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1.Packaging & Delivery for Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane


Packaging Detail:Packing Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.
Delivery Detail:15-35days after confirming the order


2.Specifications for Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane



Product Name

Aluminum Sliding doors

Item NO.


Main material

aluminum profile ,glass,hardware


Available in various colors, sizes, shapes and designs, customized according to the client’s specific requirements



  • Series: 80/90/110/126/180 etc.

  • Construction: Thermal Break or Non-Thermal Break

  • Aluminum Alloy: 6063 T5

  • Thickness: 1.4-2.0mm

  • SurfaceTreatment:Powder-coated/Anodized/Electrophoresis/PVDF, etc.

  • Color:Gray/ Silver/Bronze/Champagne/White/Black/wooden/, etc.

Glass option

Thickness: single glazing /double glazing /triple glazing.

  • Double: 5/6+9/12/24A+5/6mm


High quantity made in China(kinlong,Chugn)/ Germany(ROTO,G-U,HOPO,)/our standard hardware are good quality. Customers' stipulated brands are available.

Reinforcement steel

Rubber sealing strip, black color, good quality

Opening type



Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.


Built in blind doors by romote controlled

Applicable place

Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and Government Buildings


 3.Photo for Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane












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Q:Windowsill leaking, and choose what kind of sealant the best it, have experience to teach about the experience!
Outside the windowsill no slippery slope or slope is not enough, poor water, if the continuous rain weather, the rain is easy to soak the window under the paint layer, causing water seepage. Treatment: direct chisel out of the water slope, with ceramic tile finishes, tiles and window frames combined with weathering glue treatment.
Q:Outside the high-level windowsill board air conditioning board calculation of the building area?
The platform of the building, the loading platform, the installation box and the tank platform.
Q:Aluminum plastic doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows What is the difference, is not the same?
Plastic doors and windows soundproof steel and aluminum windows sound insulation performance of about 19 decibels, plastic windows of sound insulation performance can reach more than 30 decibels. In the increasingly noisy urban environment, the use of plastic windows can make the indoor environment more comfortable. According to the information provided by Japan, to achieve the same requirements to reduce noise, the installation of aluminum windows and traffic roads must be 50 meters away from the distance, and the installation of plastic windows can reach 18 meters. According to the Beijing Institute of Labor Protection, the use of plastic windows of indoor noise dropped to 32DB (A), the effect is very good. As a result of economic development, urban noise problems are becoming more and more serious, and plastic windows for improving people living and working sound environment quality will provide a greater contribution. Another steel window corrosion-resistant, can be used in coastal, chemical plants and other corrosive environment, the average user can also reduce the use of maintenance paint and labor costs.
Q:Balcony want to be a closed window with what material is good
Off the aluminum alloy window: (advantages) 1.4 above the aluminum, on all the basis with the insulation layer; it also has a good sound insulation, heat insulation, fire, air tightness, watertight, corrosion Sex, insulation, maintenance-free; it is a long-term use of aluminum metal profiles can not change the type, do not fade. (Shortcomings) the price of aluminum expensive, the production cost is relatively high.
Q:What is the material of the window stone
① marble: marble should be the first choice for window sills, but the premise is selected color texture is ideal. Marble windowsill board has the advantage of beautiful colors, texture and diverse, countertop can prevent splash of rain. But the marble may have radiation, the body is not good, so it is not recommended in the bedroom. ② granite: granite texture is basically the main grain, there are a variety of color. Its color and texture are less than marble, but harder than the marble durable. ③ artificial stone: artificial stone high hardness, wear resistance to high temperature, green, non-toxic and tasteless without radiation, and more color, high grade, long time to maintain a good finish.
Q:Living room and kitchen in the middle of the window how to design
You can use the whole from the top to the whole push-pull windows, glass 1.6 meters below the use of relief glass, the above with the translucent hair, surrounded by sealed velvet has been isolated fumes
Q:Winter windowsill will be moldy around ah, the window is always dripping, would like to ask you when the windows are how to handle the decoration?
Now the steel, aluminum windows have drains, sash of water droplets to the drain, through the holes to lay out the hole.
Q:What is the size of the general office windows?
Office: door 1800 × 2100; window: 1800 × 1800; toilet, door: 800 × 2100, window: 1200 × 1500; coffee shop, door: 1500 × 2100, window: 2100 × 2100; negotiation room, conference room, 1500 × 2100, window: 2100 × 2100;
Q:Whether the windowsill is made of natural marble or artificial marble
A few days ago just tangled end, and finally chose the marble. Online is nothing more than the marble has radiation, but now the marble for the import of stone, radiation are in line with national standards, not too much problem, the window stone is not much area. Artificial stone afraid of high temperature, easy to deformation, think about the last or give up.
Q:How to install a bridge window with aluminum windows and doors
The ends of the metal are fixed on the inner wall of the wall with a nail gun. Of course, use a laser level to calibrate the horizontal and vertical

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