American Type 2D soft Closing Hinge(Clip On) 2D32H

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Q:How do you open the drawer?
Hello The drawer locks are not long and only about 7 millimeters. The utility model solves the problem by using a screwdriver with a word in the drawer, the lock tongue and the edge slot of the cabinet body.
Q:Test method for bearing of sliding rails
Generally does not test the weight of the load alone, but the number of open and close tests to do weight, to have a professional test instrument for opening and closing
Q:Are there any baskets with no damping slides placed directly in the drawer?
Another way is to remove the drawer and remove the panel. Buy a full set of baskets, put the drawer panel on the basket, and install the slide on the wall of the box. The disadvantage of the former method is that the cleaning of the water storage tray is inconvenient.
Q:How to install drawers in brick cabinets, brick cabinets can be installed basket?
For brick cabinets, drawer slide selection, we suggest that you go to the regular hardware market to buy, so that the purchase of brick cabinets, drawer drawers, quality is guaranteed. When installing brick cabinets, drawer slides, it is best to ask professional installation master to install, to avoid affecting the kitchen cabinet installation effect.
Q:How to install a customized furniture drawer?
Notes for installation of drawer slides1, the first is the choice of the size, drawer slides generally and the drawer pull length should be the length of the general, if the slide is too short, so it is not up to the maximum of the drawer open, if too long, cause cannot be installed.2, the drawer slide, the installation is relatively simple a thing, the key is how to remove, in some drawer slide to open map, have removed the steps in detail, through these steps can be removed well, so that if the time to install, you can reverse thinking, from the split step reduction back, so you know how to install the drawer.
Q:How to install the push and pull table slide
Finally, the installation of cabinet, you need to first side of the plastic hole on the side of the cabinet screw, and then installed on the track from the above, a slide, respectively, using two small screws, one after the fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.
Q:Excuse me, solid wood desk, drawer is also solid wood, that solid wood is suitable to use the guide rail?
Look at your drawer, put nothing more, heavy not heavy, too heavy, it is better to use solid wood rail or no guide solid wood furniture, although the beginning is not very good pull, but the longer the time, pull the more slippery.
Q:How to distinguish the good and the bad of the slide rail?
Underpinning type features: hidden in the drawer at the bottom of the track, durable, sliding friction, no noise, can be self closing.Ball rail features: smooth sliding, easy installation, very durable. The special structure of the track matches with the precision steel ball slide rail to ensure the stability. It can be mounted directly to the side plate or plugged in or mounted into the groove of the side panel of the drawer (slot 17 or 27mm), and their specifications are (mm) 250300350400450500550600. In addition, there are many special tracks, such as frame rails, table tops, ball bearings, rails and so on.
Q:How to support slide rail installation steps
Keeway hardware to introduce how to install drawer support slide rail. Five boards, 1 solid drawer assembly, screw, drawer panel with a slot, with two holes in the middle place is installed with handle.
Q:How big are the drawer bearings in the map cabinet?
The slide rail of a drawer is a slideway with grooves or curves fixed on a certain track for movement of other moving parts in the drawer

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