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Product Description:

1.Structure of Aluminum Wire Description:

Aluminum Wire made from high-quality electrolytic pure aluminum metal with finishing process, with the feature of good performance. It is a plated wire special use for vacuum evaporation coating machine, mainly used in coating automotive headlight, mirror, audio and various small appliances, computers, clocks , watches, toys cell phones, reflective cup, cosmetics caps, glass, Christmas gifts, etc.


Aluminum wire and rods are increasingly being put to use in turneries for the manufacture of precision parts. Apart from the known classic alloys, we also offer heat-treatable materials with chip breaking characteristics and allow susceptibility to building-up edges.

2.Main Features of the Aluminum Wire:

Acid and alkali resistant

Good corrosion resistance

Good toughness and high strength.

Easy to bend and easy to shape

3. Aluminum Wire Images

Aluminum Wire Wholesale with Low Price and High QualityAluminum Wire Wholesale with Low Price and High Quality

4. Aluminum Wire Specification



Wire Diameter(mm)


Aluminum content


Magnesium content


Tensile strength


Electrical conductivity % IACS




Resistance rate(MAX)




1)How about the quality?

We are a state-owned company and we have a professional Inspection Team to test the quality before shipment.

2)How about the delivery time.

It depends on your quantity. In general, it is about 25days

3) What is your payment?

TT or LC

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Q:What material (iron plate? Aluminium plate? Aluminium plate? Plastic board? Stainless steel plate? Can prevent the radiation of routers and light cats?
1, any metal plate can prevent electromagnetic radiation, and even the brick wall and other non conductive objects can reduce the degree of radiation.2, routers and light cats are not radiation ah;
Q:How do the radiator from the Water Leakage
An emergency remedy for trachoma in radiators:1) users have appeared in the radiator trachoma case, you should use a towel or cloth wrapped around the radiator, and set aside a part of the water in the basin, so that the leakage of water into the pot; 2) a bicycle tire in the user's home, it can be cut into the width of 1cm about 50cm long short, at a distance of 3cm will force a Chlamydia tube opened, then a buckle to withhold a bound of Chlamydia 3cm, 3-5 days later, trachoma will automatically rust; 3) by electric welding point is also possible, but can only be maintained for two or three years; because the steam a strong corrosive, the tube is from inside to outside. So, no matter what you use to fill just how temporary, in order to cure the market only for pipe or steel, copper and aluminum composite radiator model.
Q:Is there an electric wire in the integrated circuit?
Copper wire, aluminum wire, gold foil, solder wire it should be considered, so there must be integrated circuit wires, at least one pin must use made of metal. Generally speaking, MOS is used inside the chip, and M means metal
Q:What is the color of the PC material after aluminizing?
Of course, if the aluminum plating process is not high vacuum, the temperature is not high, the purity of aluminum wire is not enough, may lead to the aluminum layer is dark, which should be specific analysis of the specific situation.
Q:Can I use the wire for the car radio or the aluminum wire?
You'd better not use iron wire
Q:How to remove the thick dirt on the iron pan?
Although aluminum is easy to use, but it is easy to form black stains, can use the fruit to be cleared. Such as tomato, with boiled cook tomato, then cooked tomato water to wash the pot boil, as long as the repeated several times, bright natural recovery of aluminum. In the same way, lemons can achieve this effect. Add water in the pan, add lemon slices or lemon peel, boil, and then pour out the lemon and hot water, then wash.
Q:Why aluminum wire immersed in copper sulfate solution, static?
Observed phenomenon: the aluminum filament appears purple red solid, the aluminum filament becomes smaller gradually, the solution gradually turns from blue to colorless
Q:Why does the reaction between aluminum wire and copper sulfate solution lead to the upper layer of aluminum wire?
The solution of the lower layer, because of the slow diffusion of copper ions, does not react and still retains the blue color
Q:Isn't there something inside the wire like a wire?.
There is no wire in a common wire, but one exception is the cable.
Q:The bottom of the cooker is leaking. How can it be repaired?
This approach can usually take some time.Other fixes are unreliable.

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