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Product Description:

1.Structure of Aluminum Wire Description:

Aluminum Wire made from high-quality electrolytic pure aluminum metal with finishing process, with the feature of good performance. It is a plated wire special use for vacuum evaporation coating machine, mainly used in coating automotive headlight, mirror, audio and various small appliances, computers, clocks , watches, toys cell phones, reflective cup, cosmetics caps, glass, Christmas gifts, etc.


Aluminum wire and rods are increasingly being put to use in turneries for the manufacture of precision parts. Apart from the known classic alloys, we also offer heat-treatable materials with chip breaking characteristics and allow susceptibility to building-up edges.

2.Main Features of the Aluminum Wire:

Acid and alkali resistant

Good corrosion resistance

Good toughness and high strength.

Easy to bend and easy to shape

3. Aluminum Wire Images

Aluminum Wire Wholesale with Low Price and High QualityAluminum Wire Wholesale with Low Price and High Quality

4. Aluminum Wire Specification



Wire Diameter(mm)


Aluminum content


Magnesium content


Tensile strength


Electrical conductivity % IACS




Resistance rate(MAX)




1)How about the quality?

We are a state-owned company and we have a professional Inspection Team to test the quality before shipment.

2)How about the delivery time.

It depends on your quantity. In general, it is about 25days

3) What is your payment?

TT or LC

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Q:What is the reason for the flashing of the small LED spherical lamp?
This is the bad contact LED lamp gold or aluminum wire, usually, a welding wire connecting wire, arc welding off, if the two did not fill ball there may be two welding welding.
Q:There are several aluminum wires in the high voltage 50mm aluminum cable
Aluminum conductor cable belongs to the third stranded circular conductor, the implementation of standards is GB / T 3956-2008 "cable conductor", the standard minimum line 50 square mm aluminum conductor (Lv Si) root numbers of 19.
Q:The similarities and differences between aluminum wire and copper wire
The density of copper is greater than that of aluminum (per unit volume, mass, unit mass, volume)
Q:Silver and aluminum wire how to identify? There are several options?
Find a similar size copper or iron wire, copper wire or wire weigh, than the weight (or similar) is rather than silver, copper and iron wire is a lot of light aluminum wire. Advantages do not hurt the material.
Q:How do you make the faucet HOSE?
Furthermore, adjust the pressure to take machine embossing mold elastic, put a head to the embossing (embossing hose is six cap and braided hose connection the stainless steel cap). Not too tight not too loose as copper core, embossing mold need to reset, just like the other end in embossing. The hose will be fine. It's only packed. Pointed hose (single hole, hot water hose) 40CM, 50CM, that's hard to say. It's entirely cut by the length of the pointed tooth. Pointed teeth have 28 heads, 32 heads, 38 heads, 42 heads and 100 heads. Others are the same as above
Q:Can aluminum wire and copper wire be used instead of tin wire and welded by electric iron?
No, because copper and aluminum have a high melting point, they are generally not melted. Electric irons cannot be melted at all. So instead of seeking acceptance, thank you
Q:When fuse is blown, why not use copper wire and wire instead?
Copper wire, aluminum wire, wire resistance is very low, small series power, it is not easy to heat, especially the high melting point of these materials, it is not easy to fuse
Q:What are the factors associated with the speed of the reaction between aluminum and acids?
With 6% hydrochloric acid, concentration of hydrochloric acid of.4% takes 300 seconds in 3% to 6%, so the aluminum wire with 4% hydrochloric acid reaction time should be 500 seconds to 300 seconds. Many methods to measure the reaction speed, such as the use of drainage method to collect a bottle of hydrogen required time, temperature change to measure. In two tubes with aluminum wire and dilute sulfuric acid, then adding the solution of Sodium Chloride Solution and sodium sulfate, chloride and sulfate ions were added in two test tubes, can prove the presence of Cl- acid and aluminum reaction easy.
Q:Detailed flow of LED packaging?
The expanded ring of silver paste is put into the crystal holder, and the LED wafer is stabbed on the PCB printed circuit board by the operator under the microscope.
Q:Is the LED Packaging Engineer demanding?
LED glue preparationThe preparation and dispensing glue is used instead, preparing the silver glue to glue machine on the back of the LED electrode, and then put back with silver colloid LED installed in the LED bracket. The efficiency of preparation is much higher than that of dispensing, but not all products are suitable for sizing process.

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