Aluminum Window and Door with Best Price Nice Designer

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Product Description:

 1. Structure for Aluminum Window 

Packaging Detail:Packing Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.
Delivery Detail:15-35days after confirming the order

2. Specifications  for Aluminum Window 


Product Name

Aluminum Sliding doors

Item NO.


Main material

aluminum profile ,glass,hardware


Available in various colors, sizes, shapes and designs, customized according to the client’s specific requirements



  • Series: 80/90/110/126/180 etc.

  • Construction: Thermal Break or Non-Thermal Break

  • Aluminum Alloy: 6063 T5

  • Thickness: 1.4-2.0mm

  • SurfaceTreatment:Powder-coated/Anodized/Electrophoresis/PVDF, etc.

  • Color:Gray/ Silver/Bronze/Champagne/White/Black/wooden/, etc.

Glass option

Thickness: single glazing /double glazing /triple glazing.

  • Double: 5/6+9/12/24A+5/6mm


High quantity made in China(kinlong,Chugn)/ Germany(ROTO,G-U,HOPO,)/our standard hardware are good quality. Customers' stipulated brands are available.

Reinforcement steel

Rubber sealing strip, black color, good quality

Opening type



Foam Paper + carton, Pearl cotton + carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.


Built in blind doors by romote controlled

Applicable place

Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and Government Buildings


3. Image for Aluminum Window

Aluminum Window and Door  with Best Price Nice Designer

Aluminum Window and Door  with Best Price Nice Designer

Aluminum Window and Door  with Best Price Nice Designer

Aluminum Window and Door  with Best Price Nice Designer












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Q:Is it possible to use the floor leather on the windowsill?
Ordinary floor leather is not enough, to use more than 2.0mm thick plastic sheet flooring, the original pontoon platform flat leveling, with plastic plastic sheet to the floor of the floor, floating windowsill at right angles can do a plastic wrap angle. Specific questions can be asked again.
Q:What are the widgets of the tarpaulins?
The windowside plate is actually similar to the definition of "ring beam". The role is also similar to the ring beam, but only in the reinforcement on the main reinforcement in the lower row. The windowside plate is cast on the flat wall inside the window frame. The sill plate is set on the flat wall inside the window frame. According to the use of requirements, the thickness of more than 3 ~ 4m, highlight the wall is not greater than 5cm. Window plate comprehensive base price according to the different thickness of the sill plate, divided into 2.2cm w+F111+E111
Q:Window top pressing
1, according to the "masonry structure design specifications" GB50003-2011 Article 6.5.3 provides: To prevent or reduce the bottom of the building wall cracks, the following measures can be taken: A, increase the stiffness of the foundation ring beam. B, in the bottom of the windowsill under the wall of the gray seam set 3 welded steel mesh or 2 Φ6 steel, and deep inside the window between the walls of not less than 600mm. C, the use of reinforced concrete sill plate, windowsill plate embedded on both sides of the wall of not less than 600mm. 2, Jinshan Huacheng windowsill pressure top only use the end of ribs. Reinforcement with 3Φ8 steel bar, into the wall on both sides of the gray stitch 60mm, for the pressure elevation, according to the drawings window, height of 100mm or so, ranging.
Q:Window beam and the difference between the beam, there is not every layer should ring beam?
Of course there is a difference. The window beam is also called the top of the window, located in the lower part of the window. The beam is located in the upper part of the window, two are different things.
Q:Do you have radiation on the marble windowsill?
Smell and radiation is two different things, there is no radiation to detect the professional equipment to know that the smell may be the smell of decoration materials, can only open the window breathable
Q:Plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows in the installation of what is the difference
Non-finished window: Their assembly methods are different, plastic window is high temperature welding molding, and aluminum doors and windows are formed by the angle of the angle of the horn, the windows of the hardware installation method is similar.
Q:Sliding window is not a fixed window?
This is not strict rules, generally do not need to install this fixed window, if any, will usually be installed in the kitchen
Q:The windowsill board is a few centimeters
If there is a texture of marble, 2cm thick, if the force, then the width of the probe can not be greater than 5cm, more than 5cm outside the exploration site can not force Granite strength is much better, Combined with the actual situation of the actual decision it
Q:How to clean the windows will be more clean?
Stained on the glass door to clean up, can be a piece of expired white bread wet, clean the stains can be. Coup 3 baking powder faucet faucet can be friction with flour, and then rinse the flour with water, and then rub a soft cloth, it will be bright as new. Stainless steel sink can also use baking powder gently rub a few times, can make the sink to restore the original face of the vinegar and water in accordance with the ratio of 1: 2, into the sprayer, spray on the glass and then wipe, you can wipe very clean. If the glass is stained with guano, you can wipe with a cloth dampened with vinegar. There are grunge windows, can be wiped with lemon incision, you can clean very clean. In the basin by adding 5% of the Ammonia solution or gasoline, with its cleaning glass, until the glass is dry, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth, the glass can be spotless, bright and transparent. Cabo glass can be used white vinegar white vinegar is the ideal material for cleaning glass, will not leave a little bit of stains effect to do it.
Q:Is the threshold stone able to use the same with the window stone?
Threshold stone can play the role of moisture, to prevent the floor from the arch. Bathroom and kitchen of the threshold stone, but also has to prevent the water to the outside of the function. If you do not have the threshold stone, the bathroom and the kitchen floor will go down, and the hall formed a high degree of difference, visual unsightly, life is not very convenient. General threshold stone for the natural stone, in the decoration of the supermarket or building materials shop are enough to buy, generally more than 200 square feet of black sand (import).

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