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Product Description:

1.Structure of Aluminum Wire Description:

Aluminum Wire made from high-quality electrolytic pure aluminum metal with finishing process, with the feature of good performance. It is a plated wire special use for vacuum evaporation coating machine, mainly used in coating automotive headlight, mirror, audio and various small appliances, computers, clocks , watches, toys cell phones, reflective cup, cosmetics caps, glass, Christmas gifts, etc.


Aluminum wire and rods are increasingly being put to use in turneries for the manufacture of precision parts. Apart from the known classic alloys, we also offer heat-treatable materials with chip breaking characteristics and allow susceptibility to building-up edges.

2.Main Features of the Aluminum Wire:

Acid and alkali resistant

Good corrosion resistance

Good toughness and high strength.

Easy to bend and easy to shape

3. Aluminum Wire Images

Aluminum Wire Wholesale with Low Price and High QualityAluminum Wire Wholesale with Low Price and High Quality

4. Aluminum Wire Specification



Wire Diameter(mm)


Aluminum content


Magnesium content


Tensile strength


Electrical conductivity % IACS




Resistance rate(MAX)




1)How about the quality?

We are a state-owned company and we have a professional Inspection Team to test the quality before shipment.

2)How about the delivery time.

It depends on your quantity. In general, it is about 25days

3) What is your payment?

TT or LC

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Q:Microdetector internal tied aluminum wire is then used by the eddy current, electromagnetic damping brake?
Aluminum wire is closed loop. The loop is in opposition to the action of the coil. It's not eddy.Current scoring, permanent magnets, and coils.
Q:How to distinguish the difference between steel, titanium, zinc and aluminium screws?
As for the titanium screw thread, mainly used for aerospace vehicles such as connection, everyday is rare, don't bother to tell you, if in a similar institute or company of course may encounter, the price and quality requirements are high, there must be a list of purchase, check can, of course, the weight is lighter.
Q:What is the difference between pure copper and aluminum in welding machine?
In addition, the repair is not good wiring head. The statement that aluminium has a greater calorific value than copper is unreliable because the same power as the electric welder or motor has been taken into consideration by the aluminum wire, and the aluminum wire is thickened by the resistivity ratio.
Q:Detailed flow of LED packaging?
Crystal enlargement. An expander is used to extend the entire LED wafer film provided by the vendor, so that the LED grains closely arranged on the surface of the film are pulled apart so as to facilitate the puncture.
Q:Why do copper ions insert aluminum wire and red material will appear on the surface of aluminum wire?
The function activity of metal is the standard electrode potential of metal (up to E) and the standard Gibbs free energy reaction with water (G, up to) and their transformation formula between the:Turn left and turn right |Therefore, the more negative the electrode potential, the greater the free energy and the stronger the activity. A factor free energy is the enthalpy change (delta H). When the metal elements form cations in water, they undergo sublimation, ionization, hydration, and the three steps have energy changes in the three steps, which determine the total enthalpy change, and have a great impact on the activity of metals. Therefore, the sublimation energy, ionization energy and hydration heat of metals should be taken into account in the analysis of the causes of metal activity.
Q:What is the material of the toilet with aluminium drawing effect?
The disadvantage is easy to scratch time, a long fading may be easy to issue, not recommended.
Q:The outside of the frying pan is full of strong and thick layers of grease and stains. How can it be removed easily?
Most housewives wash pot only wash do not wash the bottom surface is wrong, because the bottom covered with inverted vegetables when he returned alone, if not always wash residue at the bottom, bottom thickness gradually thickening in the course of time, the effect of cooking heat, so must be positive and negative, washed and then placed on a stove fire drying to remove water, next time also convenient.
Q:How many coarse aluminum threads does a 4 kW single-phase motor require?
Specification of cable selection 1. is determined using the specifications of wire and cable (conductors), should consider fever, voltage loss, economic current density, mechanical strength and other conditions. According to the experience of low-voltage power line due to the load current is large, so generally according to the heat conditions section, and then check the voltage loss and mechanical strength; 2. low-voltage lighting line because of its high requirements of voltage level, can according to the allowable voltage loss section, then checking the heating conditions and Mechanical strength; 3. on high voltage lines, first according to economic current density section, and then check the heating conditions and the allowable voltage loss; 4. high-voltage overhead line, its mechanical strength is also fulfilled. If the user does not have experience, you should consult the relevant professional units or people.
Q:My family always switch zero line insurance burning is going on?
Are you sure the burning line is zero? I can responsibly tell you: zero line is not insured! Because we use voltage is 220V, once the breakage of zero line (fuse) then the voltage by line voltage (voltage between the live wire and zero line) to phase voltage (voltage between two FireWire), which is the 220V voltage multiplied by the square root of 3 times = 380V
Q:What are the specific effects of a fuse in an appliance?
When the line is overloaded or the short-circuit current increases, the fuse is dissolved to cut off the current, protect the circuit and electrical action.

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