structure so that the slide is smooth and synchronous, such slide also has closed or open press buffer rebound function, used for high-grade furniture, because the price is more expensive, modern furniture is relatively rare. So as the popularity of the slide, slide is the trend of the future.
Q:How do you break the three drawer slide?
. What our factory calls is to dial fork, its main function is to be able to realize convenient disassembly and assembly. When you find it, turn the fork and see if the fork is up or down. If it's up, move down to the end. Don't let go of the third section of the slide. If there is a drawer, then pull out the drawer together. On the contrary, the same, I hope to help you.
Q:What's the reason that the drawer with a slide always slides out?
Slide problems!! As well as drawer installation, should be slightly inward tilt slightly!! Can not be absolute level!!
Q:Why can it the drawer of the wooden sofa be pulled?
It may be offset when the slideway is installed and adjusted, or not, that is, the screw of the slideway is not tightened and the nut is higher than the slideway plane.
Q:Excuse me, solid wood desk, drawer is also solid wood, that solid wood is suitable to use the guide rail? Usually not
Look at your drawer, put nothing more, heavy not heavy, too heavy, it is better to use solid wood rail or no guide solid wood furniture, although the beginning is not very good pull, but the longer the time, pull the more slippery.
Q:How to choose the covered platform?
Knock and observe the structure of the solid woodMethod: knock the frame of the cabinet and the support of the bed. Observe whether it is dry and cracked. The type, origin and treatment process of wood are inquired.About solid wood technology:There are many kinds of solid wood, such as pine or oak. Pine is a softwood made from evergreen pine trees. This kind of wood texture were porous, easy to surface depression. Chang Aoki is cheaper because it grows fast. Hardwoods such as cherry, oak and maple are all based on deciduous trees. They are closely grained and strongly woody. These trees grow long, and they are usually much more expensive than cork as raw materials.
Q:What are the specifications of the three drawer slides?
After the above steps are completed, install the final cabinet. When installing the cabinet, you must unscrew the plastic holes on the side panel, and then install the rail removed from it. The general slide of the cabinet should be installed with two small screws before and after the installation. In this way, the sliding rails on both sides of the cabinet are fixed. Finally, install and fix. From Jieyang City Dragon hardware products factory
Q:How can I get the slide drawer?
Then you can remove the fixed screws on the slide rail. Installation is easy to handle the slide, the key is drawer installation, first press the wrench, and then loaded back on the slide.
Q:How to drive retractable rail for industrial use roll
Install the cabinet, nine Home Furnishing network proposal should take the jutizhaiban plastic screw hole, and then loaded from the top down the track, a slide using two small screws one after fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.
Q:How to distinguish the good and the bad of the slide rail?
Drawer slide: drawer is beautiful, is a personal preference, and function and life depends on the slide. Drawer slide material is iron or galvanized with paint. Commonly used are: two a half day underpinning type, section three, full extension. Steel ball, two half, three full out.

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