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  1. Durable,large size and lighting 
    2.Good ventilated performance 
    3.Laminated glass 
    good pictures aluminum window and door  

    Suitable beautiful low price aluminum door 




* Aluminum Alloy:

6063-T5, thermal break, good pictures aluminum window and door .

* Thickness:

2.0mm profile thickness.


* Surface Treatment:

Customized (Powder coated/ Electrophoresis/ Anodizing etc).

* Color:

Customized (White, black, silver etc).


* Type:

Customized (Tempered Glass/ Laminated Glass/ LOW-E Glass/ Tint Glass etc).

* Thickness:

Customized(can be Single: 8/10/12mm..., Double: 5+9+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc)

* Color:

Customized (Clear, Obscure, Green, Gray etc)


* Brand:

China Brand, German Brand, etc.

* Color:

White, Black, Silver.etc.

* Sealant:



* Quality certificate


*Glass certification



1.protective tape +plywood crate


3.accept customized package






alibaba hot sale good pictures aluminum window and door





alibaba hot sale good pictures aluminum window and door











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Q:What is the concept of building side windows?
Side windows because of simple structure, easy layout, low cost, light has a clear direction, is conducive to the formation of shadows, to watch three-dimensional objects is particularly appropriate, and through it to see the outside world, to expand the field of view, it is very common. Placed in a height of about one meter, sometimes in order to strive for more available walls, or to improve the depth of the room illumination, and other reasons, the windowsill increased to 2 meters above, known as high side windows.
Q:Bedroom bay window how to solve the problem of winter condensate
First, the insulation: 1. Aluminum window frame filled with foam insulation materials. To ensure full. 2. Use a vacuum glass window. Second, the water guide: 1. With high-quality sealant to strictly close the inside and outside the gap. Install an H by 6 by 30 (m · m) reservoir on the inside of the aluminum alloy with a sealant and fill the tank with a silty sponge. Sponge mop can be used to fill the best sponge bar (to the big supermarket to buy). 2. Can also be installed directly in the guide tank pure silicone water hose, hole in the bottom of the aluminum window frame, the water to the window. If this is done, you can not do too deep water tank, there is a deep enough. Third, when the most serious when the fog on the window, you can use the water preparation of seventy percent detergent solution, every day to touch the glass, to ensure that thoroughly. Fourth, if your economic conditions are good, you can install in the floating window mute, breeze, hot air curtain wall on it.
Q:How to use and clean the broken aluminum doors and windows?
Should always check the tightening bolts, positioning shaft, wind support, to spring, etc., the timely replacement of damaged parts, aluminum doors and windows of the vulnerable parts. Regularly add lubricant to keep it clean and flexible.
Q:A lot of how to do ants on the windowsill
Put the egg shell on the stove roasted yellow, not scorched, and then research into the powder scattered in the ants often out of place. Because the ants love to eat the taste of the powder, after eating that was swollen (poison) dead.
Q:How to decorate the windowsill both waterproof and beautiful
In the design of the outer balcony, to consider the following three points: 1, on top of the balcony, you can install the lift type drying rack, both beautiful and convenient. 2, the color of the wall and tiles should be coordinated with the external walls. Tiles, wall tiles of the size of the size of the balcony should be based on the size of the area, to keep the ground leakage, just in case. 3, the balcony can do some flower rack, both planting flowers, but also placed bonsai, or birds, fish. Generally install a water bucket for watering and cleaning.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum performance Competition
Plastic doors and windows because of the material strength and low rigidity, and its resistance to wind pressure and watertight function than the bridge aluminum doors and windows are low, many steel doors and windows because the box, fan components are welded, so its air tightness should be broken than the screw Bridge aluminum doors and windows slightly better, but the aluminum alloy doors and windows profile height accuracy, box, fan with more closely. Plastic doors and windows of the lighting function than the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows difference, the frame fan shade area than aluminum alloy doors and windows about 10%, vision and decorative effect is poor, is not conducive to building energy saving. On the doors and windows of the fire function: steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows are relatively good, plastic doors and windows and wooden doors and windows are relatively poor. Moreover, because the steel-steel doors and windows of the lining steel is not in its profile cavity corner into a complete frame system, window frame, fan four corners and T-shaped plastic welding angle strength is relatively low. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and steel doors and windows of the gap sealing level is basically the same, the sound insulation is basically the same.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and 90 series aluminum alloy which high prices
Broken bridge aluminum is also aluminum, The aluminum alloy profiles are divided into indoor and outdoor parts, the middle with a thermal insulation through the composite process to connect together to achieve broken bridge. Aluminum alloy itself is a metal material, its thermal conductivity is very good, it means that its thermal insulation performance is poor, and the insulation material is PA66GF25, that is, the main component is nylon 25% glass fiber, the thermal performance is poor. Broken aluminum can be achieved aluminum insulation.
Q:What is the material of the window stone
General use of marble, quartz stone, tiles, wooden floor, wooden window cover, stainless steel window cover, etc., mainly to see how the need to shop windowsill stone where the main want to achieve how the effect, and whether to and decoration style to match Fixed
Q:What is the unit of the window?
Plastic window is a form of window that is actively promoted by the state in the mid-1990s after the wood, iron and aluminum windows. Because of its low price, performance and price is better, is still widely used. This window is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbers, etc., is the most commonly used window type of modern architecture one.
Q:What is the window wall?
First in the original structure of the wall around the walls of the wall along the vertical paste carbon fiber, and then in the original structure of the window wall near the top and bottom are along the 45 ° and 135 ° direction were paste, and then in the original structure of the window wall to paste, and finally In the original structure of the wall at the top and bottom of the wall along the horizontal paste carbon fiber cloth, attached to the structural column, thereby enhancing the window wall of the bending, compression, torsion, shear capacity and force with the surrounding components, The generation of cracks. Compared with the traditional anti-seismic method, the seismic strength is not affected by the appearance and function of the building, the construction is convenient, the structure is safe and reliable.

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