Aluminum Window Factory Double Glass and Triple Pane

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1.Packaging & Delivery for Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane


Packaging Detail:Packing Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.
Delivery Detail:15-35days after confirming the order


2.Specifications for Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane



Product Name

Aluminum Sliding doors

Item NO.


Main material

aluminum profile ,glass,hardware


Available in various colors, sizes, shapes and designs, customized according to the client’s specific requirements



  • Series: 80/90/110/126/180 etc.

  • Construction: Thermal Break or Non-Thermal Break

  • Aluminum Alloy: 6063 T5

  • Thickness: 1.4-2.0mm

  • SurfaceTreatment:Powder-coated/Anodized/Electrophoresis/PVDF, etc.

  • Color:Gray/ Silver/Bronze/Champagne/White/Black/wooden/, etc.

Glass option

Thickness: single glazing /double glazing /triple glazing.

  • Double: 5/6+9/12/24A+5/6mm


High quantity made in China(kinlong,Chugn)/ Germany(ROTO,G-U,HOPO,)/our standard hardware are good quality. Customers' stipulated brands are available.

Reinforcement steel

Rubber sealing strip, black color, good quality

Opening type



Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.


Built in blind doors by romote controlled

Applicable place

Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and Government Buildings


 3.Photo for Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane












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Q:Why open the window to the public walkway, the ground height should not be less than 2m?
This is for security reasons. The window should be set to the following: 1 windows open the form should be easy to use, safe and easy to repair, cleaning; 2 when the use of external window should strengthen the solid sash measures; 3 open to the public walkway sash, the bottom height should not be less than 2m; 4 empty windowsill below 0.80m, should take protective measures, the height of the building from the ground floor should not be calculated below 0.80m; 5 firewall must be opened when the window should be set according to fire specifications; 6 skylights should be used to prevent broken pieces of light transmission material; 7 skylights should be anti-condensate to produce or discharge condensate water measures; 8 skylights should be easy to open, close, fixed, impervious water, and easy to clean.
Q:Home window is open inside the windowsill which can also install a layer of noise window if you installed a noise window, then you want to ventilation, then the original window
If the current window is installed in the main, you can install the noise window outside the existing window, if the existing windows are installed outside the main, you can not install the windows.
Q:What is the airtight window
And the left and right frame of the sliding window are provided with bevels on the side corresponding to the slope, and the advantage is that the effect of preventing dust, mosquitoes and the like is remarkable, and the anti- Good air tightness, easy assembly, low supplies.
Q:How are the bedroom windows designed?
The design of the window can determine the flow of gas. The window is best able to fully open; open or inward open, not up or down oblique. Outside the window to the best, can make a lot of gas into the room, but also make indoor air outflow. When the window is open, it is best not to have any obstructions to obstruct the flow of gas. A healthy house, the air must be sufficient light, if the four closed no window, the air is not in circulation, dark light, indoor humidity, even if the position no matter how good, is not an ideal house.
Q:Is it possible to use the same stone and window stone?
The stone is best to use natural stone; window stone is currently mostly artificial stone, slightly better man-made is commonly used quartz stone;
Q:Housing design · master bedroom has two windows, how should the design? To a · understand the point of the answer
Master bedroom has two windows, how old is it? In what position? Two words can think of lighting a bit too adequate, summer by the it? It is recommended to choose lighting and location are more reasonable one to stay, another seal off good. The The There is also a way is if the two windows can be, then, may wish to be a soft cut, that is good-looking and solve the problem, the winter two large windows can also enjoy the sun
Q:Building windowsill beam long
Circle beam refers to the continuous reinforced concrete beam on the base of the house, also called the ring beam (DQL); and in the upper part of the wall, the reinforced concrete beam next to the floor is called on the upper beam.
Q:How to do windowsill waterproof
Mainly in the outside of the window to do waterproofing treatment, usually the wall was approved scratch water resistant putty, brush waterproof coating. Of course, if you do some of the basic waterproof, then the effect will be better waterproof. In the room, then, is generally not waterproof
Q:Poor quality aluminum windows and doors will affect the life of doors and windows do?
Poor quality off the aluminum doors and windows affect the life of windows and doors, GB broken aluminum doors and windows generally use 40 years is not deformed aging, but need to maintain the hardware when you can, and poor quality broken aluminum doors and windows contain not pure aluminum Alloy profiles, wall thickness is also less than the national regulations 1.4, will greatly shorten the life of broken aluminum doors and windows
Q:What color is the cricket table?
Usually with white or beige the best Bay window, generally rectangular or trapezoidal to the outdoor bulge, three sides are equipped with glass. Large pieces of light glass and spacious windowsill, so that people have a broader vision, but also give life to romantic warm colors. Bay window, from the name is not difficult to see, is floating out of the window. The general bay window can be rectangular or trapezoidal, from the room to the outdoor bulge. Three sides of the bay are fitted with glass, the height of the windowsill is lower than the average window. This design is conducive to a large area of glass lighting, but also retains the spacious windowsill, making the interior space in the visual to be extended.

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