Aluminum Window and Door with Triple Pane Factory

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Product Description:

1.Structure of  Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane 

This Aluminu  window is mainly used for schools,restaurants,commercial building and goverment buildings.There're many types : sliding , hung , casement window and door etc ,and have many advantages:CUSTOMIZED DESIGN  OEM IS WELCOME FLEXIBILITY OPERATION ENERGY SAVING ,MORE THAN 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE 


2.Main Features of  Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane



3 .Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane Image

Aluminum Window and Door with Triple Pane Factory 


4.Aluminum Window with Double Glass or Triple Pane Specification 

Product Name

Aluminum Sliding doors

Item NO.


Main material

aluminum profile ,glass,hardware


Available in various colors, sizes, shapes and designs, customized according to the client’s specific requirements



  • Series: 80/90/110/126/180 etc.

  • Construction: Thermal Break or Non-Thermal Break

  • Aluminum Alloy: 6063 T5

  • Thickness: 1.4-2.0mm

  • SurfaceTreatment:Powder-coated/Anodized/Electrophoresis/PVDF, etc.

  • Color:Gray/ Silver/Bronze/Champagne/White/Black/wooden/, etc.

Glass option

Thickness: single glazing /double glazing /triple glazing.

  • Double: 5/6+9/12/24A+5/6mm


High quantity made in China(kinlong,Chugn)/ Germany(ROTO,G-U,HOPO,)/our standard hardware are good quality. Customers' stipulated brands are available.

Reinforcement steel

Rubber sealing strip, black color, good quality

Opening type



Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.


Built in blind doors by romote controlled

Applicable place




Aluminum Window and Door with Triple Pane Factory

Aluminum Window and Door with Triple Pane Factory

Aluminum Window and Door with Triple Pane Factory

Aluminum Window and Door with Triple Pane Factory








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Q:Color steel doors and windows are good or broken bridge aluminum doors and windows good
High-rise building if it is color steel doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows choose one, is definitely broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum, whether sealed, heat, environmental protection, energy saving than steel doors and windows strong.
Q:Is this window suitable for how high curtains? The following windowsill than the above curtain box wide, curtain length is lower than the windowsill or higher than the windowsill it
If you consider the integrity of the vertical curtain, 2-3cm from the ground can be, or do the mouth of the curtains, like the same as the floating window,
Q:Which brand is good?
Cheap and may be good, cheap no good goods we all know that this is the law of the market, the real thing is good in the aluminum, but a few people can buy it really, and cheap and good Zhongwang certainly Fake, in Beijing fake Zhongwang and Feng aluminum is really too much, I am deeply aware of the time to buy windows and doors when the other side is loyalty, hardware is the German Noto, and so on the installation of the window, please a clear person You look, that is not Zhongwang things, especially thin aluminum, the other not to mention the hardware that is not genuine, I gas for several days, no other meaning, cheap and good things not too Maybe ah
Q:Is the window plate having the specified thickness?
The windowsill generally try to do a wider point of the better, wider will be more beautiful, but also easy to put pots and so on. But to note that if the width of the windows below the narrow, the windowsill can not be stuck out too much, if the floating place more, the windowsill will not be strong.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows price is how much money a square meter?
The price of real aluminum is generally between 450-480, but this price is free of hardware and screens.
Q:What is the concept of building side windows?
Side windows because of simple structure, easy layout, low cost, light has a clear direction, is conducive to the formation of shadows, to watch three-dimensional objects is particularly appropriate, and through it to see the outside world, to expand the field of view, it is very common. Placed in a height of about one meter, sometimes in order to strive for more available walls, or to improve the depth of the room illumination, and other reasons, the windowsill increased to 2 meters above, known as high side windows.
Q:Window beam and the difference between the beam, there is not every layer should ring beam?
Ring beam is in the housing of the cornice, the top of the window, floor, crane beam roof or the top of the base elevation, along the masonry wall in the horizontal direction of the structure of reinforced concrete beam structure. Is a continuous closed beam that is provided along the walls of the building and around the interior wall. Its purpose is to enhance the overall stiffness of the building and the stability of the wall. The ring beam can reduce the adverse effects on the building due to uneven settlement of the foundation or the greater vibration load and the wall cracking caused by it. In the seismic fortification area, the use of ring beam reinforcement wall is even more necessary.
Q:Is there a building How many windowsill windows are off the ground?
Floor windows are not strictly speaking architectural terms, ah, this is a low window popular name. And the ground flush, but there will be an internal railing.
Q:What kind of protective measures should be taken when designing windowsill below 0.8 m?
Plus railings, ah, as to how to add the various periods of the provisions of the period do not think, some windowsill 500 or more, you can add railings on the windowsill, the total height of not less than 1000; window height below 500 is the railing must land.
Q:Why are the windows of the staircase lower than the interior windows?
Any one of the buildings from the outside, the staircase between the windows are lower than the height of the indoor windows, it is because the staircase between the windows in the corner, the living room floor platform height and the other windows are the same, the stairs turn The platform is lower than the rest of the interior floor, so from the outside is the staircase between the windows than the indoor windows height low

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